Witch's Brew

My partner has finally caved and decided to learn this 'Magic' thing I've been rambling about for years, and after playing for a bit wants her own deck. She's asked me to build one for her, with the intention of making it her own over time - so here's her spooky, witchy themed deck she's asked for!

There's a few things I wanted to do with the deck; have it flavourful so she get's her spooky witch-ness, as well as it being good enough to be worth playing. There's two subthemes at play, the witch/curse playstyle of creatures that are witches doing their thing, whilst having quite a few curses as if they're casting spells on the other players. Alongside this, the ability of Tasha, the Witch Queen to play other players spells is repeate throughout, the idea of the witches messing with their minds etc.

Any feedback is appreciated! It's currently not built as I wanted to get a good structure first, and then overtime she'll change it to how she prefers.

Background art is by Vladimir Manyukhin

This is where the full Primer will go once finished, but we're not quite there... yet


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