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I have always been fascinated with ninjas, and tried a few deck builds for the original few (which clearly never worked out). Once Yuriko came out, supported by -more- ninjas...I could have died a happy man, right then and there. But SCREW that, no time for dying today! I had ninjas to play!!

I have tried my best within my budget to do justice to a Yuriko deck. I want it to be as close to competitive as I can get without having to spend outrageous amounts of money on it. I do want to foil it out as much as possible, some day, but between certain cards not having foil versions and budgetary restrictions, it will never be 100% foil ($120 for a foil Higure about made me cry...). I am open to reasonable suggestions to make her better, so -please- feel free to comment.


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Took out Futurist Operative for Nashi, Moon Sage's Scion. While the Futurist has the benefit of unblockable on a ninja, it's just kind of a mana sink that I don't think I need. I think Nashi will provide better value...(crosses fingers)


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