Yo, this is my Zedru Deck which I play in an -extremely creature heavy- environment (mostly 1v1), yess Overwhelming Splendor functions as Win Condition.

"Donate your stuff and take their best" That means giving away your Steel Golem and casting Blightsteel Colossus out of their Deck. I run 23 Donations reaching from Removal On Thin Ice over Carddraw Howling Mine and Protection Diplomatic Immunity to pure Hate Embargo.

!!WARNING!! Troll cards included !!WARNING!!

First sight auto inclucions that don`t fit in my opinion: Rust Elemental - I dont want to enable my opponents to get rid of my artifact donations. Jinxed Idol - Same thing, opponent will get rid of creature donations.

Recommends are welcome!

Plans for the future:

Cut some Removal - Add some Donations


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