Artifacts arr one of the strongest archetypes in EDH with some of the best support given. I've always liked Artifact-based decks ever since I first saw Mirrodin a few years after I starting playing magic. For a while now I've wanted to make an Izzet artifact EDH deck and have had the Exquisite Invention deck sitting around. After tinkering with an Urza build, I scrapped it and put this together.


One thing is pretty clear: Tawnos, Urza's Apprentice is not the strongest Commander, and certainly not the best Artifact Commander. So why not Urza, Breya, or Memnarch? Heck, why not Saheeli? Well one reason would be color identity. Urza might be the combo king, but he can't run cards like Storm the Vault  , Pia's Revolution, or Goblin Welder; all cards that I feel are really important to Artifact decks.

The second reason was value. Tawnos continually gets me extra value out of my artifacts. Copying a Gonti's Aether Heart can set up an easy win, and getting extra effects from most cards in the deck is a great way to get ahead.

And third: because he's different. I like making my decks feel unique and powerful, and Tawnos felt like the perfect balance between fun and powerful.


Tawnos serves as a Strionic Resonator for artifacts, copying triggered abilities. The following triggered abilities can be hit by Tawnos:

Tawnos can also be a Rings of Brighthearth for artifacts, giving you a copy of any activated ability. With such a plethora of juicy effects to choose from, Tawnos can run wild. The following activated abilities can be copied by Tawnos:

  • Basalt Monolith: Not the best use of Tawnos, but you can turn into by copying the untap ability.

  • Brittle Effigy: Izzet doesn't have access to much unconditional removal, and exiling two creatures for is pretty good value.

  • Contagion Engine: Why proliferate twice when you can thrice?

  • Gonti's Aether Heart: Easily exploitable. The energy is so easy to get, you end up Time Stretching for

  • Hangarback Walker: Gets an extra counter.

  • Izzet Locket: I really prefer the locket to the cluestone in here. Six mana to draw four cards is pretty on-par.

  • Lux Cannon: Charge it up faster, and Vindicate two targets.

  • Magistrate's Scepter: A slow extra turn engine. Can go infinite with Contagion Engine and Tawnos.

  • Memnarch: Either artifact-icize two permanents or nab two artifacts.

  • Mimic Vat: Get used to token production, because we're going to keep doubling it.

  • Mind Stone: A mana rock that can draw me two cards for 3 mana. Not bad.

  • Mindslaver: This is a big boy. Slave two people for six mana. Combine with Goblin Welder and a token producer for added fun.

  • Oracle's Vault: You can get your brick counters in two activations using Tawnos, and then cast 2 cards for free off the top with him. Pretty good overall.

  • Planar Portal: Red and blue don't have many straight up tutors, so this can be useful for grabbing combo pieces.

  • Prototype Portal: Two copies sounds good. A nice idea is to imprint a mana rock or an artifact land.

  • Retrofitter Foundry: All of the abilities are pretty decent here, pick whichever you can. This is also notably one of the only sinks for infinite mana.

  • Steel Overseer: Two +1/+1 counters on each artifact creature is a pretty good deal.

  • Wayfarer's Bauble: Grab two basics for . Really good ramp for a non-green deck!


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