Madcap Experiment


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Rare

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Madcap Experiment


Reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal an artifact card. Put that card onto the battlefield and the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order. Madcap Experiment deals damage to you equal to the number of cards revealed this way.

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Madcap Experiment Discussion

Gidgetimer on Platinum Emperion and Madcap Experiment

1 week ago

When players can cast spells and activate abilities is governed by a system of priority. Players can not cast spells or activate abilities unless they have priority.

  1. The active player receives priority at the beginning of most steps and phases. No player receives priority during the untap step. Players usually don’t get priority during the cleanup step.

  2. The active player receives priority after a spell or ability resolves.

  3. If a player has priority when they cast a spell, activate an ability, or take a special action, that player receives priority afterward.

  4. If a player has priority and chooses not to take any actions, that player passes. Then the next player in turn order receives priority.

As you can see, no player receives priority in the middle of a spell or ability resolving. so no player can take any actions until Madcap Experiment has completely resolved.

belugawhaleonthefloor on Platinum Emperion and Madcap Experiment

1 week ago

So I understand the combo of Madcap Experiment and Platinum Emperion, but since madcap is a two part card, I’m wondering about a stack ruling. Like would I be able to kill the Emperion right as it enters, before the damage from Madcap goes off? Or does the whole spell resolve at the same time so there’s no time for me cast a spell destroying the Emperion until after the Madcap damage (or in this case, no damage) resolves?

BPots6694 on [[Primer]] - Daretti - Degenerate Artifacts

2 weeks ago

Guerte I was talking more of the concept of it, but I play more janky stuff in my daretti deck anyways. I'm the one who plays Madcap Experiment and gets Blightsteel Colossus off the top for no reason. There's only really a few good cards in c18 overall, been disappointed with the spoilers.

NapoleonBonaparte on R/g not scape shift help/ideas

1 month ago

Madcap Experiment and Platinum Emperion combo I feel is severely underrated in modern and its cheap!

Oloro_Magic on Goryo's Esper Control

2 months ago

DankStompy The argument for Path to Exile here is anything but silly as the deck we are evaluating runs both we are not comparing them here but rather evaluating a decklist with access to Path to Exile and what that means for the deck, and my list is not of cards that Push can hit, the list is of the most played creatures in the modern format based off of metashare, the list is entirely relevant seeing how your argument boils down to "push can't hit some stuff" and yes push can't hit some things, but when evaluating the modern meta 47 of the top 50 most played creatures are hit by push. I'm not saying Cast Down cannot hit these cards but rather it is the strictly worse option as the two cost versus the one cost, there is a reason things like Doom Blade are not played (and before you say it yes the restriction on this card is far worse than Cast Down however it is a solid example of black removal). There is also a reason that Fatal Push is the 8th most played card in modern with a 13.74% dominance, it is just the most efficient piece of black removal in a format that emphasizes being mana efficient. This in no way means that Cast Down is unplayable but if deciding between running one of either Push or Cast Down the decision should always be push bar a meta that is entirely focused on big mana strategies or Madcap Experiment type decks as you mention earlier. It could potentially be a viable option in a role similar to Terminate in other decks as hard removal seeing how this list cannot play Terminate, but only in that capacity.

I also feel you are not giving burn the respect it deserves, Goblin Guide sure has the downside, but it can get out of hand quick, I'm glad to hear you have never struggled against it but that doesn't mean that it isn't a threat, imagine the line of this deck when they turn one guide, you push in response to the trigger if you like and buy yourself some damage on turn one and can immediately play Search for Azcanta turn two without having to hold up Cast Down.

I'm curious how much control you play? The fetchland argument is one of the reasons that Fatal Push is so good in modern, it's very easy to trigger revolt with them, sure this doesn't predicate a revolt trigger every turn but modern is not a format where everything is over 2 mana anyway, again this is an efficient format with many low cost creatures, enough fetchlands allows for smart play with push, they are an incredibly good way to trigger revolt, an easy way to trigger revolt and that has been a known fact since push took modern by storm.

And speaking of storm, as the player behind this deck has indicated Storm is a deck that is a part of their meta and with that in mind Cast Down already is worse as it cannot hit Baral, Chief of Compliance, push allows a one mana option to beat Baral which can be relied on even on the draw whereas even in a hypothetical where Cast Down could hit Baral you would need to take your turn two off to remove him mainphase or risk just losing on the spot. Additionally Cast Down cannot hit Thalia, Guardian of Thraben seen in the humans decks this author has again indicated they face, a deck like humans can easily win turn 4 so having Cryptic Command readily available is a big deal, and having access to removal is even bigger, on that turn 4 with Cast Down you would only be able to remove one creature, with Fatal Push as many as three in a perfect scenario, though assuming thalia stays then at the very least potentially two, removing Thalia, and unlocking additional pushes or paths. Cast Down limits your options against modern's best deck in this scenario, a deck that one will actually face on a regular basis on the competitive scene. Honestly, your entire argument is a bit ludicrous as to why the less efficient removal spell is better, Cast Down is great in standard but its too slow for modern as primary removal and outclassed by Fatal Push except in very niche situations where, if you find yourself facing down a Platinum Emperion something has already gone wrong for you to allow that to happen as the control player.

I know its impossible for me to get through to you however please be open to argument as I will be with yours, Push has established itself as the premier piece of removal in the modern format and that wont change because of a less efficient card from a new set, in a format like modern 1-mana is always better than 2 when it comes to removal. The only truly threatening card that push can't hit that is commonly played (a high metashare) is Hollow One, which needs to be prepared for, but given the explosiveness of that deck is better dealt with by sweepers.

Skoodly on Grixis Challenge

3 months ago

I kind of feel like the sideboard Madcap Experiment plan is significantly weaker than Through the Breach in that most things people would board in to combat Breach would also stifle Madcap (Negate, Detention Sphere et al), as well as being vulnerable to path and artifact destruction. I think the sideboard would benefit from either some Collective Brutality to stand in for Emperion's life stabilization or something like Blood Artist to discourage or benefit from any sweeping toward Pyromancer tokens. Not super good at deckbuilding, but thought I'd say my piece

Icbrgr on Poly'M'rakrul

3 months ago

the concept of this brew has potential... its pretty awesome...kinda reminds me of the Madcap Experiment into a Platinum Emperion or a Through the Breach into Emrakul, the Aeons Torn combos that Blue moon is doing these days.... any thought on having Blood Moon in here? +1 from me

Icbrgr on Platinum Moon

3 months ago

i like Search for Azcanta  Flip in here for the sole purpose of just looting yourself to find Madcap Experiment faster if anything else... however; as "good" as Cryptic Command is i dont think its good to be a full playset of.... i run a spinoff of a blue moon/grow deck myself and also run 20 lands (but no Scalding Tarn its on my profile page if ya wanna take a look)... the 4cmc can be a challenge on its own let alone the with a Blood Moon in play.... that said.... i really like this build and am a Huge fan of this delver/madcap combo you have here +1 from me

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