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The purpose of this deck is just focusing on punishing your opponents for discarding, by causing them to discard. While technically Liliana, Heretical Healer  Flip wouldn't be ideal for this type of deck, I like to throw people off initially as they'll see her and think, or Zombie recursion. Lili does play a small part in this deck, her +1 causes the discard, her -X helps recur a creature crucial to our plan, but she doesn't need to be on the field for the deck to function.

What our goal here is just stack discard effects with cards like Liliana's Caress, Megrim, Raiders' Wake, coupled with cards like Shrieking Affliction and Waste Not to help strengthen our hold over the game.

A lot of these effects do hurt us, but what's a little pain if not the end result being the reward of your opponents begging for mercy.

There are a couple more card options I'd like to try or fit in, but at the current state of testing, this deck is well shaped.

I'll eventually get to writing a primer for the deck, but the major inspiration of the deck was from Enral and their Taking Sadism to a Whole New Level Liliana deck. I suggest you deck it out.

Also, if you enjoy the deck, please +1 Upvote this deck. It means the world to me!


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So since I've added Geth, Lord of the Vault things have been going a lot better. While we're still on the discard route, stealing things out of opps graveyards has been great. Sometimes it's needed to get some of our stuff back out, like Gravecrawler, other times it's because we just need more flying protection and haven't found ours yet, nor in most games did I get to a point where tutoring one was the best option.

This deck, even when it looks grim for me, can easily turn a game around in our favor almost immediately. I've taken out a Queen Marchesa Aikido control deck, since we rarely are swinging, by turning off some of their protection enchantments. I've stopped many aggro decks from being useful with Ensnaring Bridge shutting their board down. It's been great and feels great to play such an unexpected control deck.



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