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The purpose of this deck is just focusing on punishing your opponents for discarding, by causing them to discard. While technically Liliana, Heretical Healer  Flip wouldn't be ideal for this type of deck, I like to throw people off initially as they'll see her and think, or Zombie recursion. Lili does play a small part in this deck, her +1 causes the discard, her -X helps recur a creature crucial to our plan, but she doesn't need to be on the field for the deck to function.

What our goal here is just stack discard effects with cards like Liliana's Caress, Megrim, Raiders' Wake, coupled with cards like Shrieking Affliction and Waste Not to help strengthen our hold over the game.

A lot of these effects do hurt us, but what's a little pain if not the end result being the reward of your opponents begging for mercy.

There are a couple more card options I'd like to try or fit in, but at the current state of testing, this deck is well shaped.


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So, as the title says, my LGS was having a EDH 4 man pod tourney to try and level up the store to the next tier. They held a 50 man EDH tournament, which gave me a great chance to test this deck against a wide variety of decks from T1 - T5's.

Game 1: This game was hardly a test of anything as Aminatou, the Fateshifter is just nasty with Felidar Guardian and whatever draw effect they can get out to get their win-con. A T6 win hardly let us get our deck online. We're more tempo, midgame. There may be a way to win earlier, but this deck isn't focused on an infinite combo. We only run one as a backup. Anyways, onto game 2.

Game 2: This game was me versus Raff Capashen, Ship's Mage, Muldrotha, the Gravetide and Krenko, Mob Boss. This game was a on the edge of your seat game. It required a lot of political work on our end to get through this game. Krenko wasn't your typical build, more of a low/midrange priced deck, running some of the needed Goblins. However, due to some misunderstandings of his card, us being 4 hours into the tourney, getting tired, we didn't all think to ask about the trigger effects of Door of Destinies which he was putting on with each activation of Krenko. We were playing a bit slow. We got Altar on, had Quest of the Nihili Quest, and Bloodchief Ascension out. We also had Dark Depths out. I got on Thespian's Stage, and copied Dark Depths, which I needed badly as a blocker. No vigilance, no swinging. It was great, as it caused Krenko to try and pop early. This was great for us, cuz there wasn't a graveyard reset for Krenko. So, on his upkeep, we sacc'd Marit Lage to mill Krenko after he Goblin Recruited. Earned me a lot of points with the others, but painted a target on me from Krenko. No worries, we got damnation and black sun's in our hand, as well as an expedition map on the field to grab our Vesuva to make another Dark Depths, who was still out. Now, you might be thinking that if I was doing all this, I was in a good spot, right? Wrong. I had a total of 6 lands out, 4 basic swamps, Dark Depths and Nykthos. Lucky us though, Sol Ring was there as well. At our worst, Nkythos tapped for 3, at it's best, we got 17! Eventually, what won us the game was Waste Not, Liliana flipped, Lili of the Veil to get us draws, and into Torment of Hailfire. I let each opponent whittle each other down to Krenko, 12, Raff to 25, and Muldratha to 26. Krenko was left at 4 life after Torment for 15, and we had 3 creatures out. Raff was down to 1 with no blocks. We took them both out. Muldratha got another creature out, but due to me having 3 out that I swung with and returning gravecrawler with the last mana before moving to combat, i was able to our man him and take him down as he had only 3 life. It felt nice. It was satisfying. While Lili's discard was the primary focus of the deck, I forgot that we can make them discard to our advantage without punishing them with life loss, yet.

Game 3: This was our worst game. We went on to about 10 turns with a maximum of 5 lands in play. I don't know what was going on with my shuffle, but I had Lake of the Dead out, so to get something on the field to block, I had to sac some Swamps. The game was given to Johna as a walker deck. There's nothing in this game I can blame to deckwise besides my poor shuffling.

Anyways, the deck is doing things, given I can politic myself into making friends with exchanging bargains, like, I won't hit you if you don't make me discard, or, ummm, can you take care of that tutor effect? Sure, I can mill him, I can mill all of us! Each time I keep playing this deck, the wins I am pulling off are just exceeding my expectations. I just wish I can make it more consistent, but until I can get ensnaring bridge out, we're weak to aggro decks.



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