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The purpose of this deck is just focusing on punishing your opponents for discarding, by causing them to discard. While technically Liliana, Heretical Healer  Flip wouldn't be ideal for this type of deck, I like to throw people off initially as they'll see her and think, or Zombie recursion. Lili does play a small part in this deck, her +1 causes the discard, her -X helps recur a creature crucial to our plan, but she doesn't need to be on the field for the deck to function.

What our goal here is just stack discard effects with cards like Liliana's Caress, Megrim, Raiders' Wake, coupled with cards like Shrieking Affliction and Waste Not to help strengthen our hold over the game.

A lot of these effects do hurt us, but what's a little pain if not the end result being the reward of your opponents begging for mercy.

There are a couple more card options I'd like to try or fit in, but at the current state of testing, this deck is well shaped.


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So I was finally able to get Lili into some pods. She did incredibly well, but that all depended on how the initial hand looks and the next couple draws.

I can't recall all the details (mostly due to extreme exhaustion) but out of the 4 games, 2 of them I won.

In one game, while Lili is only really used for her +1 ability, I found her with 9 counters on, me having 2 cards in hand, both of which I wanted with no way to recur them. Looking at my opponents board state, there was Roon, Alesha, and a Zacama, I saw the Roon player had some fun stuff there. The Zacama was placing focus on some of my lesser enchantments, but when they saw a Karmic Guide and a Resplendent Angel whcih they killed. Forgetting the emblem I now have, I was able to return Sidisi, exploit itself for Gray Mechant, and luckily had an Viscera Seer. Gaining myself an end of turn sac outlet, I was able to Gary them all to death, but ONLY because the Zacama couldn't Greater Good it enough to net enough to bolt me.

The other game I won was very interesting. It all really came down to politics. I missed Sanguine Bond was on my board, and with all other players tapped out, I played Exquisite Blood, swung a creature tapped out player to win. The game initially had been going on for a while and was getting stagnant, so to want to push for another game, politics ensued and Exquisite Blood saw the field.

The other 2 games were lost due to aggro, unable to get Ensnaring Bridge out soon enough, and Discard outlets being destroyed as soon as they saw play.

With this all going on, I'm going to cut Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet temporarily for Gibbering Descent, as Kalitas seemed anti synergistic with my opponents creatures dying, and me having enough upkeep triggers to negate, like Contamination, that it seems like it'll just be a good fit.



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