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Budget Abzan Reanimator- "IASSAGDBSCPCOOTGWSE"

Commander / EDH BGW (Abzan, Junk) Budget Dredge Ramp Reanimator



"The name of my deck is 'I Ain't Saying She's A Grave Digger, But She Certainly Pulls Creatures Out Of The Graveyard With Startling Efficiency'" -Alex Steacy, 2012

While Alex may have been running Sheoldred, Whispering One as his commander in the classic episode of Loading Ready Run's "Friday Nights", I have always strongly felt that Teneb, the Harvester would serve as an excellent reanimator commander, giving access to three colors while repeatedly allowing the player to reanimate every combat. But alas, as a broke college student, I have toiled for many years trying to cultivate a decklist that won't break the bank. And thus, in the construction of this commander deck, I had a clear vision- I wanted to quickly and reliably reanimate large threats while not exceeding a 50$ budget. I'm looking for tips and suggestions on how to improve the efficiency of this list on a budget. Here's a walkthrough on how the deck currently functions.


What's a reanimator deck without a bunch of big dumb idiots to pull from the graveyard? Here is my suite of budget reanimator targets.

  • Archetype of Endurance protects your creatures

  • Armada Wurm provides 10 power with trample

  • Ashen Rider blows things up and provides 5 power in the air

  • Engulfing Slagwurm blows things up and blocks like nothing else

  • Greater Sandwurm 's cycling ability makes it easy to get into the graveyard and provides 7 power with pseudo-evasion

  • Molderhulk may not be as impressive in combat, but it comes with an untapped land that we may have milled while filling our graveyard. Plus, it can be cast from our hand in a pinch.

  • Pelakka Wurm is simply hilarious. 7 life? Sure. Card draw after it gets hit with the inevitable removal spell? Why not.

  • Terastodon blows up three non-creature permanents. It's my dream to reanimate this on turn 4 and blow up somebody's entire manabase.

  • Ulamog's Crusher blows up two permanents every combat. I love this card. It's so evil.


Not only are we running a bunch of huge fatties, but we're also running a suite of utility creatures to be reanimated at whim.


As the unwieldy name of our deck illustrates, our commander does, indeed, pull creatures out of the graveyard with startling efficiency. But Teneb only does so after a heavy investment, and sometimes we might not have the mana for that. I believe any good commander deck should still be able to operate properly with it's commander chilling in the zone- therefore, we're running a few reanimator spells that can be resolved before Teneb, the Harvester enters the battlefield.


In order for our strategy to operate properly, we need to fill our graveyard with those sweet sweet reanimator targets.


Most of the time, there's no such thing as too much mill. But for the times when we accidentally mill that Zombify we've been looking for, we're running some recursion.


Graveyard shenanigans are expensive. By ramping our mana base, most of the time we're pulling land out of our library, meaning that we're more likely to hit reanimator targets on our mill spells. Here's our Ramp suite.


Here are some other utility cards that help generate value in different ways.

Thank you for reading! Please be sure to leave your budget suggestions below and be sure to upvote!


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