Gather the Pack

Gather the Pack


Reveal the top five cards of your library. You may put a creature card from among them into your hand. Put the rest into your graveyard.

Spell mastery — If there are two or more instant and/or sorcery cards in your graveyard, put up to two creature cards from among the revealed cards into your hand instead of one.

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Set Rarity
Magic Origins (ORI) Uncommon

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Gather the Pack Discussion

triproberts12 on Hogaak Persist Combo

1 month ago

Isn't this backwards of how these leagues normally work? I thought the winner is the only one that doesn't get the budget bump, so the most powerful deck doesn't snowball.

Anyway, Mindwrack Harpy is the most pushed intro deck card I've ever seen. That's my first add.

I also like putting in more creatures with ETB effects. It's kind of awkward that you'll want to tap mana dorks for Hogaak. Glowspore Shaman, Golgari Thug, Crow of Dark Tidings, Gamekeeper, and Mire Triton can all help get Hogaak out by turn 3 if you have a good turn 1 play.

There are a lot of good gold cards in BG graeyard stuff, too: If you have anyone that's relying on indestructibility, Drown in Filth is a good budget option to feed your graveyard. If you're built around Hogaak, I'd think it should regularly be a hard removal spell with upside. Nyx Weaver is just a great card in any graveyard deck, and cheap, too. Jarad's Orders is a good double-tutor. Underrealm Lich is worth the $2, in my opinion. I would also ask yourself whether Eternal Witness is $3.50 better than Acolyte of Affliction/Golgari Findbroker/Treasured Find. Storrev, Devkarin Lich didn't get much fanfare, but the power and price tag are there.

Animist's Awakening is good value at just over $1. World Shaper and Splendid Reclamation are a little more expensive, but higher impact than other $4-5 cards I see in the list. Lower on the ramp ladder, note that Harrow and Springbloom Druid put a land in the yard. Funeral Rites isn't a bad draw spell for this deck. Same for Winding Way, Gather the Pack and Relentless Pursuit. Syphon Mind doesn't have much to do with the theme, but I start with it in most of my black value decks. Dark Deal could be very good, especially if your draw power is maximized and you can use your yard as a second hand. Greenwarden of Murasa is just a powerful card. Same for Phyrexian Delver.

Some other general budget cards for considering: Ransack the Lab, Corpse Churn, Dead Reckoning, Grapple with the Past, Hatchery Spider, Millikin, Mindwrack Demon, Once and Future, Splinterfright, The Mending of Dominaria, Skullwinder, Blood for Bones, and Vigor Mortis.

Emyron5 on Gruul Enchantments. Yes, this a thing now.

2 months ago

Daarkest, I did have Gather the Pack in the original build instead of Scout the Borders, but Scout is more budget friendly, as this is a very janky, casual deck, so I don't wanna make it a $50 deck that only wins on occasion. Really just a fun idea I had when I saw the card spoiled, and I decided I really wanted to make a deck around mass Aura recursion. Thank you tho, and I would definitely recommend upgraded to Gather the Pack if you have the money/cards available, in fact, I have a copy myself and went ahead and swapped it in.

Daarkest on The Recycling Plant [Mono-Green Artifact Combo]

2 months ago

I have mixed feelings on Reclaim . When it's good, its pretty amazing, but when its just mediocre, it feels terrible, and I would rather have a lot of different cards rather than it. Also, I felt like I was drawing wayyyyy too many lands so I cut two of them and added two more Gather the Pack . It's also worth noting that because the opportunity cost of playing Castle Garenbrig is so low that you may want to replace some forests with some copies of it. Just a little extra value.

Dozing on DECIMATOR Dredge [4-0 Local Tournament]

3 months ago

Dredge6 Yes, after copter was banned, I took 2 copters out of my main and replaced it with gurmag angler. I also changed 4 Grapple with the Past for 4 Gather the Pack . They both have their pros and cons, where gather is better for explosive starts but is sorcery speed, and grapple is amazing for late game, but only digs 3 cards deep. Field of the dead (the controlling board wipe version) was actually a sort of bad match up so the ban was a slight buff to this deck. The only issue I really see is that this deck is almost entirely proactive and does not interact with what the opponent is doing, with the exception of a few cards that target my graveyard. Scarab god is really bad against this deck because we have so many ways to deny the activations by removing the target into exile, or just bringing it to the battlefield in response.

FrankoftheDank on Gurmag Angler ravages your entrails

4 months ago

While in general I agree, secret keeper doesn't go to the yard itself, meaning your delvers come out a turn later and since adventures are sorceries exclusively on the stack you lose some likelihood of reaching spell mastery on Gather the Pack . Jace is absurdly good yes, but at $50 a piece I'm not getting a set in paper any time soon.

Bramdal on Kessig Reanimator

8 months ago

what do you think of Winding Way instead of Commune with the Gods ? Or maybe a split to see what works better for you?
Otherwise wouldn't Gather the Pack or Grisly Salvage be a strikt upgrade to Commune with the Gods ?

maybe Memorial to Folly would be nice in the landbase as a 2-off?

Stitcher's Supplier looks like a nice onedrop for the deck for me.
Molderhulk could loop with Memorial to Folly .

TypicalTimmy on Card Art Easter Eggs

1 year ago

I like how the Goblins in Boggart Brute are the ones being hunted by the Elves in Gather the Pack.

Also, there is an entire story depiction in Aether Revolt.

It begins (I believe) with Fatal Push. We see the Aetherborn kill someone.

He than blows up the ship and flees in Daring Demolition.

And we see the land reclaim the wreckage in Natural Obsolescence, the wildlife live among the wreckage in Shipwreck Moray, and the Aetherborn scrap the wreckage in Defiant Salvager.

Also, Hungering Hydra from Core 2019 is in fact Heroes' Bane :)

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