Hello! I decided to kill some time today and try my hand at Braids. My original goal was to make it with a sea creatures subtheme and take advantage of cards like Whelming Wave and Serpent of Yawning Depths, which I've personally never seen in play.

  1. My budget is $150

  2. My playgroup doesn't run Sol Ring or Cyclonic Rift

  3. Sea creatures tribal

  • How does my land/ramp package look?

  • Are there better sea creatures I should be using?

  • What would you remove?

  • After looking at my deck, I quickly saw that it was pretty unforgiving. Although it would have been a blast to play, no one would have wanted to play against it. So I pretty much removed all the theft, a handful of bounce cards and swapped some unforgiving creatures (mainly wizards) out for more sea creatures and potentially helpful artifacts.

    Fatespinner->Nadir Kraken

    Sower of Temptation->Tromokratis

    Blatant Thievery->Narset, Parter of Veils

    Proteus Staff->Mimic Vat

    Vedalken Shackles->The Magic Mirror

    Tidespout Tyrant->Vodalian Illusionist

    AEtherize->Rush of Knowledge

    Galecaster Colossus->Shipbreaker Kraken




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