Blatant Thievery


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 Rare
Onslaught Rare

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Blatant Thievery


For each opponent, gain control of target permanent that player controls. (This effect doesn't end at end of turn.)

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Blatant Thievery Discussion

Rzepkanut on Jeleva The Lone Spellslinger

1 week ago

....Bribery, Blatant Thievery, Cruel Entertainment, Spelltwine, Overburden, Pendrell Mists, Dissipation Field, Metallurgic Summonings, Hero's Downfall, Jace, the Mind Sculptor is always great but especially so here I think. He does everything from stacking your deck with cards from your hand to resetting Jeleva by bouncing her to hand to fatesealing opponents to know what they have to steal, Time Warp and all its variations are awesome for free, Damnation, Toxic Deluge, Thran Dynamo, Rhystic Study, Cyclonic Rift, and i agree with Scroll Rack.

Lots of changes to consider! Good luck and have fun with all that :)

ArchangelAlchemist on EDH Damia bodysnatcher/reanimator HELP

2 weeks ago

The deck you are describing sounds exactly like what I used to run so I'm just going to post my favorite cards from it here. Memory Plunder, Wrexial, the Risen Deep, Diluvian Primordial, Sepulchral Primordial, Silent-Blade Oni, Mindleech Mass, Thada Adel, AcquisitorNightveil Specter, Knowledge Exploitation, Praetor's Grasp, Bribery, Blatant Thievery, and as said earlier Geth, Lord of the Vault. Green doesn't really have much in the thieving department but it does have ramp and non-creature removal which are both very important in commander.

Rhadamanthus on What happens when you gain ...

2 weeks ago

For any permanent-type card (creature, land, enchantment, artifact, planeswalker), effects from any of its static abilities (i.e. abilities that aren't activated or triggered) will only apply for as long as it's on the battlefield. In your situation the land will return to its previous controller when Annex leaves the battlefield.

This is different from an effect generated by a resolving spell or ability. For example, the permanents you take control of after casting a Blatant Thievery will stay under your control until some other effect specifically makes you lose control of them (including making them leave the battlefield).

golgariizzet on I'll Have What She's Having!

1 month ago

Sakashima the Impostor, Diluvian Primordial, Dominus of Fealty, Hypnotic Siren, Dack's Duplicate are all good creatures to think about. Polymorphous Rush, Stolen Identity,Harness by Forceare good spells to maybe include or think about. Baral, Chief of Compliance, Cloud Key, Goblin Electromancer, Mana Matrix are good for cheating mana. also a couple other possibilities are Jhoira of the Ghitu and involving suspend counters for high costing cards to come out cheap and early and use thing like Jhoira's Timebug and Rift Elemental to get the counters off quicker just a thought. i like the deck love me some izzet. here are the 3 izzet deck i have starting with my mizzex deck just in case there are cards i missed putting on here for you hope it helps +1 from me! Destroy Joy, Legends Of Izzet (legendary tribal) and Izzetdrazi (eldrazi tribal). good luck hope it helps.

TheDarkSlayer21 on The Truth of Politics

1 month ago

First off, putting Marchesa in the graveyard is NOT risky. If someone tries to get rid of Marchesa from your graveyard, you can redirect it back to the command zone.

Rule 903.9
If a commander would be exiled from ANYWHERE or put into its owner's hand, graveyard, or library from anywhere, its owner may put it into the command zone instead.

With that said, there are typically two ways of making a Marchesa deck. The first way is to put in a lot of creatures that can get +1/+1 counters easily (like Anthroplasm, Aetherborn Marauder, Butcher Ghoul, Carrion Feeder or Unleash/Modular cards). The problem is, these cards hardly do anything other than putting counters on themselves. Their pretty much duds. So to make up for this, people will put in good sac outlets, cards like Mind Slash, Phyrexian Altar, Ashnod's Altar, Altar of Dementia, Attrition, etc. This type of deck gets its engine running STRICTLY from it's sac outlets, (NOT FROM ITS CREATURES) and because of this, it is a bit more reliant on it's commander.

The second type of deck is my preferred method of playstyle. Whereby, the deck is not RELYING on its sac outlets, (although it does have a few) but rather on the ETB/graveyard triggers of creatures (For example: cards like Mulldrifter and Harvester of Souls). With this type of deck, you're also not fully relying on your commander. Marchesa is just a perk. If you don't have her out, you can still play your creatures and benefit from them.

Also keep in mind, that it isn't too hard getting +1/+1 counters on your creatures just using the dethrone ability itself. I find that most, if not all the time, you will not be at the highest life total; especially if you have Necropotence, Ancient Tomb, Unspeakable Symbol, shock lands, fetch lands, and pain lands in the deck.

Also since your basing this on stealing as many creatures as possible I would recommend putting in Blatant Thievery, Bribery, Sepulchral Primordial, and Thalakos Deceiver

This is the Marchesa deck that I personally made. You're welcome to look at it for suggestions.


Commander / EDH TheDarkSlayer21


Other cards that I would highly recommend putting in the deck are:
- Sneak Attack
- Necropotence
- Consecrated Sphinx
- Diabolic Intent
- Glen Elendra Archmage
- Mind Slash
- Phyrexian Tower
- Cyclonic Rift
- Scourge of the Throne
- Dack's Duplicate
- Flayer of the Hatebound
- River Kelpie
NOTE: If you do decide to have this deck be a bit more ETB heavy, Deadeye Navigator and Rite of Replication are good cards to help abuse the ETB triggers.

kenede on I Must Agree, You're Just Like Me.

2 months ago

Hey there, just saw that your making the same kinda deck I am, with Marchesa. Mines not complete yet but here are some thoughts to consider. Blatant Thievery-take control of one permanent per player. Rise of the Dark Realms this is a bit on the spendy side so i dont know, it would b fun tho ;) Beguiler of Wills -pretty much take a creature each turn. Dominus of Fealty. Empress Galina- THIS IS A MUST!! take their commanders...indefinitely Lord of the Void-not only exiles their deck, u also take something. Olivia Voldaren this is right on that budget, if u say yes, make creatures into vampires, steal vampires. Riptide Entrancer. Sphinx Ambassador this is tons of fun, read it. Thalakos Deceiver . Sepulchral Primordial. Aura Thief- take all enchantments.

here is some of the cards i have that might be towards your liking. most of these cards are within ur budget, a couple are just above it a smidge. and yes, i like ur strategy, i think its fun. i originally want to make a marchesa deck cuz i wanted to run all the Swords, still doing that, but i found how fun it can be to take other peoples stuff

acht_deck_manager on All Your Base Are Belong To Us

2 months ago

Some cards I definitely want to think about putting in and looking to see if I have copies of

Cards I think I'm willing to cull:

I will probably pull out Braids, Conjurer Adept too, albeit I've been itching to play her in something ever since I picked up a copy. On the fence about it because I can be.

Probably should add in some more draw too. Thinking Blue Sun's Zenith could fit in among other things

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