Pearl Lake Ancient


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Khans of Tarkir Mythic Rare

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Pearl Lake Ancient

Creature — Leviathan


Pearl Lake Ancient can't be countered.

Prowess (Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, this creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn.)

Return three lands you control to their owner's hand: Return Pearl Lake Ancient to its owner's hand.

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Pearl Lake Ancient Discussion

idiotbane on UW COntrol AKH

1 week ago

I actually love 59 control spells and lands with 1 Pearl Lake Ancient or AEtherling. The sort of deck that Ivan Floch played back in the day is what inspired me to play Control in the first place. However, after playing control consistently since Kaladesh and off-and-on since Khans of Tarkir, I can safely say that in the last few years, Control decks have needed to change a great degree in terms of win-conditions. It isn't good enough to just lock your opponent out of the game and putz around until you've got an exhaustively overwhelming position from which to win, literally no matter what your opponent does. With Embalm, Scrapheap Scrounger, the different burn options (particularly Unlicensed Disintegration which chews up Torrential Gearhulk while pushing your life total toward annihilation), and Planeswalkers running rampant, it is reaching impossible win the game in the old fashioned method. There are simply too many ways for aggro and midrange decks to get value and reach out of a prolonged game. Thus, Control in the modern era is much more about establishing a threat in the late game and riding it to victory in a relatively quick fashion. This can be neigh on impossible if you only have a playset of win-conditions.

For example, my Esper Control Deck ( has a minimum of win-conditions, with 4x Torrential Gearhulk and 2x Noxious Gearhulk, but makes up for that with the 4x Shambling Vent. For this deck, I would use 2-3x Gideon, Ally of Zendikar or Gideon of the Trials as a floor for your win-conditions. The latter has proven excellent against both Mardu Vehicles and the RG Gods decks. If you're on a budget, try out Jace, Unraveler of Secrets or Dovin Baan. Stay away from Kefnet the Mindful though as this in the Mainboard is a huge risk that cannot be overstated. She just doesn't impact the board upon coming down in any way.

The key is to use win-conditions that control your opponent while also putting them on a clock. Torrential Gearhulk recasts a removal or counterspell, slowing your opponent. Noxious Gearhulk murders a creature and gives your life total some breathing room. Gideon of the Trials locks down one permanent you can't seem to remove at the moment and, when this job is done, smacks in for four each turn.

TrueTribal on Baral - You Will Comply

1 week ago

I do not have my own Baral list, but I have played other blue control decks. I love AEtherling as a finisher, because it is virtually impossible to get rid of as long as you have one mana. The flicker ability protects it, and the Unblockable let's you pump it to 8/1 then attack. Other than that, Pearl Lake Ancient is good with lots of instants and sorceries. I might consider Deep-Sea Kraken as well, because it can come down really fast in multiplayer.

TheRedGoat on Not Your Average Bears: A Story Lost to the Ages

1 week ago

So I've got a few questions for your build and few for brewing ideas.

Firstly with your build, how do you feel about Meloku the Clouded Mirror and similar cards used in tandem with the landfall synergies? I can't place the deck name, but I've seen a version of "K and T" that could use those types of cards and Cloudstone Curio for infinite landfall triggers. Or if you're against infinite combo, what about maybe Pearl Lake Ancient? Again this is more a curiosity on your view of the "bounce lands" type effect for a landfall deck over suggesting them for your build.

As for my other questions about deck brewing, I'm for sure wanting to actually use the full group ramp cards like Mana Flare and its twin Heartbeat of Spring (among many others), but it is meant to be combined with combo wins such as making multiple copies of Biovisionary in a single turn, or playing Helix Pinnacle early and using the ramp to accelerate the clock. What I'm getting sorta stalled on is the filler space between my win conditions like that and the cards I'm using to get them.

I'm fairly certain the deck would have to be group hug in nature, but I'm sketchy about how much or little hug I should run given how I'm intending to win with it.

ChubyCryBaby on Flood

2 weeks ago

I would honestly add other creatures (Other Levis, Krakens, serpents, and Otcos) Lorthos, the Tidemaker Elder Deep-Fiend Kederekt Leviathan (Sweeper) Simic Sky Swallower (Just a 1 of so you don't draw it) Pearl Lake Ancient Nemesis of Reason Serpent of the Endless Sea Deep-Sea Kraken Scourge of Fleets Wrexial, the Risen Deep

Just some other ideas :).

For reference if you want to splash green though.

ijakobe on Bant Pillowfight

1 month ago

Thanks for you insight, joshuaizac.The point about the mana-doublers does makes sense, I trimmed down the mana gifts quite a bit.I'll consequently drop the milling plan with big prosperities or something similar, since, I assume, I won't have the mana to consistently kill people with it.The token plan is viable for sure but I have other swarmy decks so I'd like a different route for this one. Maybe i just go for high value creatures like Pearl Lake Ancient, Akroma, Angel of Wrath or Luminarch Ascension (which feels like a big target on my forehead but it still an amazingly powerful card).

It feels like you don't need the draw-punishing cards because you'll run them over at some point anyway and it moight just draw some hate towards you. I could be mistaken and the incremental damages stacks up quite a bit over the course of the game.

TheVectornaut on B/U Royal Assassin Control

1 month ago

From what I understand, most competitive control lists want win conditions that fall into the category of "inevitability". Such conditions will inevitably close out a long game because of their inherent resilience. Pearl Lake Ancient and AEtherling are two such cards. Demon of Death's Gate, by comparison, could easily die to an errant kill spell if your pool of counterspells runs dry. At the very least, I'd add more copies and/or related alternatives to insure a win condition will stick. On that note, Lightning Greaves will often be too slow since it must be equipped at sorcery speed.

Most control decks support those win conditions with a wide range of counters and other removal spells. Creature count is usually low, but I'll make some suggestions regardless. Vampire Nighthawk and Gifted Aetherborn could be replacements for Black Knight and Pestilent Kathari. They provide the threat of deathtouch, and the lifegain is a nice boon in the control game. If you're set on using Royal Assassin as removal, I've had some fun synergizing him with Minister of Impediments. If you are into the demon theme, Desecration Demon, Bloodgift Demon, and Ob Nixilis Reignited are some other beaters. Playing a wider variety of threats could also make Diabolic Tutor stronger.

In no particular order, some control spells in U/B are Killing Wave, Hero's Downfall, Dissolve, Mana Leak, Summary Dismissal, Disallow, Black Sun's Zenith, Cryptic Command, Victim of Night, Remand, Thoughtseize, and Echoing Truth. Some alternative win conditions are Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver, Liliana, the Last Hope, and good old Elixir of Immortality.

Snydog17 on $30 Jalira

1 month ago

I like sphinx. Prognostic Sphinx is an alright cards in budget commander.

Avatar of WillChancellor of the SpiresDeceiver of FormHoverguard SweepersInkwell LeviathanPearl Lake AncientSphinx of Jwar Isle

Those are decent creatures, I hope that helps.

GeneralHellkite on Blue and white control

3 months ago

I have a few suggestions, first, we need to take out brain storm as its not modern legal, the next best thing in modern is Serum Visions, then we also need just 2 more cards to make the deck total 60 to make it legal. Counter spells that would be good to throw in is Mana Leak, it stops all early spells in their tracks nad is cheap. Another suggestion would be to add AEtherling as a creature since you got so many board wipes, or even Pearl Lake Ancient would be good. Another sweet creature you could add is Sphinx of the Final Word. Hope this has been helpful.

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