Breaching Leviathan


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 Rare

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Breaching Leviathan

Creature — Leviathan

When Breaching Leviathan enters the battlefield, if you cast it from your hand, tap all nonblue creatures. Those creatures don't untap during their controllers' next untap steps.

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Breaching Leviathan Discussion

Copperlax on 20,000 Creatures Under The Sea

3 weeks ago

I have a couple updates to make to this deck to reflect some of the great suggestions above. The issue with Breaching Leviathan is that you rarely cast your big guys so his ability will often be wasted.

MycosynthSliver on 20,000 Creatures Under The Sea

3 weeks ago

Love it. I've been tossing around the idea of a deck lick this wince Whelming Wave was spoiled way back when. This a great execution of the concept. I'm a fan of Breaching Leviathan personally, but blue is underplayed in my play group, so it's probably more of a sideboard thing in most circles. In the end, love it. Thumbs up.

Austin_Smith_of_Cards on revoking your library card

2 months ago

Nice to see a Stitcher Geralf list! One of my favorite characters in modern-day Magic, to be sure.

There are several ways you can go to improve this list. You can add more fatty creatures for Geralf to abuse, or just to pressure lategame, and you can continue to add to the milling theme.

Lorthos, the Tidemaker is a pretty big creature that essentially makes a "game over" in a 1v1 matchup. You'll also never be sad to mill him into a zombie.

Fatestitcher is an on-flavor card that can be unearthed from your graveyard after you've milled it to untap Geralf and re-use his ability again.

Artisan of Kozilek allows you to reanimate something huge from your graveyard that you haven't had the opportunity to exile away. Pretty gigantic threat on its own, too.

Wonder is an incredible creature to dump into your graveyard, thereby giving all your powerful zombie abominations evasion.

Geralf's Masterpiece is flavorful, but it also allows you to repeatedly recur it by discarding cards. A monstrous attacker in its own right.

Breaching Leviathan shuts down all of your opponents for a full round if you're able to amass the mana to hardcast it. Otherwise, milling a 9/9 will definitely create a huge zombie.

Tromokratis also falls into the category of "giant beefy blue creature that's good to mill into a zombie." Not bad to cast on its own, either.

Deep-Sea Kraken can be cast early on for its suspend cost, and then accelerate out much quicker, since it removes time counters whenever ANY opponent casts a spell.

Forgotten Creation is powerful card advantage that lets you get rid of more useless cards in favor of drawing into better answers.

Inkwell Leviathan is a monster that's extremely hard to get rid of, has meme-levels of power and toughness, and is one of the few blue creatures with trample.

Frost Titan is yet another strong blue finisher that shuts down a single permanent essentially so long as you can get it to keep attacking.

AngelOfDivinity on Horror from the depths.

9 months ago

My matchups, by the way (if I can remember):

Round 1, Eldrazi, he didn't really get off the ground though, mana issues I think. As far as I could tell it was mono-black, but I only saw some drones.

Round 2, Mono white Pegasus, the only match I lost- 3 honors of the pure with a lot of 1 & 2 drops.... ouch.

Round 3, Spiders, I actually had lent this guy my spider deck, so I won because I knew every point of his curve...

Round 4, Rats, it was a really solid deck, pack rats are a thing, but so it Stormtide Leviathan...

Round 5, Orzhov Allies, again, hard for aggro to argue much with a Stormtide.

Round 6, Knights, this was close, game 1 was taken by a Stormtide, game 2 she was SO FAST turn 0 2 leylines of sanctity, turn 1 plains, turn 2 plains/ Knight of the White orchid, turn 3 Nykthose, float 6, 2 mirran crusaders, turn 4 float 10, Knight Exemplar, Mirran Crusader but I'd gotten a couple of fatties out- turn 5 Wrath of God, only destroyed her Exemplar, swung A LOT OF DAMAGE, but she was at 18 life... I'd gotten 2 quests online and EOT got 2 Breaching Leviathans and swung 18 next turn!

Round 7, Devils, owls into Leviathans did the trick.

Round 8, Aura-Spirits, a really good match lost game 3.

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