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Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature has lifelink. (Damage dealt by the creature also causes its controller to gain that much life.)

Acquire Lifelink


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Lifelink Discussion

Fresh1492 on White Weenie

3 hours ago

Ok, LtMiller117, I've updated my deck a bit. I plan on buying 2x Honor of the Pure 2x Hyena Umbra 1x more Gideon, Champion of Justice and 3x more Spirit Mantle I'll take out Chariot of Victory , Paragon of New Dawns , Aegis Angel , one Akroan Skyguard , Divine Favor , both Lifelink , and Mortal Obstinacy . What do you think about that?

Yusaka on Night of the Living Dead

1 day ago

I really like the deck. Since I started playing MTG I've always enjoyed zombies. I also like that you used Grimgrin, Corpse-Born instead of Mikaeus, the Unhallowed for the extra color. However, I'd take out the Doom Blade , Gilded Lotus , Lifelink , and Ghoulcaller's Chant . And maybe even some of the other graveyard retrieval cards. I feel like you have too much of it. You'll run out of creatures to bring back! I'd remove the Doom Blade because its an instant that won't even get rid of commanders that have any black identity to them. I'd replace the Gilded Lotus for a Sol Ring . It gets down 4 turns faster and gives only 1 less mana. Also, consider adding Liliana of the Dark Realms for some mana fixing and, if you get her -6, tons of mana to use for regenerate and grave retrieval effects. Even Liliana Vess for another Grimoire of the Dead effect or more search. I also don't see many draw effects. I know with the blue in there you could get it, but I haven't played the deck. With all the grave retrieval you may not need the draw, but it is usually standard in most EDH decks. What do you think?

SLSev on Life Steal

4 days ago

Bro, Dirty! awesome. it needs a couple finishers tho, it has not long game for our multi-player games. I'd look at Serra Avatar or Ajani Goldmane 's ultimate. then give it Lifelink with Vizkopa Guildmage = Game Over!

DarkMagician on humans/artifacts/aggro

1 week ago

I know you're trying to stay budget but get rid of the Lifelink for Basilisk Collar if at all possible. Glint Hawk could be an awesome addition to the deck like BMWilliams said but since you don't have any 0 drop artifacts (the key to making G. Hawk really shine) I'd say run Squadron Hawk instead.

nosoyyucateco on The Angel of Your Dangle

2 weeks ago

I don't know what your budget is going to be, but here are some ideas. Some may be better than others, and I didn't check for format legality:

Soul's Attendant

Door of Destinies

Ghostly Prison

Admonition Angel

Awe Strike

Celestial Mantle

Divine Congregation

Genju of the Fields

Intervention Pact


Wall of Reverence


Sloanan on I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost!

4 weeks ago

Thanks for the suggestions, UpperDeckerTaco. I actually had originally used several of those previously (Aqueous Form , Spirit Mantle , Lifelink & Holy Mantle in particular), but I realized that I was just cluttering my deck with too many enchantments & not enough actual creatures to use them on. I went with Steel of the Godhead as my main one simply because it essentially combines all of those into one low cost enchantment. Sure, there's Daybreak Coronet , but I'm not spending $100 for a playset of it.

As far as the Eidolons, this again goes back to what I'm saying. Initially, I had a ton of them in there (especially Mr. Eidolon of Countless Battles ), but I wound up taking them out because I couldn't tutor them out with Tallowisp as I had originally thought, and I wound up changing the direction of the deck. I do intend to make a W/G enchantment deck fairly soon that would wind up using them, though. I might keep it standard or go crazy in modern - Not sure just yet. As of now though, they're just a leetle too expensive to bestow and I'd rather have my current 2-drop creatures instead of them. I'll find a way to use them at some point, though.

Thanks again for the help!

UpperDeckerTaco on I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost!

4 weeks ago

Love what you did to the deck, there is some things you could do to improve it, Indestructibility , Aqueous Form , Lifelink , Vigilance , Holy Mantle , Spirit Mantle , Unquestioned Authority ..... +1 for sure.

DotaVeteran on 2014-06-19 update of O Ghost ...

1 month ago

Oh okay, I didn't catch that part. If you're going up against Burn/Aggro decks take Steel of the Godhead in the sideboard for the Lifelink to counter balance the damage. There probably are better life gain cards, but this is one that I know of that can get fetched by Tallowisp . Lifelink and Felidar Umbra are also good substitutes. Price

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$0.03 $0.15 $0.75 $0.33
Color(s) W
Cost W
Converted cost 1
Avg. draft pick 9.64
Avg. cube pick 12.97


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
2012 Core Set Common
2010 Core Set Common