Moonlight Bargain


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2018 (C18) Rare
Ravnica: City of Guilds (RAV) Rare

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Moonlight Bargain


Look at the top five cards of your library. For each card, put that card into your graveyard unless you pay 2 life. Then put the rest into your hand.

Moonlight Bargain Discussion

PhotogenicParasympathetic on Your Signature Spellbook

3 weeks ago

Savra, Queen of the Golgari - Commander of the first EDH deck I built from scratch, which is still a formidable attrition style deck. Runs a convoluted, but very resilient, infinite combo as an emergency finisher.

Toshiro Umezawa - Commander of my highest-rated deck here on EDH, I've put a lot of time into making his list run smoothly and the primer I have here is the result.

Neheb, the Eternal - Commander of my most fun deck. He makes so much mana, and can have unbelievably explosive games, finishing people off with almost nothing in play. My favorite moment with this deck was killing a player from 40 with the exert trigger of a Glorybringer .

Moonlight Bargain - Such an amazing card, so underrated. Until it's recent release in a commander product, I'd never seen it played by anyone else.

Nissa Revane - The first planeswalker I pulled from a pack, and still my favorite planeswalker. Is she good? No. Do I care? No.

The Great Aurora - Why does no one run a mono-green board wipe? This thing is fantastic. Ramp a bunch, float some mana, cast this, then rebuild your board before anyone else gets a chance.

Archangel of Thune - Gotta represent my love of angels somehow, and this card is just a friggin' beast, easily one of my favorite cards. It's got it all - excellent art, good flavor text, and a game-ending ability. I've got a sweet stained-glass alter of one that looks absolutely amazing.

Permeating Mass - It's my dream to one day build a Permeating mass first strike deck, with the goal being creating a field of as many permeating masses as possible. Someday.

SynergyBuild on Phyrexian Arena is BAD.

3 weeks ago

jordanalessi I said Dark Tutelage , Read the Bones , Moonlight Bargain , and gave many more options for casual games, ones with lower budgets, or more fun cards.

Claiming a "Gotcha" when you don't read thoroughly the post is... umm... stupid. Yes. You are really dumb.

Also, for the long games, Necropotence , Greed , and Ad Nauseam give a lot more value. Once you get into the general late game of turns 10+, a card like Necropotence as a top deck allows you to draw many more cards, and turn life into a full hand every following turn. Unlike the more money expensive, worse Phyrexian Arena that wouldn't give that level of upside.

vdiddy1 on I hope this will be good.

2 months ago


Oran-Rief Hydra , Fastbond , Titania, Protector of Argoth , Comet Storm

Maybe Adds:

--Creatures: Sakura-Tribe Scout , Vinelasher Kudzu , Jaddi Offshoot

--Enchant: Retreat to Kazandu , Retreat to Hagra , Zendikar's Roil

--Sorcery: Nissa's Renewal , Insurrection , Nissa's Pilgrimage

--Removal: Searing Blaze , Gaze of Granite

--Planeswalker: Nissa, Vital Force

Remove from deck:

Primeval Titan and Sylvan Primordial (both are edh illegal, I'll vote useable, but I'd double check with the group), Assassin's Trophy (nvr help your enemy), Solemn Simulacrum (this card's effects are too slow to be worth 4 mana imo), Moonlight Bargain , Hunting Wilds ,

Note: Courser of Kruphix (doesn't allow you to play extra lands per turn), Viability of lifegain in this deck? Thantis, the Warweaver could bite you in the butt

I like: Boundless Realms , Collective Voyage , Eternity Vessel Rakdos's Return (a great kill spell), Ramunap Excavator

Shinwizzles on Marchesa, the Black Rose EDH: Steal Yo Gurl!

2 months ago

I_TappedWrong, I chose Greed over Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip specifically because of the higher per-turn cost of the latter. Sure, it may only be one mana, but that one mana might be the difference between me drawing an extra card that turn or not. Greed does have a higher initial cost, but it seems worth it to cut the per-turn cost down to one.

I'm not seeing the advantages of Moonlight Bargain over Phyrexian Arena . I don't really need to wait for the Phyrexian Arena to become profitable, since it starts netting me an extra card the turn after I play it. Moonlight Bargain is a one-time use card, whereas Phyrexian Arena sticks around until someone decides to deal with it, potentially causing someone to waste some removal. If there was an enchantment that had wording along the lines of Moonlight Bargain I would consider including it in the deck, but I don't think that particular instant is going to find a slot.

As for the talismans, they don't seem as versatile as the signets. I'd be hard-pressed at times to choose between the two options a talisman provides, versus just filtering another color through a signet and getting two colors back. I like the fact that the talismans cost life to activate though, so I may run a few games with the signets swapped for the talismans to see how they perform.

Thanks for the suggestions! I look forward to testing out any edits I make to my deck.

SynergyBuild on Phyrexian Arena is BAD.

2 months ago

Okay, clickbaity title, but yes, I firmly believe that Phryexian Arena, EDH verified staple, is a piece of cardboard worth nearly nothing to most decks that use it, and the sleek Night's Whisper or more versatile Sign in Blood is better in aggressively costed combo lists and storm decks, Read the Bones is better in midrange, and even in control, a larger draw spell that is an instant, think Ad Nauseam is just so much better.

Even aggro decks woul rather a proactive possible threat that pressures life totals over time, like Dark Confidant or Mindblade Render , and the arena isn't powerful enough in nearly any of these decks to warrant the inclusion.

Want a grindy engine, or have enchantment shenanagins? Greed , Necropotence , etc. are still better.

Now onto why these are all so much better, and why poeople like the Arena, but it is still bad. It is that Phyrexian Arena looks like a draw 2 per turn, however it is a possible only draw 1. You draw 2, but 1 you'd already get. It also, if removed on an opponent's turn, doesn't draw you anything, leading to card disadvantage. It takes 1 whole turn cycle just to be a cycler that loses a life and costs 3, and 2 turn cycles (8 turns) before it is as good as Night's Whisper , but costs more, and at turn cycle 3 (12 turns in) it gets the powerful effect of the 3 mana draw 3, lose 3 life, on a 3 turn suspend. Impressively bad for an effect like that. Read the Bones is more splashable, doesn't suspend, looks at possibly more cards, and loses 1 less life. Dark Confidant / Mindblade Render costs less and have a creature attached and do about the same things, with more use in creature-abusing decks, perhaps being sacrificed later to a Attrition for more advantage need be, who knows.

At turn cycle 4 (16 turns in), it gets the 4 mana draw 4 suspend 4, lose 4, which doesn't draw as much as a Moonlight Bargain , you need to be on turn cycle 5 (20 turns in) for that luxury, and with Ad Nauseam , you'd often draw 20 more cards in the single turn. See how that it bad? Especially in a color combination with many better, still generally bad card enginess that do basically the same thing. Dark Tutelage is more splashable, Greed draws more, Necropotence draws more, Mindblade Render is cheaper, more splashable, with more synergies, Dark Confident does basically the same as the Render, etc. etc.

It is often compared to the black Sylvan Library , but that is cheaper and actually draws 2 cards, twice the work of the Arena. It isn't even in the same ball park of card advantage as the library.

This was all off of the top of my head, yet, Phyrexian Arena is considered a staple, almost exclusively played in EDH, and is just not a good card despite that. Theater of Horros, a new red added variant to the Arena, at least when you have infinite mana wins the game, and has synergies with effects like discard.

The only real time I have seen some use to the Arena is in stax decks that use a lot of the other options too. Mono-Black Stax often resorts to a lot of mass discard, think Oppression , Bottomless Pit , Necrogen Mists , etc. to empty everyone's hand turn after turn. Using Arena, Tutelage, Confidant, Render, Necro, and Greed all allow the stax deck to fish through it's deck and break parity on these stax lists, even if it takes 10 turns to make them worth it.

Thoughts? Am I just not seeing it properly, or is it truely bad?

I_TappedWrong on Marchesa, the Black Rose EDH: Steal Yo Gurl!

2 months ago

any reason why you choose Greed over Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip? i know its 2 cmc to activate but its a 2 drop and would help round out your CMC curve sense you have a large number of 4 and 3 drops. i would also consider running Moonlight Bargain over Phyrexian Arena i know it seems crazy but phyrexian arena takes so long to become profitable. i would also consider running Talisman of Dominance and Talisman of Indulgence over the Izzet Signet type cards. Solemn Simulacrum is just so good in this type of deck with a sac outlet.

Hybrow on Gisa & Geralf's Zombification

3 months ago

I too play a The Cranberries with an eyepatch - Gisa/Geralf EDH.

Couple zombies I love are

Gray Merchant of Asphodel - If you play with multiple opponents, its a great way to gain some life and take everyone down

Noosegraf Mob - great for zombie generation, a little pricey mana-wise, but if you are looking for 5 new 2/2 tokens, this works good.

Vengeful Pharaoh - I love this guy, he stops people from attacking you while he is alive, and while he is in your graveyard.

And i Like

Moonlight Bargain - you can filter your zombies straight to the grave and keep anything you like the looks of.

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Moonlight Bargain occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%