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I played against a deck recently that put my deck: Grix and Stones, Draw Cards and Break Bones to shame. The deck featured Titania, Protector of Argoth as the commander, and featured a bunch of sac outlets for lands like the Zuran Orb . The deck really kicked my butt, but it did give me the idea for this one. Sacrificing lands for benefit? Who better than The Gitrog Monster ?

This also gives me the chance to add the Golgari to my list of color combos that I have built decent decks for. NEAT! The game will start out with some ramp of course, with any deck that sacrifices lands.

Now these cards are going to be your way of getting more lands onto the battlefield for your sacrifice outlets.

Or you could always just bring them back to be used again with the following:

The ramp and the setup complete, lets get into the knitty gritty.

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So you want an opponent dead do you? You came to the right neighborhood then. Out commander for the evening, card:The Gitog Monster, makes for some nice attack and defense. 6/6 deathtouch for the win. But the main win condition is through many different cards. One of the biggest is the commander that inspired this deck, Titania, Protector of Argoth . While Titania herself is not a sac outlet, she does bring back one land, and when combined with a sac outlet, my favorite being the Zuran Orb she makes an army of 5/3 monsters, perfect for storming your opponents. Garruk, Primal Hunter is also great for token attacks with his 6/6 wurms and even his constant 3/3 beasts.

Now, this deck features a LOT of landfall, but that is because The Gitrog Monster can be made into an engine with either Crucible of Worlds , or my now favorite card in standard right now: Ramunap Excavator . Each time you sacrifice a land, you can simply play that card again next turn. So this becomes and engine for landfall cards such as:

Finally, I want to introduce you guys to a card I have, ahem.... fond memories of in high school: Liege of the Tangle . Just to prove how bad a modern player I am, this card kicked my butt in modern and I was running Slivers. SLIVERS! Anyways, I included Liege because turning the lands that I am already using for utility into 8/8 monsters, yes please. With the amount of ramp in this deck, Kozilek, Butcher of Truth was also an easy pick, for fixing draws and annihilator just being stupid good.

I'm sure I will come up with more to talk about on this deck, and don't worry I'm sure after a while I will work myself up to doing a poetry cover for this deck's description, right now I'm just too lazy.

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Updates Add

Hey everyone. So we've updated the deck today for mainly one reason:

There was no clear win condition

The main idea with the deck is to use the value from The Gitrog Monster and draw a bunch of cards with Zuran Orb and other sac outlets. This covers the draw potential, but to acutally win you will need value from Titania, Protector of Argoth and landfall triggers with Rampaging Baloths and Ob Nixilis, the Fallen, beatsticking your way to victory.

So now I've included a few more ways to win. Noose Constrictor and Oblivion Crown are discard outlets for the numerous lands in the deck to combo with The Gitrog Monster. Beatsticking your way to victory is the name of the game here at Evil Frogger Industries.

Not as much of a wall of text this time because there was not as much to change with this deck. Next on the list of decks to update will be everyone's favorite steel control. Link right down below. Thanks everyone! :)

Will of Steel

Commander / EDH* TurtleZoom



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