The deck started to see how close a mass-reanimator deck was to being viable. Turns out, still a few years away. I tried chaos reanimator for a while to see the validity of the archetype, and was also let down. Currently, the deck is a beatdown deck that can combo out.


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Sludge Titan may not be worth it at six mana, but it’s a legitimate titan and way to dredge.

Undergrowth Recon is cool, but fair, dependent, and not on a body.

Aftermath Analyst is another, similar way to gets lands out of the yard. Between the previously mentioned Recon, Splendid Reclamation, and World Shaper, there are a bunch of ways to jailbreak lands. Not sure of the ranking, and don’t know whether it’s an effect worth duplicating.

Snarling Gorehound could exist in a version of the deck packing a bunch of smalls and can trigger reliably.


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