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I've debated a long time how to built this UNIT of an Angel Horror. Ultimately I decided to go the value route of +1/+1 creatures turned sideways. Big, beefy bois...if you will. Some cards seem odd here because they are pet cards I am wanting to try, Torrent Elemental chief among them. I've been looking for a home for this card for awhile and i think I may have finally found it. Plenty of ramp and card draw to move along my strategy. A few panic buttons in the way of spot removal and board wipes. I also have an alternate win condition or two such as Vraska the Unseen. I was very tempted to include Aetherflux Reservoir as well due to the interaction of Odric, Lunarch Marshal and Atraxa. What do y'all think? Please look and comment suggestions. :p Thanks for the view. Drop a +1 on your way out please!


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