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Aurelia - Equipment Voltron (EDH/Commander)

Commander / EDH Aggro Angels FNM RW (Boros) Theme/Gimmick Voltron


~ Aurelia the Warleader, Equipment Voltron EDH/Commander ~

This is my favorite deck, it's super simple, and I love playing it.

  • Ramp... (as best as Boros can)
  • Get equip out... (be careful not to look to intimidating right away, dropping a Helm of the Host too soon, can paint a target on your back really quick. I like to appear as the poor, helpless, Boros player that doesn't understand that R/W is a bad pair in EDH. hahaha)
  • get Aurelia out... (and protect her)
  • Swing for big damage.

This deck is tuned to work against a diverse meta. It's packed with a lot of options.

  • Deflecting Swat, Red Elemental Blast, and Pyroblast are really great. No one sees these coming and they can really save your rear end when they attempt to shut down Aurelia.

  • Wrath of God, Day of Judgment, Farewell, and for a heavier hand Razia's Purification are our wipes. I know Fumigate and Settle the Wreckage may be a better option... but I've got these lovely Textless promos I don't want to remove from the deck. hahahaha

  • Equipment, I won't go into everything, but there are several tutors for both equipment and creatures to pull out any, thing or effect, you might need out of both your library and your graveyard, card-draw, cmc-reduction, protection, ramp, etc.

  • I've sideboarded Reverberate and Reiterate, and if I happen upon a pod that doesn't play any blue, I'll swap out Pyroblast, and Red Elemental Blast. As Reverberate and Reiterate can copy ramp spells, tutors, or other tricks an opponents might have.


Updates Add

Ok, So..

Removed: Open the Armory, Reiterate, Reverberate, Quietus Spike, and Fellwar Stone

Added: Fighter Class, Pyroblast, Red Elemental Blast, Jeweled Lotus, and Deflecting Swat

Jeweled Lotus was for the better ramp. I know it's got it's limitations, but this IS a voltron deck. So most of my point is to get my commander out right? LOL and the point of Reverberate and Reiterate was to act as counters, but also to allow me to dip into copying someone's ramp spells (potentially), but with how prevalent blue is in commander, Pyroblast and RE blast just make more sense. Fighter class is just a better Open the Armory in this deck. Deflecting Swat is again for the counter protection. Even if I have to pay 3, in red, this is a great spell. And will be more useful than Quietus has been imo.


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