How cool would it have been to have Alela on Alara? She'd SHINE on the shard of Esper with all those artifacts, artificers, and artifact creatures. Well, this deck is built with that in mind. Hold onto those cheap artifacts until Alela is on the board and then drop, creating an army of tiny faeries that will soon creature a storm, swarming your opponents. Or hold them back, blocking attacks left and right as you set up for a game ending combo. I hope you enjoy the deck, and as always, I wouldn't say no to any critique or suggestion you have for the deck.

Currently looking to fine tune the deck. I'm trying to make it my strongest and most consistent deck. I'm not looking to break the bank yet, so I'm trying to keep cards in the 20 - 30 dollar range for upgrades. The list is where I'd like the deck to look when it is all said and done. Maybe board is cards that I need to get to so the list will be complete.


Updates Add

Took out the seven cards that I put in the sideboard. Keeping there as a log in case I want to further test with them.

Also switched out a bunch of lands, updating the mana base. Still weary of 30 lands, but playtester on this site has shown it is playable.

Added cards are a bunch of old favorites.

Lithoform Engine is the only newly added card for obvious reasons.

Ethersworn Adjudicator brought back for some much needed removal.

Master Transmuter comes back with new insight, being able to protect key artifacts from removal.

Phyrexian Metamorph comes back due to having that sweet sweet double masters boxtopper art.

Swiftfoot Boots comes back for protection.

Scourglass returns for repeatable board wipes with the recursion the deck now has since the last time the glass was here.

Trading Post is the central hub for, well, artifact recursion, card draw, and life gain, and umm, a goat for what ever reason I may need it.

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