About Me: I was born and raised a cheesehead, right here in Southern Wisconsin. I work a full time job and somehow do quite a bit and nothing simultaneously in my freetime. I am an avid fantasy reader and aspiring novelist, and I enjoy playing MTG, DnD, Pokemon, pretty much anything as long as I'm with my friends. I'm starting to put my toe into the water of the Warhammer 40k tabletop and enjoy spending my time either reading about these new worlds laid out in these fantasy settings; or building them myself. All of these different hobbies leave very little time for each other and I will constantly rotate between them. I am autistic and ADHD, my special interests include(you guessed it) worldbuilding, and, for whatever reason, poisons. I'm a pagan and follow the Wheel of the Year and revere nature and the natural world, in whatever form it takes. I am proudly transgender and genderfluid and I use They/Fae/She pronouns. I love music in any form, no matter the genre or the language, though I have a special fondness for Two Steps From Hell, in particular their epic music composed by Bergersen. Languages is another thing I have an avid interest in and I am currently trying to learn both German and Spanish, though one of those is going significantly better than the other.

My Start: I first started playing in 2017 when my friend @Shakespeare_Jr. took me to an Amonkhet prerelease as a way to introduce me to the game. From then on, I've played off and on in different formats and at differing power levels. I started my play in Modern, brewing a GW humans deck A Collected Company On The Search and running with that for a year or two before downshifting into a deck that was less serious and a lot more fun to watch pop off, Faster Than Tron? Really?. After that, my friends and I started getting into EDH and we fooled around with that, using the playtest tool to play because we couldn't afford the decks in paper.

Coming Out: One of the biggest moments was when I came out, on here first before I told anyone else. Honestly, I'm not lying about that. I made the deck I have an announcemet to make... and put my coming out story in the description and shared it to my friends, that is legitimately how I came out. And in a time where I was really struggling, when everything was uncertain and I didn't know how anyone would react, the support I received on here meant more than the world to me, it was everything. Here, I had found a community that I felt like I genuinely belonged in, that simply saw me as a person, passionate about the love for the game, not as anything else. So for that, thank you.

Recently: The pandemic hit and magic took a backseat for awhile, I stopped playing, I stopped building, I stopped participating on here. Then, I slowly started to come back as my friends started getting back into the game as we started meeting in person again, playing mostly EDH. We built fun decks, low power and low budget, built for a longer game where no one got blown out. It was fun and we slowly started expanding our decks, slowly started building better lists. Then, Streets of New Capenna released and I came back in full. The Brokers had everything I loved in magic, they were bant, they dealt with counters, the had tricks up their sleeves, I loved it. I dived fully back into EDH and explored a bunch of different decks and colors. Ashaya, Soul of the Wild, Miirym, Sentinel Wyrm and Atraxa, Praetors' Voice. Almost all my decks are creature based, with the exception off Jhoira, Ageless Innovator and I am a Timmy at heart, I love playing big creatures and smashing face. Now I'm back for good, playing pretty much exclusively EDH, either with my friends, with decks built to have fun and not squash the board, or at commander night at any of the commander nights that the LGS' host, playing a slightly higher power level than I normally do.

In The Future: I don't plan to stop playing any time soon. I'm going to keep building, keep playing, keep enjoying Magic. I'll hope to pop in to different comments to help some people out with suggestions or different ideas, and don't be afraid to @ me. My specialties are green allied colors, but I'm happy to lend my thoughts to anyone who asks.


Commander / EDH - Ramp, Commander / EDH - Theme/Gimmick, Commander / EDH - Tokens, Oathbreaker - Toolbox

MTG Decks

Faster Than Tron? Really?

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Artificially Activating Artifacts All Afternoon

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In Commemoration and Thanks

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The Revolution Has Begun

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SCORE: 2 | 203 VIEWS

The Island Awakened [[Primer]]

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