Crash Through

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper Duel Commander Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Crash Through


Creatures you control gain trample until end of turn. (A creature with trample can deal excess combat damage to the player or planeswalker it's attacking if lethal combat damage would be dealt to all blocking creatures.)

Draw a card.

StygianDusk on Smart People with Pointy Hats (Wizard Tribal)

2 months ago

Looks great! I've built a similar deck and it's very good, here's some recommended upgrades or possible swaps for fun:

1) Crash Through can be traded for all/a few Expedite to work better with with Adeliz, the Cinder Wind and Harmonic Prodigy, albeit a little slower.

2) Balmor, Battlemage Captain adds to the whole prowess mechanic and buffs your board like Adeliz; I would replace some Umara Mystic with a few of him.

3) Viashino Pyromancer is a cheaper verison of Ghitu Journeymage and is better unless you're doing multi-player.

4) Step Through is a 2 mana tutor that costs almost nothing! Sadly it doesn't trigger prowess etc.

5) Soul-Scar Mage is a bit pricier but would be a nice one drop.

6) Naru Meha, Master Wizard and Docent of Perfection  Flip are also good lords to consider.

7) Talrand, Sky Summoner is a good budget swap for Archmage Emeritus for people who don't own any!


3 months ago

Hi there, happy to see another Isshin player. I've been playing Isshin since he debuted, but more so as a tokens go-wide deck. Regardless, I do have a few suggestions, based off your primer description and to try to fit your theme:

  • Conjurer's Mantle could be a decent fit to both your equipment and Samurai subthemes, and also works with Isshin's attack trigger.

  • Goblin War Drums or Rising of the Day could be potential replacements for Crash Through. War Drums will help give you some evasion for your attacker(s), and Rising can add a bit more speed to which you can attack.

  • Since you already have them in your Maybe Board, you could maybe replace Sword of the Animist with another mana rock like Talisman of Hierarchy, Talisman of Conviction, Talisman of Indulgence, or Fellwar Stone. I played Sword of the Animist quite a bit, but it felt slow for what it can do with Isshin, since you have to pay 4 total mana to cast and equip it, then attack. It requires more set up than a straight up mana rock, if you're looking for more early game velocity.

  • Similarly, I think you could probably replace Commander's Sphere and/or Boros Locket with some of the mana rocks I mentioned in my bullet above. The activation cost on Boros Locket is kinda color-intensive for a 3 color deck, and at that point is essentially 7 total mana to draw 3 cards.

  • I'd recommend checking out Soul Partition as a potential replacement to Dispatch. Soul Partition can hit a variety of targets, and also double as protection for one of your creatures.

  • I think Carmen, Cruel Skymarcher or Sun Titan could be potential swaps for the Rakshasa, mostly because they open up your options for Recursion, and both work with Isshin.

  • It's a newer card and pricier card, but Roaming Throne could be an option to get even more triggers out of Isshin and your other Samurai.

  • Captain's Claws, Inquisitorial Rosette, Anduril, Flame of the West, and Anduril, Narsil Reforged are all excellent equipment options for Isshin.

  • Although they are a bit group-huggy in certain regards, Breena, the Demagogue and Karazikar, the Eye Tyrant are both pretty fun draw options for Isshin. Karazikar would also be helpful to turn some attention away from you, and Breena can help grow your board.

  • Lastly, Dolmen Gate and Reconnaissance are both awesome board protection effects, especially for a deck ore reliant on single attackers. Reconnaissance can protect your attacking board from unfavorable blocks, and act as a pseudo-vigilance anthem. This EDHREC article dives into a bit more detail into how the timing works for removing your creatures from combat. Reconnaissance is also discussed in a recent episode of EDHRECast.

I hope these suggestions are helpful. I'm down to discuss more suggestions if you're up to it. Best of luck with your deck and its future games.

Iehovah on Pauper Red go BRRR

3 months ago

Although I haven't played much pauper, a quick search led me to some card for you to consider. Ancestral Anger might be worth running over Crash Through, Mutagenic Growth always pairs well with Kiln Fiend, and Renegade Tactics might be worth considering for the sideboard.

Balaam__ on

7 months ago

As Jim…James? (Jimmithee?) mentioned above, the verbiage on the card is actually very important here. Spells like Crash Through and Warlord's Fury don’t actually target anything. The card itself needs to explicitly use the word ‘target’ for your creatures’ abilities to trigger.

KingKaz on Izzet Aggro (Token Spam, Burn)

1 year ago

Dead_Blue_ Great suggestions, Crash Through is better than Burst of Speed. Not quite sure I undsertand Apostle's Blessing's place though.

SeekerofSecrets on Izzet Aggro 2?

1 year ago

So let’s go through prowesses ideal game

T1 soul-scar pass

T2 swifty, any 1 drop spell hit for 4

T3 manamorphose, bolt, dart, flash back dart

That’s 19 damage on t3, which would be lethal if your opponent fetched and didn’t have a blocker.

You want to maximize your chance of having multiple prowess creatures online as soon as possible which is why soul scar is so great. It also pairs well with Crash Through, if you hit a 5/5 with bolt, it shrinks down to a 2/2 which you can then trample over with for more damage. I would also play Unholy Heat in the side board to shrink a murktied.

I personally love delver, it’s a pet card of mine but without brainstorm it’s incredibly inconsistent. It’s damage output is also significantly lower than a prowess creature. In the best case scenario it does 6 damage on t3. For a soul-scar mage to match this you need to cast 4 spells over 2 turns, which this deck can do much more consistently

Think of lava dart in the context of the number of prowess creatures you have. With 1, it represents 4 damage, the same as a bolt. With 2 creatures, 6 damage. With 3 creatures, 8 damage. It scales. It also gives you something to do with extra lands, your deck only really needs 3 to function, and you’ll have have more than that allot of the time due to the amount of card draw that you have.

Darcy aka dragons rage Channeler is sneakily the glue that holds all of this together. The deck wants to chain as many spells as it can. Darcy fixes your draws to draw more spells, bins lava dart for value and can hit for 3. You right though, without fetchlands you may also want to include 2 Seal of Fire. Notably Tarfire is a “tribal instant” so it counts as 2 card types for delirium. If you include seal of fire you now have 6 types for delirium; instant, sorcery, land, creature, tribal, enchantment. Mishra's Bauble is the first upgrade for the deck to replace tarfire/seal of fire.

Spells that target your creatures open you up to 2 for 1s. So let’s say you cast dragons mantle targeting a creature, in response you opponent kills your creatures, your down 2 cards with no upside while your opponent only spent 1. If you cast crash through, it doesn’t target so it still resolves and you get your card. you and your opponent are on parity.

Good luck! I love prowess, I have 1000s of games with it and always recommend it as an entry point to modern.

Travenura on Izzet Aggro 2?

1 year ago

Hello SeekerofSecrets! First off, thank you for being the first to comment.

I love how consistent mono decks are with their mana base, which is why when I first started playing modern I played mono red goblins. I'm fine with going mono red is what I'm getting at. It's my favorite color after all! :D

I'd like to know more about why you'd include Lava Dart, Soul-Scar Mage and Dragon's Rage Channeler (is that Darcy?).

Isn't lava dart too weak? Even if it does eventually act as a Tarfire isn't sacrificing a mountain more detrimental than doing 2 damage total? Am I missing something?

Soul scar mage has prowess but it doesn't have haste. If you compare it to Delver of Secrets  Flip, soul scar mage needs a damage source from you, which means a card from your hand, most of the time. I understand that delver makes you lose the element of surprise, and doesn't have haste, but passing through your opponent's creatures with a 3/2 flier as soon as your next turn is pretty good, is it not?

Finally, dragon's rage channeler in this deck will only trigger if you have at least one of a land, instant, sorcery, and creatures. That's a lot to ask for is it not? Wouldn't you want to run enchantments or artifacts to get Dragon's rage channeler to trigger easily? Plus there's only 8 sorceries total.

P.s. Crash Through does let you draw a card, but is the trample really that good? Why not Dragon Mantle for example?

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