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A slower mill strategy based off of milling opponents when I draw cards or opponents do things. Or at least I thought it would be slow. The fastest game I had was milling someone out on turn 5, but it more consistently mills at least one player between turn 7 and 9. I've had one game where I milled out 3 people by turn 8. Turn 1 Ruin Crab and by turn 4 having 2 Psychic Corrosion felt pretty good. Take that with a grain of salt, since I've only been able to play test just over a dozen times now. However, it's been more consistent than my Lord Xander, the Collector mill deck, so I feel very happy about Azorius mill getting the job done quicker than a deck with two of the colors synonymous with mill in Dimir. Figured it would be interesting to run some of my decks through a power level generator. This one came up as a 5. I can see it. I mean, if I run into aggro or even just a somewhat creature heavy deck and don't draw a lot of removal, I'm screwed lol.


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