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Devotion to White Angels

Modern Angels Control Devotion Mono-White



A Midrange Angels Deck

This is a non lifegain Angels Deck

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The main idea for this deck is using Angels like Akroma, Angel of Wrath & Brisela, Voice of Nightmares & Iona, Shield of Emeria & Avacyn, Angel of Hope in modern. This is only for people who did not want lifegain as a theme in Angels! To make that possible, i had a lot to learn over the last 6 years, when i started with Angels.

The strength of white is "card advantage by value"(you don't draw extra cards, you just play cards which trade better), so you won't waste turns with card draw spells (which white does not have). Furthermore modern is a hate format. This deck is immune to most of hate cards like Land hate Blood Moon , Artifact hate Stony Silence , Graveyard hate Leyline of the Void . Keep in mind that you can always trade consistency <> speed. For having more fun playing this deck, i prefer consistency by using tutoring effects over beeing super fast. If you want it faster but more inconsistent, you can devotion ramp with Borderposts (like Mistvein Borderpost ) and Leylines like Leyline of Sanctity . This deck performs quite ok against most modern semi competitive decks. The hardest match is still control (problematic are spells like: exile spells Path to Exile , Planeswalkers Teferi, Hero of Dominaria , and bounce spells Cryptic Command )

Angels are very high drops, so you have to accelerate your gameplan or survive long enough. There are 4 different strategies to do that.

  • Devotion (Passive, Active): A huge plus, Devotion provides passive ramp without wasting cardslots for ramp cards. Therefore cards need to have multiple manasymbols of that color in order to work properly. Active devotion means, you put in cards like Leyline of Sanctity , Leyline of the Meek , Oversoul of Dusk , Fieldmist Borderpost to increase Devotion early on. Passive devotion means, that devotion comes along with building up the board over several turns just to fix your mana to consistently cast 8+mana drops. In passive Devotion, Devotion is a mana fix because you will rarely have 8mana on turn 8 only by land drops else. This deck has a passive devotion plan
  • Mana Dork Ramp: Small creatures that generates mana like Llanowar Elves to accelerate the game plan. You need to have some dig-spells or Creature search spells (example Planeswalker Decks use Deploy the Gatewatch , Combo and Ramp use Traverse the Ulvenwald )

  • Reanimation: Simple, shovel your Angels in the graveyard with loot effects like Faithless Looting and reanimate them Unburial Rites . Can be wanky in modern because of heavy graveyard hate

  • Cheese Strategy: If someone is able to link me a working Tron-Angels or Amulet-Angels, let me know :)

The main strategy is to prolong the match so you can reach 6-10 turns (Yeah i know modern is a turn 3 format, but you can almost always survive 10 turns with some white removal cards). Always go on the draw in the first match! ( Weathered Wayfarer ). This makes room for setting yourself up until turn 4-6 where the board control gave you already that many devotion mana, that you can take out Angels. This Deck is very consistent because of tutor effects Weathered Wayfarer , Thalia's Lancers and "White card draw" Mistveil Plains + Secluded Steppe
  • Godsend A "6-drop" equipment. It suits the gameplan (devotion, prison effects, card type diversity), the flavor and is my favorite magic card. If you want to go anymore competitive with Angels, you should swap it out. Its good against any blue copy creatures deck (casual FNM)
  • Maybeboard contains the rest of all cards i own for this deck that i tested. You can try them too ;)

  • Best buying option you have in europe is Cardmarket

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment

Deckbox and Playmats are selfmade

2017 2021

2021 2021

Akroma, Angel of Wrath


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