I'm taking a new turn on my old Omnath - Wrath of Nature Deck, but this time, he can go infinite! I tried to explain every card choice as good as possible. It was great fun to write this primer and i hope it's fun to read as well!I'm no native speaker but I love the tappedout community so please forgive my mistakes.

Here it is:


'Cause he's awesome! The decks mainly build up on ramping like crazy thus not only being able to maximize the chance to draw the important cards you need to end the game but also take advantage of Omnath's incredible landfall ability.

How to Play

Omnath is not any regular cheap creature. Which means: ramp like crazy! A good starting hand would be 3 lands, 2 ramp spells and some support (like Parallel Lives, Exploration, Goblin Bombardment or Cream of the Crop <-- the last has quite some synergy with the deck - more in the synergy section). After you have 7 Mana try getting your hands onto another land in hand (that you can still play at that turn) and then cast Omnath - this will make sure you can profit from Omnath's landfall ability the turn he enters the battlefield.
Once Omnath is on the battlefield start recruiting your elemental army. Try to play 3 to 4 lands a turn. A land that is most useful for this strategy is Gruul Turf. What seems to be a mediocre land turns out to be our best friend to work hand in hand with our big green orange blob of rage: It's etb-effect forces you to return a land from the battlefield to your hand. Which means you can return itself over and over until you played the max amount of lands that turn (thus creating a lot of elementals). Another even more efficient strategy would be Evolving Wilds together with Crucible of Worlds. With a max of being able to play 3 lands a turn up to 6 lands will enter the battlefield that way. While doing this start searching for the right cards to end the game in one turn (like Tooth and Nail, Thornbite Staff, Sakura-Tribe Scout, Elemental Mastery etc. , for more detailed information, see synergies --> Infinite Combos )
At this point you should probably have a tool to look through your whole deck and a decent draw engine (like Elemental Bond, Cream of the Crop, Sensei's Divining Top, etc.) . Take the advantage to focus your game on the missing pieces to end the game while constantly creating tokens and sacing them as removal or to beat down your opponent until you finally can strike with your final blow! Key cards are Tooth and Nail (search for Purphoros, God of the Forge and Avenger of Zendikar ), Thornbite Staff together with Sakura-Tribe Scout or Elemental Mastery, Gruul Turf or Ghost Town, Cloudstone Curio, Splendid Reclamation, Scapeshift and so on

Card Choices

Under this section fall all cards that provide additional lands in any form - that means cards that give you extra lands in any form - by enabling additional landplay, ramp spells, "infinite" lands or by enabling lands from a location other than your hand, or bouncing lands.

First of all the most important part of landfall are - yeah, right! - the lands. Every fetch land finds a good home in this deck but there are some lands that work exceptionally good:

Gruul Turf is my absolute favorite! It provides an endless amount of potential landfall triggers - theoretically spoken. It's etb ability to bounce a land is perfect to bounce itself and play it over and over again without another card.

Ghost Town is nearly as good. The only problem: you can only bounce it during another player's turn - but also provides some awesome synergies (see below)!

Strip Mine and Command Beacon are also genious. They provide decent utility and can be played over and over in case you control a CoW or the new "magus of the crucible".

And now to the good part - the landfall enablers. "How do I get as much lands onto the battlefield as possible" you ask? Here's how:

Exploration, Azusa, Lost but Seeking, Oracle of Mul Daya all have in common that they give you extra lands without any conditions.

Burgeoning has a condition but is still great AND works perfectly together with Ghost Town

Another Group of cards for extra lands that are mostly overlooked are Sakura-Tribe Scout and Walking Atlas. Yes, they are easy to remove and you don't profit from their abilities the turn you cast them...BUT they have a VERY interesting side effect! More information under the "Synergies" panel.

Now to the next card types: ramp cards:

First of all the category Instants and Sorceries. In order from cheap to..less cheap:

Crop Rotation, Nature's Lore, Rampant Growth, Farseek, Kodama's Reach, Cultivate, Nissa's Pilgrimage, Harrow, Skyshroud Claim and Explosive Vegetation(CURRENTLY NOT IN) are all foolproof ramp spells. Pay an amount of mana and get a determined amount of lands. There's nothing better. And don't believe the people who desperately try to tell you that mana rocks are so much better! They're lying!!

Apart from these there are some mid to endgame ramp spells which can win you the game in a blink:

Boundless Realms is one of those spells.

Splendid Reclamation: get all your land cards in your grave back onto the battlefield! So strong! Much wow.

Scapeshift: One of the strongest spells in the whole deck! Awesome Synergy with Omnath itself as well as Titania or Splendid Reclamation for example.Now on to the permanents:

Of course there's Sakura-Tribe Elder. Chump blocker and ramp. Yeah, that's it.

Perilous Forays is the only ramp enchantment. But a decent one. For the cost of one creature and one mana you get more lands! AND it's also a C-C-C-Combo breaker! (surprise! see "synergies section")


Lotus Cobra. Love it. So much mana! This is the perfect ramp creature.

Mana Crypt. My meta is damn fast. And this is the best way to get Omnath out even faster. Love those rocks!

More than anything we want tokens. Elemental tokens. ALL elemental tokens!

So, here's how:

Doubling Season and Parallel Lives are the cards you wish for in your dreams. And on the battlefield.

Another way to create tokens is Titania, Protector of Argoth. Also a very good card to protect yourself from mass land destruction! And has some other synergies (see below)

Elemental Mastery is another card I love. And it can win games.

Avenger of Zendikar is a monster amongst monsters! It gives you so many elementals though - BUT that doesn't matter. Since it provides alternative win conditions.

Tempt with Vengeance is simply nuts! It can give you such a rediculous amount of tokens with haste which your opponents either have to block or don't. It doesn't matter, they die either way.

The best strategy doesn't work without cards. How to get them you ask? Choose:

Elemental Bond, Garruk's Packleader and Greater Good are perfect for this deck as they have decent interactions with Omnath and it's army of elemental tokens.

Sylvan Library is good as hell, too. Two more cards per turn are just awesome.

Sensei's Divining Top is cool, too. Yeah, it's awesome.

Shamanic Revelation draws you a whole bunch of cards an gives you some life, too. Perfect for our build.

We not only want to trample over our opponents but also shoot them from afar by sacing our tokens to trigger Omnath's second ability.

Therefore, Goblin Bombardment, Greater Good, Perilous Forays, Phyrexian Altar and Ashnod's Altar all let you sac your creatures besides having some decent effects that also help in other situations.

Another kind of sacrifice outlet are our land sac cards.

Sylvan Safekeeper is not mainly there for land sac but it can be a nice side effect (see synergies)

They are always important to get the cards in need. Here are my choices (allthough there are so much good tutors that some are easily replaceable.

First the ones that are not replaceable:

Tooth and Nail is one of those cards. Cast it and win. For example with Avenger of Zendikar and Purphoros, God of the Forge

Cream of the Crop is not a tutor in the original sense. But if you need a card it's so easy to go through your library just by playing some lands and creating some tokens.

Chord of Calling is EVERY CREATURE AT INSTANT SPEED! It seriously can't get better than this. Most of the time.That's it. Now the others:

Worldly Tutor although replaceable is one of those tutors I will defend til my last breath. Especially early game. There's near to no other tutor that cheap which has no downside.

Gamble. Well, yeah. I know it's a risky card but still: the only possibility of tutoring ANY card in for only one mana.

It's always good to have something in the backhand.

Cavern of Souls: Fork you, blue!

Sylvan Safekeeper: Is great instant protection and the cost is not that high if you play with CoW orRamunap Excavator

Nim Deathmantle: It's no simple protection like Lightning Greaves or Swiftfoot Boots(which actually went out for the mantle) BUT it does protect each creature the same with enough mana available AND has awesome synergy with a whole bunch of cards in this deck (see combo and infinite combo sections)!!

Steely Resolve: Two Mana and ALL YOUR ELEMENTALS are protected from any single-target removal. Of course, the can still cast board wipes but then they feel Omnath's wrath!

I don't need much removal since Omnath itself is quite good at burning my opponents and my opponent's creatures away but there's still something that Omnath can't do:

Beast Within can handle nearly everything. And a 3/3 under your opponent's control can be removed by one simple trigger of Omnath's second ability.

Reclamation Sage is there to handle everything but creatures, lands and planeswalkers. And that's something it can do quite well. AND it's tutorable with !

Warstorm Surge and Where Ancients Tread are simply solid. They can even win games!

Decimate can remove so much for such low cost! Not always the best choice in duel commander but will never disappoint you in a multiplayer game!

Purphoros, God of the Forge - he's just so good! He damages all your opponents at once and is hard to remove.

In here you find everything that didn't really fit into any other section but still helps you in reaching your goals or has multiple uses:

Reliquary Tower is that one land you want to have at some point where you have a ridiculous amount of draw triggers but still miss that one card to end it all. Must have!

Ogre Battledriver is there to support surprise attacks or help you tap creatures the same turn you cast them and instantly win (see below). Or just attack with a lot of new elemental tokens.

Eternal Witness is simply the best recursion spell in . And with the right cards it's even usable multiple times!

Thornbite Staff is the only card that is only there to provide infinite combos. Therefor it's the only win more card but if you manage to get all the pieces together it's a completely brainfork! Love it!

Since I already explained all the important cards I use this section to simply explain all two or more card combos that have the potential to be game breakers! It may be that you find some explanations which double in other sections because I want them all listet in one section as a bundle

Since I love decks that are build around it's commander (which in myn humble opinion is the reason one should play commander anyway) I will start by mentioning all combos that are not infinite and require Omnath on the battlefield something:

Damn strong requiring Omnath

Gruul Turf or Cloudstone Curio and any other two lands +Azusa, Lost but Seeking/Exploration/Oracle of Mul Daya:

Play Gruul Turf, bounce itself through it's etb effect and play it again - and create a lot of tokens!

Strip Mine or Command Beacon + Crucible of Worlds:

Destroy your opponents lands and create tokens or always cast Omnath without paying it's commander cost!

Ghost Town+Burgeoning:

Whenever your opponents play a land and Burgeoning triggers, return Ghost Town to your hand and directly play it!

Perilous Forays + Amulet of Vigor:

Sac an elemental, search for a land, untap it, create a new elemental and do it until there are no more basic lands left in your library (and shoot a massive amount of damage with Omnath!).

Sylvan Safekeeper+Titania, Protector of Argoth+Splendid Reclamation:

Sac a land to get an elemental token from Titania, sac more lands, get more tokens then cast Splendid Reclamation and get all lands back, thus getting that many tokens through Omnath and sac them again to get even more tokens (if you have to).

Ghost Town+Walking Atlas/Sakura-Tribe Scout:

Works like a second Burgeoning!

Crucible of Worlds/Ramunap Excavator+Doubling Season/Parallel Lives+Warstorm Surge/Where Ancients Tread+Exploration+any fetch land:

40 Damage.

Tempt with Vengeance+Ogre Battledriver:

Now you have 3/1 Elementals with haste which shoot 3 damage when they die. At least, you give your opponent a choice how he wants to be killed! (NOTE: Ogre Battledriver is currently not in the deck. This synergy has it's roots in an older version of this list.)

Eternal Witness + Cloudstone Curio + any land:

Cast Witness, take something back, play a land, get an elemental, return Witness. That way you can really return everything from your grave!

Without Omnath

Tooth and Nail to play Avenger of Zendikar and Purphoros, God of the Forge:

Both enter at the same time, first two damage from Purphoros, then all of Avenger's tokens enter and GG.

Tooth and Nail to play Titania, Protector of Argoth and Sylvan Safekeeper:

Get a huge amount of elementals! Even better with any of the Removal-section-permanents.

Purphoros, God of the Forge+Tempt with Vengeance:

Shoot all the damage!!

Titania, Protector of Argoth+Sylvan Safekeeper+Crucible of Worlds:

Kind of the same like the one with Omnath but with less impact and slower.

So here are all the infinite Combos I found so far. Some of them are quite easy, others on the other hand need a decent amount of preparation:

Thornbite Staff+Elemental Mastery+ sac outlet:

Equip target creature with power 2 or more with Thornbite Staff and enchant the same creature with Elemental Mastery, then tap the creature to get elemental tokens, sac one, untap equipped creature and so on! You don't even need Omnath but it's easier to win even without attacking. Infinite creatures and damage!

Nim Deathmantle + Ashnod's Altar or Phyrexian Altar + Avenger of Zendikar (+ Goblin Bombardment or Warstorm Surge or Where Ancients Tread or Purphoros, God of the Forge:

Cast Avenger, get at least two tokens (if getting so few is even possible), sac one token and Avenger, return Avenger with Nim Deathmantle and so on. Infinite plant tokens AND infinite mana (AND infinite damage)!

Nim Deathmantle + Titania, Protector of Argoth + Ashnod's Altar + any sacable land in your grave(without additional mana cost) or Sylvan Safekeeper:

Cast Titania, return the land to the battlefield, get an elemental, sac the land, get another elemental, sac one elemental and Titania, activate deathmantle, return Titania and start over. Infinite tokens and damage! That Combo also works without Omnath if you also control Doubling Season or Parallel Lives (infinite tokens) and/or Goblin Bombardment/Purphoros, God of the Forge/Where Ancients Tread/Warstorm Surge for infinite damage).

Nim Deathmantle + Titania, Protector of Argoth + Ashnod's Altar + Strip Mine:

This one also works without Omnath: Cast Titania, sac Strip Mine, destroy target land, get a 5/3 Elemental, sac both creatures and start over. Infinite land destruction.

Eternal Witness+Explosive Vegetation+Phyrexian Altar+Doubling Season+Parallel Lives+Cloudstone Curio:

Cast Explosive Vegetation, get 8 Elementals, sac 3 of them, cast Witness, return Explosive Vegetation, sac 4 elementals and start over. It's only just close to infinite though since that combo is limited by the amount of basic lands in your library..still: (almost) infinite elementals! (Almost) infinite mana! (Almost) infinite damage! (NOTE: Explosive Vegetation is currently not in the deck but IF you don't wanna go without it, THAT'S your combo!)

Thornbite Staff+Walking Atlas/Sakura-Tribe Scout + sac outlet + Gruul Turf OR any two lands + Cloudstone Curio:

Equip Thornbite Staff to one of the mentioned creatures, tap it to play Gruul Turf and bounce itself, get an elemental, sac it, shoot damage, the creature untaps, repeat endlessly! Infinite Damage!

Avenger of Zendikar+Cloudstone Curio+Phyrexian Altar+Ashnod's Altar:

When Avenger enters the battlefield he creates at least 7 tokens. All of them also trigger the Curio (of course, one trigger would be enough) to return Avenger back to your hand. Now just sac 3 of them into Ashnod's and 2 into Phyrexian (leaving 2 tokens on the battlefield to recast the Avenger and get another 7 tokens. That's all you need to get infinite tokens AND infinite mana.

Avenger of Zendikar+Phyrexian Altar+Cloudstone Curio+Purphoros, God of the Forge/Warstorm Surge/Where Ancients Tread

Works similar to the one above this, only difference is that you won't get infinite tokens or mana 'cause you need to sac all plant tokens to recast Avenger. But it's still infinite damage!


Well, that's it! It took me lots and lots of hours to build this deck. I hope you like it! Of course, any kind of feedback is more than welcome! And if you like it, leave a +1!

Special thanks to all the Omnath players on tappedout with their awesome decks. You all helped me a lot!

Another big THANK YOU to hoardofnotions who had some great ideas for this deck which highly contributed to a huge part of the infinite combo section!

And last but not least, thanks to you for reading!


Updates Add

Another not so huge but still very impactful Update! Be invited to tell me what you think about the changes I made!:

Nim Deathmantle IN for Swiftfoot Boots

The boots are simple but effective. Mantle on the other side is trickier to use but doesn't only protect one but is able to protect all creatures (except tokens) at once. Also it opens the doors for some sweet new synergies and (infinite) combos (see below)!

Eternal Witness IN for Nissa, Vital Force

Although Nissa is a decent card, she almost always dies before I could ulitmate her. And her -3 only brings back permanent cards which is simply worse than Ewit. Another reason for ewit is that it is likely to use her more than once if i get access to Cloudstone Curio or Nim Deathmantle and a sac outlet!

Reclamation Sage IN for Worldbreaker

I still love big WB. No counters and reusable..It's a bit sad.. But you're just too expensive, buddy...

Gamble IN for Hoarding Dragon

I know, it's aalways risky to play that card...but it searches for EVERYTHING for just ONE mana and doesn't need any sac outlet like the dragon. I'll go for it!

These changes give me so much more options to win and be even more of a threat on the table!

I also updated the Primer for these cards so be sure to check it out (especially the synergy and infinite combo sections)!


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