My power is as vast as the plains, my strength is that of mountains. Each wave that crashes upon the shore thunders like blood in my veins

Thank you for taking a look at my first ever control deck! This deck is a work in progress and I am looking for help to make this an optimized deck. This means that each card has to serve a useful purpose at all time in the game.

If you like the deck or if you are interested to see how the deck changes, please up-vote the deck! I look at up-voter's profiles and I will up-vote decks that I am interested in!


As a mortal, Dakkon was a master blacksmith and a warrior. One day, he was visited by a planeswalker, Geyadrone Dihada, who offered to make Dakkon a planeswalker if he would make Dihada the most powerful blade in existence, the " Blackblade ." He agreed and she shared with him the secret sorceries required to make the sword a "soul-drinker," a blade capable of stealing the energy of those it killed. Dakkon claimed that he stood at his anvil every day for ten years, cooling the blade by killing a slave with it after each time he heated it. When the blade was finally completed, and Dakkon could not help but test it.

Dakkon waded into battle and, with each kill, felt his strength grow. So ferocious was his assault that as tales spread of his slaughter, his name became " Dakkon Blackblade ". Dihada returned when she heard these stories and did make him a planeswalker, having sensed the spark within him when they first met but immediately afterwards she stabbed the sword into Dakkon's shadow and absorbed his soul but not his life. Dakkon was left wandering the plane, wondering why Dihada would grant him so much power, only to make him her enemy.

Sorry, but I cant ruin the ending here. So, Please continue the story elsewhere if you would like to see how his story ends.

Why I choose Dakkon

I feel that Dakkon is an unsolved commander since his ability does not have support due to the ability being off color. I also enjoy playing more original decks that either have interesting concepts or interactions. Dakkon has synergies with control archtypes because the archetype wants to consistent play lands each turn and then win through big evasive creatures, combos, or cards that just say "you win the game."

The Gameplan of this deck is very simple, remove any problematic threats that our opponents have using removal and/or counterspells and then win the game using one of our 3 win conditions: Lethal Commander Damage, Approach of the Second Sun and life draining such as Torment of Hailfire and Debt to the Deathless .

Note: Dakkon should not be cast until we have the board state under control for the most part. If you want to kill your opponents using lethal commander damage it would be optimal to recast Dakkon for "cheap" if he is dealt with in some manner.

I will add more panels soon, redo the custom categories, and make another update to explain the drastic changes to the deck soon.


Updates Add

  • Purpose of Update : I have finally decided to just proxy the deck! I have played two games that consisted of six players total. Although some of my opponents decks were not optimized, I still think I learned valuable information about improvements needed for this deck. Sadly I think it is too soon to start changing cards since I did not get to see all of the cards in my deck and that I need to get a better feel for what cards need to be replaced.
  • Game 1 : The first game the deck won through controlling unwanted threats, killing two players with a big Torment of Hailfire, and then finishing the game with an overloaded Cyclonic Rift to clear the way for Dakkon Blackblade to kill the last opponent.
  • Game 2 : The second game the deck got second place and mostly due to many mistakes, such as not extorting cards spells when I had the extra mana. This game made me realize that the deck needs work on win conditions, card draw, and tutors. Nezahal, Primal Tide did a lot of work for one of my opponents and I could get around it using Torment of Hailfire since they were drawing too many cards from it. The last opponents that I lost to also had Mystifying Maze and that shut down my Dakkon win condition since I had no means of giving him shroud or hexproof besides countering the ability by cycling Nimble Obstructionist.
  • Future Outlooks : I will now be looking into cards that make the deck more pillow fort since my board is mostly filled with creatures that I want to keep alive. I may look into a small life gain theme to increase my survivability. I am also looking to add more gods to the deck since they are more difficult to dispose of and the can provide wanted utility, such as Heliod, God of the Sun giving my creatures vigilance and being able to create 2/1 creature tokens.

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