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The Court of the Eternal Chieftain II

Commander / EDH*


Certain that the Azorius Senate represented the final obstacle, you prepare to planeswalk to your home plane and recuperate your thoughts. Though, as you begin leaving, a titanic aetheric force pulls you away from your course. You struggle with it briefly, but you are pulled from the Blind Eternities.

The plane you arrive upon is unknown to you; a fetid bog as far as the eye can see, you are wary for the force that brought you out here. Something brushes your leg, but you are unsure whether it was an insect or skeletal fingers. From the mists, a spectral centaur emerges; he is followed by an entourage of the dead, and his ghostly fingers grasp an ethereal spear. 'I know what you are, Planeswalker.' He says bluntly, a voice that seems to resonate within you, 'I have dealt with and have abhorred your kind for centuries. You think you know true power? Face me, and I will show you how wrong you are.' The bog tightens an unnatural grip on your ankles, and shapes of varying shapes and sizes rise from their slumber around you. You steel yourself, and prepare to fight Death itself.

A deck worthy of the final step of a Commander Gauntlet, this deck embodies the highest tiers of competitive commander: a deck featuring a strong, flexible win condition, with an impressive tutor suite and multiple paths to achieve victory, granting immunity from Extract effects. While routinely winning on turns 3-5, the deck can also play the long game with its range of Hatebears, and a powerful commander thst promises eventuality. A deck looking to compete against this needs interaction early, and a speed comparable to the deck so as to not become buried by its raw power.

Previous Step - Grand Arbiter Augustin IV


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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