My take on five color enchantress in edh

The general game plan of the deck is to pillow fort long enough to get one of our combos online. We use enchantress effects to quickly go through our deck and hit our pieces. Although there is only one true instant kill combo there are many ways to take the opponents so far out of the game, or get yourself so far ahead, that your opponents have no choice but to scoop.

1. Enchantresses

These cards allow most of our deck to cantrip, with multiple in play you can draw into a win pretty easily Ehnchantresses

2. Enchantment Ramp

In lieu of traditional mana ramp this deck plays land enchantments that ramp us. We have a lot of cards that care about having enchantments in play and our ramp doubling as card draw when we have enchantresses out helps a lot.

3. Pillow Fort

Because we need to survive long enough to win the game, these enchantments protect us from other players, hopefully long enough to win. enter image description here

4. Combos

Here it is, how we win the game. enter image description here

This is our main kill combo. When Parallax Wave is a creature it allows us to infinitely flicker Grim Guardian, this kills the opponents.

Although this doesn't instantly kill anyone, it does stop all opponents from casting spells, which is often just as good.

You gain control of all permanents, if you cant win from there you're doing something wrong. Seal of Doom and Blightcaster are the best ways to cash in the Aura Thief

This one only really works if you're in a winning board state. It stops anyone from having lands for the rest of the game. You will also have all your enchantments as creatures which should be enough to get the W.


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