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☭Equal Share For Everyone☭ - Zada's Red Army

Commander / EDH* Aggro Goblins Mono-Red



Zada is the ultimate equality specialist. If she gets something, she will share it with everybody.

This deck has several categories running along with this sharing theme:

☭Red Army☭ These are the troopers, fighting shoulder to shoulder to bring equality to everyone.

☭Equal share for everyone☭ Zada is eager to share these spells with everyone on her red army:

☭Getting stuff to share☭ In order to be able to share stuff, Zada's need to have something to share first:

☭Keepig the stuff to share later☭ This category is a bit scarce...

☭Getting the mana to share☭ Although the spells in this deck are cheap, it's better to cast them all at once. Red mana is crucial to do that:

☭Equal damage for every opponent☭ These cards will equally distribute damage points.

☭Equal damage for every creature☭



- "You get a spell, you get a spell and you get a spell. Everybody gets a spell!"

Oprah when asked how Zada decks work.


Updates Add

I removed Panic and Chaotic Strike, mainly because the built-in restriction to cast made them hard to do so. Also, the drawing was too slow. Replaced them with Boiling Blood and Rile. Sorcery speed and pinging is not ideal but I'll give Rile a try. Also the cost on Boiling Blood is higher than perfect but I think that casting it whenever I need to and not whenever I'm able to is worth it.

While Distemper of the Blood is good, I needed to cut somehing to squeeze Blazing Shoal in there. The cool thing about the latter is the Arcane subtype it shares with Overblaze and especially with Desperate Ritual, making it possible to splice Ritual on the other two, producing huge ammounts of mana.

Warping Wail was initially put as a countermeasure for wrath effects, but I ended up needing more wrath effects to cast myself, so I switched it for Hour of Devastation. The hate on planeswalkers is great too.

I'm not yet quite sure about the change with Mirrorwing Dragon. Trading a bunch of 1/1 goblins for 4/4 flying dragons is sweet. I guess the perfect scenario would be casting it right after resolving an Otherwordly Outburst. Same goes with Mogg Infestation.

I added Young Pyromancer and Hanweir Garrison as a repeatable way to put tokens, and also the possibility to meld the Garrison into Hanweir, the Writhing Township.

I found that while Skullclamp is awesome, it does consumes tokens quite fast, which my opponents keep helping on doing as well. So I hope The Immortal Sun extra draw helps to cover that (also, pump, planeswalker hate, and cost reduction).


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