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☭Equal Share For Everyone☭ - Zada's Red Army

Commander / EDH* Aggro Goblins Mono-Red




Zada is the ultimate equality specialist. If she gets something, she will share it with everybody.

This deck has several categories running along with this sharing theme:

☭Red Army☭ These are the troopers, fighting shoulder to shoulder to bring equality to everyone.

☭Equal share for everyone☭ Zada is eager to share these spells with everyone on her red army:

☭Getting stuff to share☭ In order to be able to share stuff, Zada's need to have something to share first:

☭Keepig the stuff to share later☭ This category is a bit scarce...

☭Getting the mana to share☭ Although the spells in this deck are cheap, it's better to cast them all at once. Red mana is crucial to do that:

☭Equal damage for every opponent☭ These cards will equally distribute damage points.

☭Equal damage for every creature☭



- "You get a spell, you get a spell and you get a spell. Everybody gets a spell!"

Oprah when asked how Zada decks work.


Updates Add

I removed Panic and Chaotic Strike , mainly because the built-in restriction to cast made them hard to do so. Also, the drawing was too slow. Replaced them with Boiling Blood and Rile . Sorcery speed and pinging is not ideal but I'll give Rile a try. Also the cost on Boiling Blood is higher than perfect but I think that casting it whenever I need to and not whenever I'm able to is worth it.

While Distemper of the Blood is good, I needed to cut somehing to squeeze Blazing Shoal in there. The cool thing about the latter is the Arcane subtype it shares with Overblaze and especially with Desperate Ritual , making it possible to splice Ritual on the other two, producing huge ammounts of mana.

Warping Wail was initially put as a countermeasure for wrath effects, but I ended up needing more wrath effects to cast myself, so I switched it for Hour of Devastation . The hate on planeswalkers is great too.

I'm not yet quite sure about the change with Mirrorwing Dragon . Trading a bunch of 1/1 goblins for 4/4 flying dragons is sweet. I guess the perfect scenario would be casting it right after resolving an Otherwordly Outburst. Same goes with Mogg Infestation .

I added Young Pyromancer and Hanweir Garrison as a repeatable way to put tokens, and also the possibility to meld the Garrison into Hanweir, the Writhing Township .

I found that while Skullclamp is awesome, it does consumes tokens quite fast, which my opponents keep helping on doing as well. So I hope The Immortal Sun extra draw helps to cover that (also, pump, planeswalker hate, and cost reduction).


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