Built to Smash


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Common

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Built to Smash


Target attacking creature gets +3/+3 until end of turn. If it's an artifact creature, it gains trample until end of turn.

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Built to Smash Discussion

Killa556 on [$50 Budget Modern] R/G Energy

3 days ago

I'm not well versed with energy decks. But your "Turn 4 win" thing doesn't work currently. Electrostatic Pummeler requires 3 energy to pump each time, and if you're using Servant of the Conduit for mana, then you'll only have 5 energy counters by the time you move to pump the Pummeler. Granted this combo could still work if you replaced Larger Than Life for Built to Smash, because then you wouldn't be using any of that precious energy.

Edit As I posted this, the combo was already changed so ignore me haha.

Hakira on R/G Pummeler of Power

1 week ago

onover I really can't help with Modern as I haven't played it much but with standard your ideal play goes like this:

Turn 1 Forest > Attune with Aether tutoring a Mountain 2 Energy

Turn 2 Mountain > Servant of the Conduit Or Voltaic Brawler 4 Energy

Turn 3 Aether Hub > Electrostatic Pummeler Swinging with Voltaic Brawler 8 energy

(Paying the 1 energy for 4 damage sometimes getting rid of their usual 2 or 3 drop landing some damage in the process. Or if you know you have another Aether Hub save the energy for next turn and you'll have 9 to play with or 3 pumps.)

Turn 4 Larger Than Life/Invigorated Rampage + Blossoming Defense on Electrostatic Pummeler for 28 with trample.

(72 if you drop an Aether Hub and use both Larger Than Life and Invigorated Rampage but it leaves you open for Fatal Push) usually 28 damage is enough.

You'd be surprised how often this actually happens too.

Uncaged Fury can work but not in standard. The reason I wouldn't use it is because of it's CMC for 2 and a red you're getting +1+1 and double strike, now with a standard turn 4 pump that's 16 damage without trample and if you don't hit your 4th land you can't use Blossoming Defense to save it from the easy ones Fatal Push or Path to Exile.

This deck is Super Agro and unless you include some Glorybringer or Carnage Tyrant you're going to want to end it early. The inherent downfall with this deck is how easily it can be stopped but if left unchecked it's an unstoppable win.

I run 2x Larger Than Life and 4x Invigorated Rampage as I only need to hit one of them. Too many pump spells and you'll just have a hand full of them. Built to Smash seems like a great card and it is, I found a lot of success with it when I first used the deck but sometimes you won't hit the Electrostatic Pummeler and Bristling Hydra is the next in line, a couple pump spells and some energy sunk into it can win you the game it sure has for me. I'd swap Built to Smash for 4x Harnessed Lightning It's a great removal and in the past I've used it to target a creature and not pay any energy, that's a full pump!!

backinajiffy on UR Flying Control

2 weeks ago

I really like this but im super on the fence about Baral, Chief of Compliance. He doesn't help with opt & built to smash and thats a whole 7 spells. He also doesn't benefit from favorable winds and doesn't give the draw / discard bonus except for 3 negates.

Because the sheer amount of removal in this deck is very minimal (5 cards), I'd also say there needs to be more of this. But the diversity of control cards is also lacking (aka Bristling hydra will never die, nor will Hazoret) I'd consider a small black splash to get access to Harsh Scrutiny Duress Doomfall Vraska's Contempt, Fatal Push Etc.

I'm also questioning the value you get out of the Saheeli Rai and Built to Smash combo in this deck. Not sure if this plainswalker has too much synergy here as the -2 almost kills her and isn't really spammable.

And I know Opt is freaking broken but I think 4 copies may be 1 too many since this deck doesn't seem to need a ton of deck filtering.. unless you put locust god in mainboard ofc

Countermage on Irate Pirates

3 weeks ago

looks super fun and competitive, congratulations and +1 sir!

If I may, I'd suggest switch Built to Smash with Shock (or 2 shock/ 2 Magma Spray), and I'm not convinced on Rigging Runner, which is at best a 2/2 first strike on turn 3 (turn 2 with Bomat Courier, but that doesn't happen very often). Maybe try and run Dread Wanderer instead?

TheRedGoat on Speedway Champions

1 month ago

Okay. So what are your feelings on pump effects and draw spells? I notice that even including your sideboard you don't run anything to speed up your deck beyond giving vehicles haste through the one creature, but I wouldn't say you do anything to significantly prolong the game as most control decks do. You've got the few counterspells sure but I wouldn't think those alone will save you all the time.

You seem to have built this more like a mid-range deck from my perspective, but you've simply added more aggression in creatures over having a myriad of effects. Like instead of draws through, say Reverse Engineer, or pumps through Built to Smash, both are replaced by more creatures and vehicles that are made to attack.

Which because aggro decks are a thing I get that can work, but I feel like you can be easily stopped too. How much power does Chief of the Foundry for instance actually add most of the time that doesn't get blocked? I apologize if that sounds rude, but I do mean to be curious not skeptical.

Stephencliffe on Road Rage Revolt

1 month ago

Hey hey. I've got a few suggestions on the deck.

Firstly, why are you running more vehicles than you are creatures to crew them? That seems... bad. A good vehicles deck typically only has like 4-6 vehicles. That saves room for things that your deck currently doesn't have, like removal and more creatures. The fact that you're running Built to Last and Built to Smash indicates that you want to be aggressive, but you can't do that if you have all of these 3, 4, and 5 mana vehicles, some of which can't even be crewed without tapping 2 creatures. So I'd run fewer vehicles.

Also, your mana base needs some serious work. Spire of Industry and Inspiring Vantage are good rotation proof ways to fix your mana. Hope this helps, happy hunting.

GypsySowa on Assembling Self-Assembler

1 month ago

EditI meant to say Built to Smash and Built to Last were part of the original 5 color deck.

GypsySowa on Assembling Self-Assembler

1 month ago

I threw in Mind Rot in the hopes to slow my opponent because it takes this deck so long to build up, especially since most cards cost 3 or more. I just realized that Mind Rot is fairly expensive given my curve as well. Consider it nixed with a Harsh Scrutiny added.

Your Ravenous Intruder reminded me of Inventor's Apprentice so I added them instead (even though the buff isn't as large) because it costs 1 less and I don't view most of my artifacts as expendable, except for Ornithopter since it doesn't account for much beyond a wall. Granted that's where Scrap Trawler would come in handy but most of my artifacts cost 3. I'm having the same dilemma with Treasure Keeper.

I considered Ornithopter because it was free, would act as a wall early game, and would allow me to scry for free once I got Contraband Kingpin out. Now it would also help the Apprentice but it may not be worthwhile to remove anything for it.

I definitely would like to get Built to Smash in there. It was part of the first 5 color deck along with Built to Smash which was extremely helpful for the indestructibility. Every time I've played with Smash however, it often times ended up as a dead card in my hand. Mayhaps that's because I wasn't playing the deck to it's full potential. Anyway, I'm just ranting now...

Thanks for the tips!

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