Built to Smash


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Common

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Built to Smash


Target attacking creature gets +3/+3 until end of turn. If it's an artifact creature, it gains trample until end of turn.

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Built to Smash Discussion

rSt on Help pls

2 months ago

Well, first off, let me make the disclaimer that I am an amateur deck builder and have a lot to learn myself when it comes to building decks. But I can spot quite a few issues with the deck, both from looking it over and playtesting it, and honestly, I don't know if the deck can be made to unsuck without completely revamping it or building a new deck. But I'll give it a shot and offer some advice.

First off, I don't know why Armageddon is in there; it doesn't seem to offer any advantage to the deck, and the deck doesn't have any way to build back its own land base more quickly than an average opponent could manage to do. Second, Iroas, God of Victory is fine, if you want to have that in the deck, but there are cards that work against it. The enchantment is nice, but you're not utilizing it to its fullest potential if it's not a creature, which requires devotion, which other cards in this deck work against. Vedalken Orrery, for example, I don't see why the deck needs that; it already has many cards with Flash, and none of the others I can see a need for being able to cast at instant speed. It also doesn't contribute to devotion or field presence. Dust Elemental as well, works against devotion by returning three of your creatures back to your hand, removing both devotion and field presence. And this deck struggles already with acquiring and maintaining field presence. I'd remove both of those cards and look for other white or red cards that pack a little more punch offensively, or noncreature spells that grant trample + power boost, or double strike.

The land base is too large. You have no cards in this deck that cost over 4, and even in a normal deck 26 lands is too much, and there's absolutely no way in this deck to thin those lands out of the deck. You need some major deck thinning (land fetch), or just cut the amount of lands down. I'd say anywhere from 20-22 lands would be fine, and replace a few of the basics with maybe 2 - 4 Evolving Wilds, an inexpensive way to thin the deck a bit. Also, look at your one drop creatures: Anointer of Champions and Boros Recruit. Those are both white creatures, and your only cheap drop creatures, but Sulfur Elemental will immediately destroy both if it ever hits the field, unless you plan on using Anointer of Champions to bolster Boros Recruit until end of turn, and plan on losing the Elemental. But you still also lose the Champion in that.

I would say pull some lands out, bring it down to 20-22, add some spells and creatures in to replace those extra lands, and some of the cards that just don't synergize well in the deck, some cheap white or red creatures with haste, maybe a few more powerful creatures at CMC 4, if need be. You could even replace Balduvian Rage with some cards that might be better suited to an early game offensive, with effects like haste and trample. Some good ones I found on a cursory search are Crash Through if you really need Balduvian's draw, or Brute Strength, Built to Smash, Invigorated Rampage, Ride Down, Run Amok, Rush of Adrenaline and Temur Battle Rage are all fairly inexpensive (both in terms of CMC and market price on the cards) spells that will give your creatures a boost, destroy blocking creatures (with regard to Ride Down), and give trample.

Not trying to be mean, just trying my best, despite my admitted inexperience, to offer constructive criticism.

Struyk on

4 months ago

Won everything so far :) I did add some Built to Smash though

FullmetalWes on Black/Red Aggro Pirates

4 months ago

I'd take out that Built to Smash and Fervent Strike for Claim // Fame and/or Buccaneer's Bravado. Looks like a fun build. Good luck!

SP3CTR3_chelts on Quick Wizards

4 months ago

Hi I like the deck theme, I made one myself a couple of months ago :) I was surprised not to see Wizard's Lightning most of the time in this deck it casts for 1. I would recommend Crash Through and Warlord's Fury they work very well for making your wizards bigger and the draw 1 enables you to keep up the pressure. Run Amok could be a good alternative to Built to Smash due to your lack of artefact creatures.

avedium on Dino Deck

5 months ago

There's a whooole bunch of cards that would do nicely in this deck in Ixalan. If you're looking for cards, start by buying packs and boxes from there (as that's where you'll find literally all of your dinosuar).

If I were building the deck, the first thing I'd do is throw out some of the unriliable or unfitting cards like Pterodon Knight, Huatli's Spurring, and Built to Smash. As for adding cards, I like the idea of Charging Tuskodon and creatures activate abilities when damaging players (psst, Gishath, Sun's Avatar). Lightning Strike and the like provide good creature removal, and Territorial Hammerskull have are good evasion effects.

Green would benefit the deck tremendously. There are dinosaurs aplenty in green, and it could provide some much needed ramp (more mana faster) and creature buffing.

Cards I would consider adding are Blood Mist (one of my favorites), Cobbled Wings, Thundering Spineback, regisaur alpha , Gishath, Sun's Avatar if you can get your hands on one or two, and Cherished Hatchling.

Just look around in Ixalan and see what works and what doesn't while you're playing. was and is my best friend when I'm looking for cards to add to a deck.

PS: Your deck is standard, not modern, unless you imagine adding cards from non-standard sets in the future.

rupertmarquez on Wizard's Aggro Burn v. 2.0

6 months ago

BSmitt, the input is greatly appreciated!

Now, regarding the suggestions, I want the focus of this deck to be more of a burn deck (and somewhat of a wizard-tribal deck, for obvious reasons), so a critical mass of non-creature spells is supremely important. Hazoret the Fervent is a great card by itself, but for what the deck is trying to do, it is a bit clunky at 4 mana, and is a creature, a type of card I don't need anymore of in the deck. Because of that fact, Built to Smash is not a great card, because it does nothing without a creature in play. Fight with Fire is in the main deck because Lyra Dawnbringer is near unbeatable game 1 otherwise, and while most deck run her sideboard, an aggro deck thrives on game 1 wins, and match-ups only tend to get worse with sideboard, so I decided to gear myself for any difficult situation game 1 and try to adjust to the match-up on game 2. Now, the reason a card like Warlord’s Fury is in the deck, is to develop a "prowess count" to get for absurd amounts of damage with only 1 or 2 creatures with prowess in play. Most of the time, Warlord’s Fury into Opt into any burn spell can amount to 8+ damage out of nowhere. This can happen as fast as turn 3, and with cantrips, it will happen more often than not, giving the deck the consistency it needs to close out games before opponents can stabilize.

BSmitt on Wizard's Aggro Burn v. 2.0

6 months ago

I like the idea, not fond of Fight with Fire or Warlord’s Fury in the main deck. To give you an idea here's my deck with a similar synergy. Keld Burn Upon Playtesting it went 6-3 against top 8 decks. The draws were stale in 1 of the losses and the other 2 went to game 5 and lost by 1-3 HP. At FnM I went 4-0 top deck. I would like seeing Built to Smash and as always with decks trying to clear your hand Hazoret the Fervent rains supreme.

Stazeeee on Re-growing Pummeler

6 months ago

I feel like red still offers more than blue. Red gives access to Fling, Invigorated Rampage, and Built to Smash. I'm curiuos how viable the pummeler strategy still is or if it can be used in some new way like with God-Pharoah's Gift (which I have to admit I've been on a bit of a kick with lately).

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