Invigorated Rampage


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Uncommon

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Invigorated Rampage


Choose one —

  • Target creature gets +4/+0 and gains trample until end of turn.
  • Two target creatures each get +2/+0 and gain trample until end of turn.
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Invigorated Rampage Discussion

clayperce on Return of Steel-Cannon Pummeler (AKH - Retired)

5 days ago

The short story:

  • Frankly, I put the deck back on the shelf after the Marvel ban.
  • Yes, I will definitely try a Pummeler deck again in HOU.
  • There's a ton of flexibility with both the Creature slots and the pump effects.
  • Pummeler itself is, by far, the weakest link.

The long story:

  • This deck had serious game against Marvel ... I was personally 5-2 (71%) in matches against it. But with Marvel out of the picture now, there's room in the meta for BG Constrictor and Mardu Vehicles, and that's a REALLY bad thing. Facing Walking Ballista is TERRIBLE (because it's an almost perfect Pummeler-killer) and the deck often struggles against Glorybringer and other Flyers (because it has no inherent Flyers nor creatures with Reach).
  • As I type this, the vast majority of the meta is a bad match-up or worse: 22% BG Constrictor (4x Ballista), 11% Mardu Vehicles (4x Glorybringer plus 2-4 other Flyers and 0-2x Ballista), 10% Mono-B Zombies (actually a decent match-up), 10% Temur Energy (4x Glorybringer and a bunch of Thopter Tokens), 8% RG Aggro (including the occasional Pummeler deck, but mostly 4x Glorybringer plus 0-4 other Flyers), and 5% UW Flyers (12-14 Flyers). Ugh.
  • On cards that could be replaced: IMO, the deck needs 4x Electrostatic Pummeler, 4x Servant of the Conduit, 4x Attune with Aether, 4x Blossoming Defense, 3-4x Harnessed Lightning and 20-22 Lands (depending on your curve) to function. But there's a ton of flexibility on the other Creature slots and the Pump/Trample/Big Damage effects. For example, this deck's got 4x Invigorated Rampage and 2x Rhonas the Indomitable for Pump and Trample effects, and 2x Fling for Big Damage. But during KLD Standard, I ran 3x Larger Than Life, 3x Brute Strength and 2x Arlinn Kord/sometimes 2x Nature's Way for the pump and Trample, and 2x Uncaged Fury for Big Damage.

Hope this helps!

Drizzurp on GLORIOUS Exert Zoo

1 week ago

Hi there, nice deck really dig it! I think it would do well with the addition of Invigorated Rampage just to get over the top and add in some to-the-face trample damage. Cheers!

Mj3913 on Nahiri's Humans

1 week ago

Built to Smash or Invigorated Rampage may do well here. Maybe side the Cast Out's? Play tested a few times and it only served as a cycle card. Nice deck though, seems fun. +1.


1 week ago

You should add in Legion Loyalist, Temur Battle Rage, and Invigorated Rampage for trample and other cards.

MRDOOM3 on red tokens

1 week ago

I feel as if Purphoros, God of the Forge will be amazing in this deck, even though he may be slow as a 4-drop. Same thing can be said about Zada, Hedron Grinder.

Have you considered cards like Assault Strobe, Temur Battle Rage, and Uncaged Fury yet? Invigorated Rampage is just another nice buff spell.

Prerendered on Insult to Insult to even more Insult

1 week ago

NinjaMonkeey I completely forgot about Invigorated Rampage. for +4/+0 and trample (if Baral is out) on top of an Insult sounds really good so I'll probably consider using it. Thanks!

NinjaMonkeey on Insult to Insult to even more Insult

1 week ago

For fling decks I recommend creature buffs such as Invigorated Rampage as it does 8 damage if your creature connects then gets flung. I have a mono-red fling deck myself if you want to check it out for other ideas.

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