Invigorated Rampage


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt (AER) Uncommon

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Invigorated Rampage


Choose one —

  • Target creature gets +4/+0 and gains trample until end of turn.
  • Two target creatures each get +2/+0 and gain trample until end of turn.

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Invigorated Rampage Discussion

BodhiQL on Raw, Untamed Power

19 hours ago

I've always considered Zoo archetypes to be more aggressive, filled with creatures with mana costs from 1-3. Even though there aren't as many control type spells as some midrange decks I think the prevalence of creatures above 3 mana make it more midrange than zoo.

After trying out your pummeler deck (especially after sides) I do agree that Fling and Invigorated Rampage should be worked into my deck in some way or fashion. The exact numbers I will have to tinker with, and I have no idea what to take out or move to the sideboard.

EsperHanuman on Ramunap Raptors

2 days ago

nice brew.. agreed needs lancer payoff.. Invigorated Rampage perhaps?

BodhiQL on Raw, Untamed Power

3 days ago

This used to be an Electrostatic Pummeler deck and I played both of those cards. However, I took them out because Pummeler was inconsistent and I lost card advantage with the pump spells. I will try and work in Fling, and I'll do a bit of testing with Invigorated Rampage.

Zygomatic on Raw, Untamed Power

3 days ago

I'm pretty sure Fling wants to be in this deck as it is a huge finisher (attack with every one, then fling), and it makes a good use of a Lathnu Hellion with no ennergy. Invigorated Rampage is very good while comboing with fling (8 damage from the rampage if there is a combatstep before). And it alone is especially sweet with Lathnu hellion and longtusk cub.It allows for a crazy turn 4 kill: if opponent don't play anything, turn 3 hellion into 4 damage, turn 4 invigorated rampage into 8 damage then fling for 8 damage...

dthoreson813 on R Dinoburn

1 week ago

Nice work on that curve buddy. Looks solid. I'd add Invigorated Rampage if you can find room.

Legendary_penguin_of_death on Ramunap Discard *Needs Help*

1 week ago

I'd add Dreamstealer instead of the free booter. I agree with the previous comment on harsh scrutiny and unburden. Invigorated Rampage instead of shock. Dreamstealer on invigorated rampage is straight up disgusting. Discard your entire hand plz.

Argy on +1/+1 Energy tribal

1 week ago

I would also take out 1x Fabrication Module, 1x Invigorated Rampage, and 1x Shock, for 3x Servant of the Conduit.

That should help your early curve a bit, give you more , and help with colour fixing.

Hakira on R/G Pummeler of Power

1 week ago

onover I really can't help with Modern as I haven't played it much but with standard your ideal play goes like this:

Turn 1 Forest > Attune with Aether tutoring a Mountain 2 Energy

Turn 2 Mountain > Servant of the Conduit Or Voltaic Brawler 4 Energy

Turn 3 Aether Hub > Electrostatic Pummeler Swinging with Voltaic Brawler 8 energy

(Paying the 1 energy for 4 damage sometimes getting rid of their usual 2 or 3 drop landing some damage in the process. Or if you know you have another Aether Hub save the energy for next turn and you'll have 9 to play with or 3 pumps.)

Turn 4 Larger Than Life/Invigorated Rampage + Blossoming Defense on Electrostatic Pummeler for 28 with trample.

(72 if you drop an Aether Hub and use both Larger Than Life and Invigorated Rampage but it leaves you open for Fatal Push) usually 28 damage is enough.

You'd be surprised how often this actually happens too.

Uncaged Fury can work but not in standard. The reason I wouldn't use it is because of it's CMC for 2 and a red you're getting +1+1 and double strike, now with a standard turn 4 pump that's 16 damage without trample and if you don't hit your 4th land you can't use Blossoming Defense to save it from the easy ones Fatal Push or Path to Exile.

This deck is Super Agro and unless you include some Glorybringer or Carnage Tyrant you're going to want to end it early. The inherent downfall with this deck is how easily it can be stopped but if left unchecked it's an unstoppable win.

I run 2x Larger Than Life and 4x Invigorated Rampage as I only need to hit one of them. Too many pump spells and you'll just have a hand full of them. Built to Smash seems like a great card and it is, I found a lot of success with it when I first used the deck but sometimes you won't hit the Electrostatic Pummeler and Bristling Hydra is the next in line, a couple pump spells and some energy sunk into it can win you the game it sure has for me. I'd swap Built to Smash for 4x Harnessed Lightning It's a great removal and in the past I've used it to target a creature and not pay any energy, that's a full pump!!

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