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Why Inalla, Archmage Ritualist?

Inalla, Archmage Ritualist provides the ability to double dip into every ETB trigger we can find on a wizard body, this provides some interesting gameplay options.

On top of this she comes with her very own victory condition, in the form of targeted loss of life
You like wonky ETB triggers.

You like small guys.

You like nonlinear boardstates.

You like playing a diplomatic game from a none threatening board position

you like infinite comboes ----- This list isn't using any. GASP!

Playing big threats

Having a straightforward gameplan

Primarily playing in your own turn

Since we aren't using infinite comboes, this list isn't gonna make it in a competetive environment, it will serve you well if you play in a slightly softer environment, maybe with a regular group.

Odds are they will invite you next time aswell, even if you win every game!

Even though we aren't playing with infinite comboes, it doesn't mean we aren't playing a combo/control deck.

The Primary Gameplan

Those 3 pieces are the center of our engine.The mana cost reduction is multiplicative due to Cloudstone Curio.

Most of our ETB triggers are fairly weak, less so when they can be used dozens of times!

Bonus info, Trophy Mage can find both the incubator and the curio from the library for just 4 mana!

These two gentlemen effectively because , draw 2 cards, as many times as we want.

While this gentleman becomes return any two instants or sorceries from our graveyard to our hand.

And in most cases, this gentleman will be return 2 creatures from our graveyard to play, providing their very own triggers aswell!

In practice, we will never lack for tools and tricks to spend our mana on

on to our weapons!

Deadly in his own right, using our engine, this is what we get for : 4 damage, 4 taps and 1 token, adding a total of 6 damage pr. repetition, that is a staggering 3 damage pr. mana spent.Outclassing any targeted x spell on efficiency, while robbing out opponent of most tools he can use to respond by tapping him out.

Sedraxis Alchemist is my all star favourite, for just , we can return two target nonland permanenets to their owners hand.It's worth mentioning that it can target our own permanents aswell.

Should we fine ourself without cloudstone curio, we can still use Sedraxis Alchemist repeatedly, allthough we will have to use one of the bounces to return the alchemist himself to owners hand!.

Sometimes we might not be able to clear a straight path, in these situations we can use Blasting Station to ping directly, sacrificing our tokens, assuming those tokens are humans we can use:

To build an evergrowing horde of zombies!

Sometimes after a long game of shooting back and fourth, we reach a standstill, this is when we return to Inalla, Archmage Ritualist for our solution.

Tapping 5 wizards for 7 targeted loss of life isn't spectacular by itself.Add Faces of the Past and a sacrifice outlet, or Intruder Alarm and suddenly it becomes lethal.

It is very possible to drop Intruder Alarm and have 6-9 wizards enter the battlefield for a very afffordable manacost.This would enable 6-9 untaps, assuming we did get to 10 wizards on the board, this would enable us to shoot for 7 loss of life 12-18 times.

If this goes off, most games will be over and victory will be ours!

We aim to play magic and keep our friends at the same time, I've been assured it is possible!

This list is rather pricey, fortunately it is very easy to get it down to 500$ without losing the lists identity.

We will have to go after the mana base, two counterspells, a single tutor and a single creature.

The counterspells to cut would be Flusterstorm, Mana Drain and Force of Will.

the lands would be Underground Sea, Volcanic Island, Badlands, Verdant Catacombs, Scalding Tarn, Marsh Flats, Misty Rainforest, Arid Mesa, Ancient Tomb and Cavern of Souls.

The mana rocks to cut would be: Mana Crypt and Mox Diamond

On creatures, we will only be cutting Vendilion Clique

The tutor to go is Vampiric Tutor

the 10 lands, 2 mana rocks and the tutor, should probably be replaced by a mix of budget duals and basic lands.

The 3 counterspells have tons of alternatives, I would suggest Counterspell, Dispel and Red Elemental Blast

Vendilion Clique with Faerie Macabre because being able to shoot 2 cards in a graveyard for free at instant speed, is relevant surprisingly often.

This should bring us down to around 500$


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