The primary gameplan:

Thopter Foundry, Sword of the Meek and Archangel of Thune coming together, will generate us massive amounts of advantage, we'll be able to build as many thopters as we like, and they will grow at a very impressive rate, due to the Archangel of Thune
Our secondary win condition is as simple as it gets, a sufficiently big Debt to the Deathless, protected by Boseiju, Who Shelters All

The initial turns:

Unless we start with every piece we need, our primary goal in the early game should be to secure a continual stream of card draw.

In around 35% of the games we are gonna play Well of Lost Dreams by turn 3.
In the remaining 65% of the games, we will put our faith in Oloro, Ageless Ascetic, in 90% of the games, we will be able to drop him on turn 4 or 5, after which we will be protecting him with our counterspells if necesary.
This will provide us a leg up on our opponents, doubling or tripling our cards at turn at the cost of mana, which is why most of our interaction spells can be cast for 2 mana or less, a couple of them for 0.
At this point we are happy just building up, finding our pieces, while keeping a wary eye on the voltron and control players at the table.
Eventually we will be having our 3 pieces together, and we will be massing thopters like there is no tomorrow.

If this isn't stopped, the game will end very soon after.

If we are stopped, we can regain our pieces in several ways, Beacon of Unrest, Trading Post and Yawgmoth's Will
In the event that one of our pieces are exiled, our options are severely limited, we can strife towards getting Tezzeret the Seeker up on 5 and swing with an army of artifacts, we can grind people down slowly and steadily with our commander's ability, until we are ready to finish off the table with Debt to the Deathless or we can establish a lock, using Elixir of Immortality, Well of Lost Dreams and Proteus Staff to draw and use the same 6 counterspells every turn, until everybody else draws themself out.

We are playing Proteus Staff and only a single creature, this means that the first time we use this, either on our commander or on a token or animated creature, we'll get to put our Archangel of Thune directly into play, the 2nd time we get to look trough our library and put it back in any order, giving us a clear path towards whatever win condition is easiest to accomplish!

The infinite honourable mentions list

Phyrexian Altar - Ashnod's Altar - Krark-Clan Ironworks - Time Sieve

We don't play any infinite comboes in this list, primarily because experience has shown that it provides for less interesting games and my playgroup believes in democracy! :D


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