Forbidding Watchtower


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Tenth Edition Uncommon
Urza's Legacy Uncommon

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Forbidding Watchtower


Forbidding Watchtower enters the battlefield tapped.

Tap: Add W to your mana pool.

1,W: Forbidding Watchtower becomes a 1/5 white Soldier creature until end of turn. It's still a land.

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Forbidding Watchtower Discussion

wingmanJ on Saint Traft, Tiny All-Father of Tokens

1 week ago

She doesn't put all your creatures in the air, just Land Creatures like Dryad Arbor, "manlands" like Forbidding Watchtower and Celestial Colonnade, or any awoken land (meaning lands turned into creatures via spells or abilities). Unfortunately, your other "land-based" or non-flying creatures are unaffected by the tidecaller.

sylvannos on Am I onto something here? ...

1 week ago

If you get rid of Myth Realized and Isochron Scepter, replacing them with something more reliable, you actually have the start of a strong deck on your hands. You'll have to move a few things around (like Dispel/Spell Pierce/Negate/Remand instead of Dissipate), but plain U/W puts up solid results.

The archetype benefits from having a simpler mana base. This allows you to play things like Ghost Quarter and not run into any problems.

I'd suggest moving away from Myth Realized and Isochron Scepter in favor of either a low-mana tempo strategy or a slower, control strategy with a big finisher.

For the more tempo-based deck, Thing in the Ice  Flip is a good choice. I'd also include some number of Geist of Saint Traft, however many you can afford within your budget.

For the larger, control strategy, Dragonlord Ojutai and Sphinx's Revelation will just fuck people's shit right up shit creek. If you can afford to get any of the higher mana cost planeswalkers that are good in Modern, those can work too. Elspeth, Sun's Champion and Jace, Architect of Thought stand out the most.

Wall of Omens and Restoration Angel can also put a lot of work in, especially together. Restoration Angel by herself will make any hexproof creature you control really hard to kill.

Other budget options I'd suggest (in addition to the above) are:

Eilel on Awaken EDH

4 weeks ago

Have you considered Pore Over the Pages? it's not the best card for drawing but with untapping you can give your land creatures pseudo vigilance. I'm playing a standerd Awaken deck so maybe there's some ideas Awaken the lands (needs suggestions).

Did you think about the man lands? land creatures like Blinkmoth Nexus, Dread Statuary, Inkmoth Nexus, Mishra's Factory, Mutavault, Forbidding Watchtower, Faerie Conclave and Celestial Colonnade. They work very well in combination with Halimar Tidecaller

Iron_Cube on Doran, the Siege Tower

1 month ago

You should add Murmuring Bosk. It gives you all your colors, it's a fetchable Forest and you already have some Treefolk. Sandsteppe Citadel is always tapped but still good too. Maybe add manlands like Forbidding Watchtower and Stirring Wildwood.

I'm not playing with the walls but it looks very fun. I also don't play many treefolk personally but you can definitely get value with tribal (Cavern of Souls, Timber Protector, etc.).

Great deck overall. Another nice card I'm using is Aligned Hedron Network wich rarely affects my board. Enlightened Tutor is amazing to get it or anything else useful. You can check my list here if you want : Doran - EDH

Polupus on Letting Your Opponent Win For You (you still win)

2 months ago

I think Forbidding Watchtower would be good in here. As would Adarkar Wastes or some other form of self-harm.

...but how does it beat infect?

Calliber on

2 months ago

crawler3: ya, same with my group. I pulled the combo once and then scrapped it, just wasn't a fun win.

I'd say definitely add in man-lands as they'll avoid board wipes and you'll have the option to attack with them if the way is clear. Others Forbidding Watchtower, Spawning Pool. And then there's Blighted Fen and Kjeldoran Outpost for added fun.

amicdeep on Mono white Heroic(Ultra Budget!)

3 months ago

i like this deck idea i had fun with a similar one with a splash of red. i found Seeker of the Way was a nice addition as i could target Phalanx Leader and end up with a 4/4 liflinker to hit with. in the red splash version i used cantrip enchantments/spells like Angelic Gift, Chosen by Heliod,Dragon Mantle and Defiant Strike to make shore my hand was always full and to make sure i never missed a land drop. 2 copies of each of Alesha, Who Smiles at Death and Skin Invasion  Flip also made a great addition to help deter removal and act a resurrection.

another version of this deck that i tried to make work was heroic/human/solder/enchantment tribal as the are 4 tribals that coincide and work well together. a playset of Bonds of Faith was amazing in this deck as it was used to either pump or pacify on demand Gideon's Lawkeeper, Nyxborn Shieldmate was also amazing and Veteran Swordsmith acted as Phalanx Leader copies 5 and 6. and once it rotates out Thalia's Lieutenant with work really well in you deck (price will go right down after rotation) and for times when you low on spells but high on mana i would recommend 2-3 Forbidding Watchtower

and finally why are you not playing a play set of Emerge Unscathed??! you dont have any other protection from removal and its 2 heroic triggers and is instant speed protection (+heroic trigger) and the next turn its another protection + heroic trigger and giving that creature unblockable!!!

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