Forbidding Watchtower


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Tenth Edition (10E) Uncommon
Urza's Legacy (ULG) Uncommon

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Forbidding Watchtower


Forbidding Watchtower enters the battlefield tapped.

Tap: Add W to your mana pool.

1,W: Forbidding Watchtower becomes a 1/5 white Soldier creature until end of turn. It's still a land.

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Forbidding Watchtower Discussion

SynergyBuild on How an Army Wins!

5 days ago

Hey, would Forbidding Watchtower be a god fit for the deck, I have 4 copies, but had the old one that didn't say "soldier" in it... maybe having a Field Marshal in play will make it a lot better...

zephyr_chang on Doran's Army

1 week ago

Spellskite - you need to protect Doran when he is on the battlefield. It incidentally eats all of your opponent's buff spells too. Forbidding Watchtower - a sturdy manland in this deck.

lagotripha on Oregon Rain

2 months ago

If you've got the playtester open while editing, you'll need to close it and open it again before it updates iirc. I'd consider Storage Matrix in place of emrakul- it feels a lot better here as you only care about untapping lands, and most mixed creature/spell strategies really suffer to it. Conserving your fogs cause they untap lands not creatures will buy you some turns. Rule of Law is super useful if your meta has a meaningful combo component.

Interesting land choices abound- I'm a fan of Mystifying Maze, but its a serious mana hog. Blinkmoth Well can be fun when an opponent is reliant on Grinding Station for their win. Calciform Pools could ease casting those big end-spells, Desert/Grasping Dunes/Sunscorched Desert/ that new one that provides amazing graveyard hate look like they're going to be an interesting package, Flagstones of Trokair is a better plains against all but blood moon (which you fight through well anyway), Forbidding Watchtower as a backup win when there aren't creatures or removal, Nephalia Academy may have utility protecting fogs from thoughtsieze. As a whole set though- tectonic and ghost will see you through most of the meta, with gher/mikokoro to keep things running smoothly- its best not to worry too hard unless you see something that will plug a gap.

zephyr_chang on The Best Offense...

2 months ago

No problem, you go with what works for you. More importantly, test the deck as much as you can. There are many ways the deck can go, from being a Doran/Abzan good stuff deck to an aggro deck all-in on the toughness plan (, if you haven't seen it already) to all the different splashes.

Lingering Souls is one of the most powerful cards in Modern right now so I'll try to jam some copies of it in the deck. Spirit tokens also work very well with Tower Defense. Then, in G2, side out all the Tower Defense and make the opponent still play around them. =)

Also, yes Forbidding Watchtower is definitely fun. I've had opponents not leave up blockers because they literally forget it is a manland.

I'd go with a full playset of Doran only because he gets killed on sight, plus you don't have Spellskite to protect him. (Also, be wary of random Thought Scour targeting you after you tutor up Doran)

To make space for the above, maybe Nyx-Fleece Ram doesn't need to be in the main, and can come out from the sideboard in more aggro matchups?

Good luck and have fun with the deck! Let us know the results of your testing. I played this deck at last year's WMCQ and am still playing it every now and then - it definitely packs a punch

cmsrDPM on The Best Offense...

2 months ago

zephyr_chang I do agree with Tower Defense like the idea of Forbidding Watchtower. I play 3 Doran because Treefolk Harbingers get me 7 chances to see the card. However I cannot disagree more on Assault Formation: that card wins games.

It is a more aggressive than Doran and is one sided. I have to worry about my opponents running Tarmogoyf and the one problem with Doran, the Siege Tower is he buffs their Goyfs.

The last ability on Assault Formation is a relative high cost. However wary opponents have to block or you buff for lethal (this has happened in several games I've played).

If I dump the Formations I go from 7 butt to 5 butt: that feels kinda risky.

Still thank you for the ideas.

zephyr_chang on The Best Offense...

2 months ago

I've played a version of this deck for a while, and found that Lingering Souls and Tower Defense is quite good in the meta right now. You should also play at least 1-2 Forbidding Watchtower too. Agree that Spellskite is really important in this deck. Tarmogoyf can be good too. I'd play 4 copies of Doran, the Siege Tower and go down 1 copy of Assault Formation.

If you can splash red, Mardu Ascendancy is a crazy card that can enable Turn 3 or 4 kills. Or, if you can splash blue, Zur the Enchanter can tutor up enchantments so you can play more 1-ofs in the deck.

Drcfan on Devotion to White Angels

3 months ago

Hey thanks for reading


Really cool that this deck inspired yours :D I sticked to my devotion plan from the beginning. I tested the ramp with Extraplanar Lens instead of Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx but i cannot fetch for it that easy like a Nykthos with Weathered Wayfarer.This deck is all about consistency, so everything that i need is at least a "6x" of in the deck. I also tested Endless Horizons. The problem here was the 1-devotion ramp and the zero boardinpact after entering the battlefield. An artifact removal could also kill nearly my entire mana base then. Forbidding Watchtower is a nice idea, but to trigger Emeria, The Sky Ruin more consistent, i stick to Basic Lands as much as possible. (Makes it even harder for common hate cards in modern like Blood Moon). I also tested Cloudshift: The pay-of was too small, with a Wall of Omens it's 1mana=draw 1card.With Thalia's Lancers it was more or less => Cloudshift=Any legendary card in the library.Cast Out is really good as a permanent removal, which i need but it's not really productive to the devotion plan. It has to be at least or even

@ RevSDr8r

The Modern format is a formate of hate. Hate to lock your opponent. There are many many forms of enchantment hate Back to Nature. This deck is barely hateable while spreading out cardhate like Nevermore,Runed Halo, etc

wfja on Devotion to White Angels

3 months ago

Thanks for making this decklist! It helped inspire my own angel midrange and got me into angels.

How did your playtests with Extraplanar Lens go? I feel that they could be very potent with some Endless Horizons.

Also, Forbidding Watchtower seems like a good land of which to have a couple copies. Would be pretty useful early/mid as an emergency blocker.

Thoughts on Cloudshift? I'm a big fan. I've been using it to prevent targetted removal, to re-trigger ETB effects such as Knight of the White Orchid and Wall of Omens, and to keep chump blockers in play when they would otherwise die. Strong utility IMO.

What about Cast Out over Banishing Light? The cycling and flash could be worth the extra mana.

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