Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Torment (TOR) Uncommon

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1,U, Discard a card: Draw a card.

1,U, Sacrifice Compulsion: Draw a card.

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Compulsion Discussion

Enral on [Primer] Victoria Angelica!

3 months ago

I would say replace it with one of your planeswalkers or reanimation spells. Since you run a bunch of reanimation spells, you can cheat your more expensive angels out with discard outlets like Geier Reach Sanitarium/Compulsion/Survival of the Fittest.

chirz2792 on The Scarab God Reanimator (non-zombies)

3 months ago

I feel like I've suggested this a lot lately but Compulsion and Unfulfilled Desires seem like they'd be strong cards in here.

chirz2792 on Eternalizing All

3 months ago

This deck seems like a good place for Compulsion and Unfulfilled Desires. Also have you thought about using cards like Mesmeric Orb to put creatures into other people's graveyards for you to use?

shame on The Scarab God, Grave Defiler

3 months ago

Compulsion is an allstar discard outlet in my scarb god deck

kamelyan on Despite All My Rage [Rat EDH]

3 months ago

I would take out Tainted Strike; you would need either nine Relentless Rats on the field or eleven mana with Crypt Rats -and that last one would cause a stalemate.

I too thought of Grenzo, Dungeon Warden as a commander. Rats come in black and red, and his last ability has a chance to get a rat for two mana.

Splashing blue with Phenax, God of Deception would allow you to play Compulsion, Monastery Siege, or Unfulfilled Desires.

Yersinia pestis

Commander / EDH kamelyan


Relentless Y. pestis

Commander / EDH* kamelyan


thisjourneyends on U/W Control

7 months ago

I like your list, we have converged on many of the same cards :) Compulsion is amazing, right?

I'm curious about Emrakul, the Promised End, how reliably can you discount it to something reasonable? Has it been impactful enough in multiplayer games?

dontpanic503 on Avatar: The Last Enchantmentbender

8 months ago

One card I would immediately think of for any Enchantment-only based deck is Starfield of Nyx. The ability to recur works especially well with something like Lunar Force or Hesitation, which can lock your opponent out of the game pretty easily. I also really like it with any "Seal" effect, such as Seal of Doom, Seal of Cleansing, Seal of Removal, and similar: Font of Fortunes, Compulsion, Soul Snare, or kinda Grave Peril.

Also, Pernicious Deed is a good enchantment-based board wipe, which may come in handy at some points. There are some other good creature hate cards available like Pendrell Mists, AEther Barrier, Porphyry Nodes, and stuff like Choke or Contamination, which are awesome hosers you could sideboard in. Lastly, the Parallax partial cycle is kinda fun for slowing things down: Parallax Nexus, Parallax Tide, Parallax Wave. And I've always enjoyed Nettlevine Blight. If you can get the counter lock going with Lunar Force and Starfield of Nyx, Nettlevine Blight will slowly eat them away to nothing.

Good luck!

TheDuggernaught on Mimeoplasm Budget/Casual

10 months ago

I use a lot of things like Compulsion, Frantic Search, Thirst for Knowledge and Forbidden Alchemy. These are all nice as they allow you to maintain card advantage while still filling up your graveyard. Survival of the Fittest, and fauna shaman are also good but can be spendy. But they are nice as they can tutor specific creatures to your hand so you can either play them or pitch for mime fodder. Things like Entomb, Buried Alive, and Corpse Connoisseur are also nice as they can also tutor cards to pitch directly into the graveyard. If you liked Sultai Ascendancy, then you would also probably like Monastery Siege. Using there, you should be able to start pumping your graveyard fairly fast starting around turn 3 or 4.

I would try to stay away from treating the deck as like a legacy reanimator deck though. I don't feel like Mime is best played as a deck that aims to throw big huge creatures into the graveyard and renanimiate them with Mime on turn 3 for a huge creature (if this is your aim, you may as well play Hermit Druid Combo). I think it should be an option, but not the primary aim. Rather, I think Mime is best as more of a midrange toolbox list -- able to consistently re-establish board presence and exhaust your opponent's resources. As such, it isn't super important that you load your graveyard by turn 3 or 4.

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