Verix Bladewing


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dominaria (DOM) Mythic Rare

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Verix Bladewing

Legendary Creature — Dragon

Kicker (You may pay an additional as you cast this spell.)


When Verix Bladewing enters the battlefield, if it was kicked, create Karox Bladewing, a legendary 4/4 red Dragon creature token with flying.

Verix Bladewing Discussion

Argy on The Skies Belong to the Dragons

1 month ago

Play 4x Verix Bladewing

This card is good in the midrange but AMAZING in the late game.

Dango on Brothers Yamazaki Partner Commanders

3 months ago

dbpunk that would be an interesting mechanic, but I'm afraid cards like Stangg and Verix Bladewing do something very similar. I'm tending to favor the idea of a partner commander design, but I haven't the slightest clue regarding how they would work and compliment each other. Seitaro wields two swords while Shujiro wields what appears to be a battleaxe or polearm of some sort. Perhaps that could be relevant to their abilities? Give Seitaro double-strike and give Shujiro something like vigilance? And when they're on the field together they each get double-strike, vigilance, and haste? I feel like that wouldn't be very impactful though, and Sylvia Brightspear / Khorvath Brightflame already do that but in a better way. I'm not sure how to craft them in a relevant manner for them to both be impactful enough on the battlefield together and still remain flavorful.

Daedalus19876 I think they could be potent as partners for sure. I just don't know which direction they could be taken. Equipment and Voltron strategies can get awkward because typically Voltron aims to win via commander damage, and having two commanders for a Voltron strategy would dilute it quite a bit considering that one or the other would need to be pumped up (Unless a mechanic was introduced where they assign shared commander damage? I'm not sure, that could be a little broken). Samurai tribal as of right now is rather subpar due to the lack of relevant samurais out there, but who knows. The tribe is due to be expanded on in my opinion.

Thank you for your thoughts on this so far!

trnx14 on Dragon Rush

3 months ago

I woud replace Moltensteel Dragon with Verix Bladewing . If you take the 4 damage to cast Moltensteel Dragon it costs the same as casting Verix without the kicker and if you don't take the damage and you pay the full 6 mana, why not pay 1 more to create another 4/4 flying dragon? Plus, all the abilities that cheat the mana cast for Moltensteel ( Dragonlord's Servant , Dragonspeaker Shaman ) apply to Verix. On top of that, you can pay Verix's kicker with colorless mana, which your deck seems to generate a bunch of versus paying a red or taking 2 damage for a +1/+0 end of turn effect.

UnwittingHero on [RNA] Jund-Dragons

3 months ago

Hey! I love this deck list. I think this jund dragons archetype is the most underrated deck in standard right now.

I was playing Jund Dragons before the last rotation with a lot of success against competitive decks, including Aggro Red and Esper Control, the two dominant meta decks at the time. Then came a three-month hiatus, and now I've spent my afternoon trying to figure out how to update my list.

Aside from smashing people in the face with dragons (especially Demanding Dragon ), my deck used 4x Spit Flame as discard fuel and 4x Dragon's Hoard for consistent draws. 4x Glorybringer was amazing for tempo. I ran 2x Lathliss, Dragon Queen and 2x Vaevictis Asmadi, the Dire , but they were ultimately placeholders for 4x Verix Bladewing , which were not at any LGS in my area. I ran 2x Sarkhan, Fireblood , and in hindsight, I should have run at least one more. The fun thing with these core cards is that both discard fatigue and casting waste are reduced. You don't need more than one or two big dragons at any given time, and better still, Spit Flame is a gift that keeps on giving. And giving. And giving. I cannot understate how useful Spit Flame can be. This property of the deck gives the Sarkhan, Fireblood cycle ability so much value.

Given this solid core, the rest of my deck was devoted to tech cards. Goblin Chainwhirler removes the wide boards Spit Flame can't. Banefire flexibly finishes off threats.

Rotation added: - Shock Lands, and with them, much-improved mana balancing. - Several Dragons. Skarrgan Hellkite and Hellkite Whelp are the only ones that don't require splashing blue. - Many, many possible tools that I haven't decided how I want to use.

In attempting to revamp my old take on the deck, my issues are as follows: 1. The selection of useful 1- and 2-CMC cards is extremely difficult. 2. Without Bomat Courier , I risk losing too much card advantage on discard plays. 3. I am uncertain as to what can replace the loss of Glorybringer , the best tempo card in the deck.

I'd love to hear of any changes you've made to your list. I'm going to continue working on mine. However, I have a bit of feedback: - You crushed the mana balance problem I was trying to figure out. I've been testing starting hands with your lands, and I get the mana I need every time with at most one mulligan. - I didn't realize how useful Riot could be, but it makes every dragon so much better. Do you think it should be part of the core of the deck, or just something used occasionally? - I would definitely add Risk Factor , because it can make or break your endgame, either refilling your hand or getting you closer to lethal. - I want to say, "Sideboard Rhythm of the Wild ," but I'm not sure. You won't need the counterspell-proofing in every matchup, and as useful as Riot is, you will always get more benefit from other 3-drops like Dragon's Hoard , Sarkhan, Fireblood , or even Goblin Chainwhirler . That said, it makes Incubation Druid into a powerhouse and gives your big guys haste. More on this later. - Cut Gruul Spellbreaker altogether. It's great on its own, but in this deck, there are always going to be better Turn 3 plays, and you'll want to use your mana from later turns tossing dragons onto the battlefield. - Cut Domri, Chaos Bringer . You have better ways of getting mana and card advantage. For tempo, replace with Demanding Dragon . For card advantage, replace with Risk Factor . For mana ramp, replace with Incubation Druid . On that note... - Cut Thrash/threat. If you play well, Thrash/threat is almost never going to be as good as Demanding Dragon , which also comes with a 5/5 flying body. If you're playing it in the early game, Thrash won't be dealing much damage, and once you have enough mana for dragons, Threat pales in comparison. - Unless you are getting constantly beaten by wide boards, sideboard Ritual of Soot and Cry of the Carnarium . The better of the two is likely Cry of the Carnarium , because it stops any Golgari graveyard play, Boros weenies, and any deck with a Phoenix. - Bedevil should be sideboarded and might be worth cutting. If you need artifact tech, sideboard Deface . Most giant creatures can be stopped using your Spit Flame or Banefire . Likewise, Banefire will take care of most low-CMC planeswalkers, while your dragons will almost certainly be able to manage any higher-CMC walkers later on. - Incubation Druid is a solid 2-drop, but you must either use it in conjunction with riot or lose it...

I really need to bounce ideas off people, so let me know what you are up to!

MJS154 on Rampy Pampy - Casual Dragons

4 months ago

Wow thank you! I will definitely take this into consideration. I think I would take Skyship Stalker over Verix Bladewing, because of the options. I really appreciate your help. Thanks for the good wishes!

ZanarDusk on mono w

4 months ago

Luminous Bonds is a relatively cheap spell (moneywise and manawise) that you can maindeck to deal with powerful attackers and blockers, I think it will pay off in a deck with many small creatures where a strong blocker could become a problem. However, it also deals with creatures that have triggers on block/attacks like Etrata, the Silencer (the RVN one), Star-Crowned Stag (albeit, I'll admit, I made 2 poor examples as those cards are seldom seen in the current metagame).
Slaughter the Strong can be useful in those same istances, but you usually want to save it for board clear against things like a kicked Verix Bladewing.

Seal Away In particular is really strong when you want to answer something during your opponent turn, as white usually lacks instant removal.

You should definitely keep Pride of Conquerors, I think, as a +2/+2 to all your creatures in a deck such as yours can easily be a game breaker.

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Verix Bladewing occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%