Stampeding Serow


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Saviors of Kamigawa (SOK) Uncommon

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Stampeding Serow

Creature — Antelope Beast


At the beginning of your upkeep, return a green creature you control to its owner's hand.

Stampeding Serow Discussion

clayperce on Mwonvuli Takeover

5 months ago

Sorry for the double-post, but I forgot to mention: Michael Neilson did a Q&A on his Stampeding Serow deck over here.

clayperce on Mwonvuli Takeover

5 months ago

First, the deck looks really fun. A few thoughts though, in no particular order:

  • Land Destruction is not a wincon. If it's working for you, that's awesome. But I worry that 1x Thrun, 1x Nissa, and 1x Strombreath may not be enough to actually close out the game.
  • Your mana- and dork-base would benefit a little from -3x Forest, -1x Birds of Paradise, +3x Green Fetchlands (Windswept Heath are the least expensive, but any of them are fine). Because the Fetches allow us to grab Stomping Ground as well, they give us a slightly better chance of getting the 2R we need to cast Blood Moon on Turn 2, which would allow you to drop a Bird for something better in the late game. Here's a piece on our Ponza Mana Simulator if you'd like to play with the numbers yourself.
  • I like Ancient Grudge better than Artifact sweepers, personally. But if your meta demands sweepers, Shatterstorm is strictly better than Creeping Corrosion.
  • Unless your meta is just overrun with Tron and Titanshift, 4x Crumble to Dust may be excessive. Surgical Extraction is another similar(ish) option, which is great in other match-ups as well.

Also, I TOTALLY get the desire to make a deck competitive "without necessarily carbon copying someone else's card list", but I always recommend starting with other lists and then tweaking (sometimes drastically) to fit our meta and playstyle. If you haven't already, I'd strongly recommend looking at these:

Good luck (and good skill) with the deck!

StoryArcher on Mono-Green Land Control

10 months ago

Morning gents (and ladies!), I've been playing around with a mono-green ramp/land-destruction deck which I really love in concept, but can't seem to quite get optimized, so I figured I'd come to the experts...

This is the deck as it stands now:

Creatures (21)

Sorcery (12)

Enchantment (4)

Instant (3)

Land (20)

Apart from ramping up to destroy my opponent's land and then pounding on him, there is also a soft-lock win con using Eternal Witness, Stampeding Serow and Primal Command which comes up more than you'd think.

While I'm open to any thoughts or suggestions, the primary things I'm struggling with right now are twofold:

1) It never feels smooth. It always seems that I either end up with way too much ramp in my hand or none at all. Is that just bad luck up to this point? I replaced Plow Under, great as it is, with Beast Within to smooth out my mana curve a little.

2) I've got slots for two big creatures in this deck, preferably ones with utility that have effects when they come into play. Right now I'm using Cloudthresher and Hornet Queen - I figure that they give me a nice bit of flexibility and I can hunt for whichever I need in the moment, but they also don't synergize particularly well (not that they need to). I'm considering Thragtusk as well and I've been bouncing back and forth between the three for a while now. I'm also completely open to another option here that I might not have considered.

So far, this deck has been incredibly fun to play, but incredibly frustrating at times as well, and I'd really like to see if I can make it legitimately competitive. I've also considered a more control-tilted version of it, splashing blue for 4x Remand and 4x Mana Leak which synergizes well, but seems to leave me a little thin, trying to ramp OR land destruct OR counter, so for right now that's on the back burner.

clayperce on Witness Ponza

11 months ago

Following up on your reddit thread, here are a few thoughts ...

  • I think the biggest thing you could probably do to make the deck more reliable is to smooth your mana curve a little. For a deck without Bloodbraid Elf, I usually recommend ~13 3-drops, ~8 4-drops, ~3x 5-drops, and ~2 6-drops. I get it that the deck is built around Eternal Witness and Primal Command/Plow Under, so you may not want to mess with those numbers, but with 7x Plow effects, you're almost certainly going to get some in your opening hand, and that can be kind of rough. So maybe drop to 5x total (kind of replacing the "traditional" 5- and 6-drops slots)? That'll free up some room for the Blood Moons you have coming in.
  • If you're not running 6-drops, you could probably get by with just a little less ramp. A "traditional" list is 10x dorks (Sprawls, Elves, and Birds) and 21-22 Lands, so I suspect you could go from 11x to 10x dorks, even with your 20 Lands.
  • I'm not honestly sure what to do to improve the mana base. Wooded Foothills are of course a little pricey, but the ability to fetch exactly what we need is just SO nice. Pain lands like Karplusan Forest are a solid budget option as well.
  • Stampeding Serow can be kind of painful unless you have a Witness on board ... turning them into Courser of Kruphix (great with Chandra) or Pulse of Murasa (for lifegain and a little more recursion) might be worthwhile.

Good luck (and good skill) with the build!

C4nidae on Gruul - Planebattle Kamigawa

1 year ago

Ga, as seguintes cartas eu aconselho a tirar: Akki Drillmaster - Voce nao tem bichao pra dar impeto; Akki Raider - Voce nao destroi lands;Akki Underling - Seu deck e rapido, nunca vai ter sete ou mais cartas na mao; Orochi Sustainer e Sakura-Tribe Scout - Voce nao precisa gerar muita mana num deck rapido; Soratami Cloud Chariot - Muito caro, foge da estrategia e o efeito e meio bosta; Kumano's Blessing, Lifegift e Seed the Land - horrvel; Blinding Powder - Nao faz sentido com o deck (voce quer matar rapido, nao controlar);NO SIDE: Dense Canopy e Sunder from Within - perfeito, os outros 3 - horrivel;

Cartas que voce pode colocar: Akki Avalanchers - aggro, warrior e fortinho, apesar de suicida; Blood Rites - poderia ser bem util com tantas criaturas;First Volley - complemento de dano e arcana para unir;Soulblast - Pode ser... Glacial Ray - dano mais apelao do PB Kamigawa (une e e barato);Goblin Cohort - muito apelaozinho, funciona com bastante criaturas;Honden of Infinite Rage e Honden of Life's Web - olhas os combinhos com um monte de criaturinhas e dano;Kashi-Tribe Elite - Protege suas cobras lendarias e ainda e um guerreiro cobra fortinho, cheio de fuleragem;Kodama's Might - Pump verde indispensavel, une em arcana ainda;Lure - Kill condition facil com tantas criaturas;Oni of Wild Places - Poderia ser um bichao pro deck;Path of Anger's Flame - Olha esse pump geral, arcano...como que tu nao coloca isso num aggro vermelho?Patron of the Akki - Patronos sao muito apeloes: este aqui e perfeito pro seu deck;Sakura-Tribe Elder - Esse cara pode atacar, bloquear e ainda pegar um land em resposta: apelaozissimo;Serpent Skin - Regenerar pode ser muito util num deck aggro; Stampeding Serow - Barato, forte, alem de voltar cobras pra mao pra combar com as Sosuke's Summons;No-Dachi - Gosto muito desta kataninha...Manriki-Gusari - Pode ser MAIN, pode ser SIDE, para aggro e muito bom;Shuko - Pumpinho rapidao;TERRENO DUPLO Pinecrest Ridge: se tem, por que nao usar? Eu usaria.

Agora voce pensa e acerta ai... faca suas escolhas, ajeite a curva pelos graficos e try again. Olhe de novo no Gatherer se achar necessario. Veja o custo total das cartas. Da pra deixar ele bem legal.

x12721 on Angelic Accord (BUDGET)

1 year ago

Also, see if you can find a way to bounce or blink your creatures so you can abuse the ETB effects (looking at Eiganjo Free-Riders and/or Stampeding Serow from SOK).

CharonSquared on Myo-Juice and-Jin

2 years ago

Assuming you want to actually get the divinity counter on Myojin, look at Ambush Krotiq, Roaring Primadox, Stampeding Serow, Stampeding Wildebeests, and Temur Sabertooth.

Atleon on Yeva Commander

2 years ago

Heyo! Just stopping by to give you some tips for making the deck more competitive.

First of all, your average CMC is reaaaally high, even for green. We wanna get that number down closer to three.

To do this, I would recommend cutting the following:

Worldspine Wurm - It doesn't fit with your ETB theme, and is really just a big dumb beater.

Terastodon - While his effect is amazing if you're able to abuse it, I just don't think this deck can reliably produce the mana needed to really get nasty with a 9-mana creature.

Boundless Realms - in a deck that wants to be resolving things on other players turns, tapping out for this is basically never going to be the best play.

Avenger of Zendikar - this may seem like a weird one, but without much of a landfall theme, all Avenger really does is make some blockers, and while this is pretty good, I think that Hornet Queen does the job better, and you don't need two 7-mana slots devoted to defense. Put Avenger into oakenshit.

Ulvenwald Hydra - has a pretty weak ETB ability, is french vanilla otherwise.

Jolrael, Empress of Beasts - Not too great on her own, and the Nev's Disk combo is unreliable at best. You'd rather tutor for fantastic creatures than for her, and idk. She got cut from Sisay for a reason, and Sisay ran about 6x as many wipes.

Nessian Game Warden - seems meh. 5 mana to draw a card. pass.

Into the Wilds - I believe this card is just worse than a mana dork or a mana rock. Doesn't have flash, maybe provides an extra mana for the rest of the game, but its about 60/40. Dorks are guaranteed acceleration.

Roaring Primadox and Stampeding Serow are just worse than Temur Sabertooth, the at upkeep restriction allows you to get two-for-one'd pretty easily.

Leaf Gilder & Wirewood Elf & Scorned Villager  Flip - accelerating to 4 on turn 3 isn't the worst, but its really not the best either.

Cryptolith Rite - Strictly better version available.

Helix Pinnacle - not a very viable wincon in this deck.

Ok, so them's the cuts. 15 of them to be exact. What should replace them? I vote elves, removal, and more.

Elvish Archdruid - a second priest of titania for the infinite combo

Recycle - Allows chaining mana dorks EOT, very sweet.

Skullclamp - one of the best draw spells ever printed.

Quest for Renewal - half-seedborn muse.

Beastmaster Ascension - Game-winning swings with mana dorks.

Worldly Tutor - get that sabertooth

Sylvan Tutor - get that seedborn

Wirewood Symbiote - creature protection & ramp

Beast Within - Removal is so good!

Song of the Dryads - Removal is so good! (benefit its a permanent)

Reclamation Sage - Removal is so good! (benefit its a permanent)

Eternal Witness - Recursion is real good!

Joraga Treespeaker - T1 this, T2 level up and 2 dorks seems good

Earthcraft - mana! strictly better than cryptolith rite bc the creatures don't need haste to activate the turn they come down.

Craterhoof Behemoth - this card's text is wrong, it should read "you win the game''. thats how good this card is.

Natural Order - Sac a dork, get a craterhoof, win the game.

This is actually 15 adds, but I'm not sure what the final cut should be. Probably one of the more expensive enchantment but idk.

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Stampeding Serow occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%

Green: 0.02%