Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Custom Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Horizons (MH1) Mythic Rare

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Creature — Snake

Level up (: Put a level counter on this. Level up only as a sorcery.)

Level 3-7
Protection from instants

Level 8+
Protection from everything

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Hexdrinker Discussion

hungry000 on Curving My Way to Saturday

8 hours ago

Well, 4 of each is still on the table if you want to go as aggro as possible, but 6 total seems fine to me (especially with the Dryad Militant s and Hexdrinker s). In my opinion, they're both about equal-- Experiment One has good survivability against removal while Pelt Collector is a more aggressive card and is good at punishing removal.

A 3/3 split would be a good choice if you want to test them out to get a feel for their strengths/weaknesses. After that you can make a decision on which card to favor.

lagotripha on Abzan Life Gain

1 week ago

This list is pretty close to the traditional 'little kid green/white' lists from a long while back, but it will need some tinkering and a clearer gameplan.

There are a bunch of options; Bant Sureblade , Dromoka's Command , Dryad Militant , Emmara, Soul of the Accord , Gaddock Teeg , Huatli's Raptor , Naya Hushblade , Oath of Ajani , Qasali Pridemage , Gnarlwood Dryad , etc.

In particular though, Pelt Collector is another four experiment one, which lets you drop your curve lower to the floor and run Dryad Militant . Qasali Pridemage is an answer to bridge, which is practically mandatory in this meta. Gnarlwood's deathtouch helps answer the wealth of 'huge creature turn two' decks out there.

If you aren't running removal, this means you are always racing your opponent, so you should look at your clocks and try to win as fast as possible- modern is full of both combo and aggro decks structured like this. Traditionally naya for Wild Nacatl Loam Lion and Kird Ape is the thing, but going to three colours on a budget manabase is tricky- especially if you want to go fast.

More midrange strategies with budget mana tends to be more relaiable- Keep your turn 1-2-3 plays in one colour and accelerate into a duel colour 5 drop. Great 5 drops like Thragtusk are cheap. 'Get bigger' creatures like Warden of the First Tree and Hexdrinker are readily available, and cards like Oust or Oblivion Ring fix a lot of problems. Birds of Paradise has gotten expensive over the years- for pristine playsets. Check the damaged lists out there- there are a lot of cheap copies in circulation.

Snowmen1 on Mono Green Stompy Modern

1 week ago

I feel that stompy is pretty viable in modern. Before it was a deck that played big creatures and hoped to see no removal spells, but now I feel like it is able to interract with your opponent more and has countermeasures to deal with removal. I think this makes stompy A viable and B a lot of fun to play. I have a list made in paper now and play it at times more than my other decks. Some things I have to say about the deck:

1) you want 4 Hexdrinker like Scavenging Ooze or Treetop Village , if you stick it after the dust settles they can secure/close out games. At worse it is a cool 2/1, but if you think about it, having it increases the amount of power in your deck. It means you have another card like Steel Leaf Champion on the top of your curve if you treat it like a 4 drop. Very good card.

2) I actually am running a list that is green and splashes black. While doing this takes away from the advantages of being mono green and only needing basic forests, splashing black allows you to side Assassin's Trophy , Thoughtseize , and Yixlid Jailer . This not only gives you more creatures in the 75 to attack with, but it leaves you with an easy catch all to deal with that one threat you need to get out of the way, and multiple cards to sideboard against tron: Collector Ouphe , Assassin's Trophy , Thoughtseize , and Damping Sphere . Having black allows you to be more versetile in interraction, and it helps that you have the horizon land: Nurturing Peatland to help with your splash.

3) Id take out Groundbreaker and Dryad Militant in favor of Scavenging Ooze and some evolve creatures. While groundbreaker allows for some reach, scavenging ooze can pump your avatar and close out games on its own in a later-game board state. It can also stabalize you against graveyard decks and aggressive decks. additionally, like Hexdrinker , scooze can represent more power than int manacost would normally allow, making your deck more potent. Evolve creatures are also really good because they grow beyond what their manacost would usually allow, they have built in upsides such as trample or protection, and they pump your avatar.

Anyways, thats all I have to say right now about your list. I will have my own list posted pretty soon since I now play the deck I guess. Hope this helped you.

becks16 on Well, I win turn 2.

1 week ago

Just curious, what are your best grabs with Finale? Or does it not matter since you can get so much mana? Seems like a one-of of something with hexproof or shroud might be a good addition? (I made a build that has Hexdrinker as the star which may work for you, Hexdrinker/Finale/Tooth and Nail Modern, I am curious what you think of that)

Madcookie on How do level-up cards interact ...

1 week ago

What I managed to find on the topic is that level-up creatures have certain abilities only when they have X amount of level counters on them and that whenever they are in zone different that the battlefield they are considered to be in their unleveled state.

In other words say your Hexdrinker is level 8, dies and you exile it with Rayami. In the exile zone that Hexdrinker can't have level counters, is considered a 2/1 creature with no abilities other that level up for and Rayami shouldn't get anything from it.

710.2. A level symbol is a keyword ability that represents a static ability. The level symbol includes either a range of numbers, indicated here as “N1-N2,” or a single number followed by a plus sign, indicated here as “N3+.” Any abilities printed within the same text box striation as a level symbol are part of its static ability. The same is true of the power/toughness box printed within that striation, indicated here as “[P/T].”

710.2a “{LEVEL N1-N2} [Abilities] [P/T]” means “As long as this creature has at least N1 level counters on it, but no more than N2 level counters on it, it has base power and toughness [P/T] and has [abilities].”


710.6. In every zone other than the battlefield, a leveler card has the power and toughness denoted by its uppermost power/toughness box.

Hope this helps, cheers!

beninator on How do level-up cards interact ...

1 week ago

Hey y'all. I was brewing up a Rayami. First of the Fallen deck and I did a gatherer search of cards with Protection since Rayami can gain that. One of the cards was Hexdrinker , which, among other things, has "Protection from Everything" written on it. My question is if Hexdrinker is exiled by Rayami's ability, does Rayami get Protection from Everything? Part of me thinks "Well it's written on the card so she gets it" but another part of me thinks "I'm probably missing something about the level-up rules." This question would also extend to other level-up cards as well but I feel Hexdrinker is the most significant one since if this does work it would be possible to give Rayami Protection from everything for as little as one green mana if you had a free sacrifice outlet.

Thanks in advance!

heckproof on Mono-Green Stompy

3 weeks ago


Absolutely! I run two Nurturing Peatland because they can in a pinch help make your Dismember s less painful. I don’t run more than two, however, because I face off against Blood Moon decks enough to want to make that card as dead as possible game one. Hence, 16 basics.

I haven’t tried Hexdrinker yet, but I’m honestly not sure I’d want to. He certainly has a high ceiling for potential, but what I’ve found is that many of my late game wins come from pump spells. Hexdrinker doesn’t play well with pump spells when it’s at its best, so I’m sticking to my other one-drop creatures. It’s not a bad card, per say. It’s just not in line with the rest of the deck’s plan.

Thanks a ton for the comment!

EpicallyEvil on Mono-Green Stompy

4 weeks ago

You tried out Hexdrinker and a few of the Horizon lands in this deck yet? They are incredible! Definitely make this deck even better!

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