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Yuma, Shepherd of the West (Desert Primer)

Commander / EDH* Lands RGW (Naya) Scapeshift Tokens



My initial draft of a Yuma, Proud Protectorfoil lands deck. I'd appreciate any suggestions or comments!

The general play is to be able to discard or sacrifice our lands to generate value, whether it's just to recast them again from the graveyard, make it easier to play out our commander or create a ton of 4/2 Cactus Warrior tokens.

Greater Good Loop

Have Yuma, Proud Protectorfoil and Greater Good in play. Have a way to pitch a desert to the graveyard from your hand or sacrifice a land. Generate a 4/2 Cactus Warrior.

This runs more efficiently with a token doubler: Anointed Procession, Annie Joins Up, Mondrak, Glory Dominusfoil or Ojer Taq, Deepest Foundationfoil   to boost the number of tokens.

This runs even more efficiently with Dune Chanter to turn all our lands into Deserts to trigger Yuma, Proud Protectorfoil.

Sacrifice a 4/2 Cactus token to Greater Good to draw four, and discard three. Discard a land to create one (or more) 4/2 Tokens. Repeat until you've created as many tokens as you want.

With Kozilek, Butcher of Truth and or Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre, we can constantly shuffle our graveyard back into our library, preventing us from milling ourselves out accidentally, and allowing the loop to continue.

Swarm the board with 4/2 Cactus Warrior Tokens. Profit.

Ancient Greenwarden (OTC) - Play lands from our graveyard

Conduit of Worlds (ONE) - Play lands from our graveyard

Crucible of Worlds (M19) - Play lands from our graveyard

Hazezon, Shaper of Sand (OTC) - Play Desert lands from our graveyard

Kirri, Talented Sprout (OTC) f - Returns a land from the graveyard to our hand

Ramunap Excavator (000) f - Play lands from our graveyard

Titania, Protector of Argoth (OTC) - When she enters the battlefield, we can return a land from our graveyard to the battlefield

Turntimber Sower (OTC) - Returns a land from the graveyard to our hand

Worldsoul's Rage (MKM) f - Returns a land from the graveyard to our hand

Wrenn and Six (MH1) - Returns a land from the graveyard to our hand

Constant Mists (STH) - Sacrifice a land to Buyback this spell

Crop Rotation (2XM) - Sacrifice a land to tutor for another land

Decaying Time Loop (WHO) - Discards our hand and we draw that many cards. Can Retrace it by discarding a land to cast from our graveyard.

Elvish Reclaimer (M20) - Sacrifice a land to tutor for another land

Entish Restoration (LTR) - Sacrifice a land to find two basic lands. If we have a creature with power 4 or greater, like one of our Cactus Warrior tokens, we can find three basic lands.

Hermit Druid (STH) - Mill ourselves until we find a basic land

Knight of the Reliquary (TSR) - Sacrifice a Forest or Plains to tutor for another land

Nahiri's Lithoforming (ZNR) f - Sacrifice lands to draw cards, then we can play up to additional lands

Realms Uncharted (ROE) - Search for four lands, an opponent chooses two lands to go to our hand and two to go to the graveyard.

Scapeshift (M19)- Sacrifice lands to tutor for lands

Sylvan Safekeeper (CM1) - Sacrifice a land to give another creature Shroud

Tectonic Reformation (MH1) - Gives all our lands to cycle

Zuran Orb (ICE) - Sacrifice a land to gain two life

Azusa, Lost but Seeking (A25) - Play two additional lands

Dryad of the Ilysian Grove (CMM) - Play one additional land

Exploration (CNS) - Play one additional land

Mina and Denn, Wildborn (OGW) f-pre - Play one additional land

Oracle of Mul Daya (OTC) - Play one additional land

Primer in Progress!


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