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Too much value to shake your stick at! - Yarok EDH

Commander / EDH* BUG (Sultai)



After Yarok, the Desecrated was spoiled for M20 I started mulling over how to build around him as a commander. What's more fun than a ridiculously broken Panharmonicon on legs? I've gone with some fairly obvious win-cons that first come to mind when you think about abusing ETB, but have also thrown in some others that I find fairly easy to pull off with these colors.

First off, you have Deadeye Navigator which paired with really any other ETB gets you towards a fairly scary board state. Namely: Palinchron to create infinite mana, Acidic Slime to destroy every bit of magic your opponents thought they could play, Eternal Witness and Greenwarden of Murasa to grab back whatever combo piece you may have lost, Gray Merchant of Asphodel and Kalastria Healer to ping your opponents out of the game, and Avenger of Zendikar to create a bunch of wee little plants to run over your enemies with.

Second on the list of win-cons is Mikaeus, the Unhallowed paired with Walking Ballista . This is quite a simple 2 card combo to pull off that allows you to ping all of your opponents down. Since Survival of the Fittest allows you to search out any kind of creature piece you need, this is usually a good one to go for first, or a last ditch effort if everything else fails.

Third and final win-con on this list is Bolas's Citadel , Sensei's Divining Top , and Aetherflux Reservoir . This combo is one that I stumbled upon a few months back that is so satisfying when it works out you almost feel the need to shower after the win.

Of course there are other cards in this deck that are just in here for pure value. Mulldrifter is a must include in this deck of abusive ETB-ness, Muldrotha, the Gravetide allows you to replay a lot of ramp cards and enchantments or artifacts that may have gotten destroyed, Mana Reflection because manaburn doesn't exist anymore, Isochron Scepter / Dramatic Reversal combo with all those dorks on the board for infinite mana, along with some ramp on bodies like The Gitrog Monster and Azusa, Lost but Seeking .

I haven't personally played this deck yet, but I have a feeling it'll be loads of fun. I'm open to any suggestions you might have and replacements/upgrades you think would fit. Don't forget to +1 if you liked and thanks for giving it a look!

Edit: I do know about the recent banning of Paradox Engine ! It was a terrible day in my household, trust me. One day us Johnny, Combo Player 's will get our revenge on the big baddies who ruined our fun! In the mean time, I've updated the Maybe Board with a couple of ideas I've had floatin' around for when I play in the metas that don't allow me to use my Engine. Any suggestions are genuinely appreciated and considered! Thanks in advance!


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I've recently acquired some very nice upgrades for a lot of my decks, and I felt the need to give this one some love. Hopefully this shows up correctly!

Arbor Elf -> Blue Sun's Zenith Azusa -> Nexus of Fate Elves of Deep Shadow -> Helm of the Host Elvish Mystic -> Bayou Fyndhorn Elves -> Underground Sea Llanowar Elves -> Tropical Island Ramunap Excavator -> Flooded Strand The Gitrog -> Pulluted Delta Asceticism -> Bloodstained Mire Growing Rites -> Wooded Foothills Waterlogged Grove -> Windswept Heath Crucible of Worlds -> Marsh Flats Golgari Signet -> Scalding Tarn Nihil Spellbomb -> Verdant Catacombs Paradox Engine -> Misty Rainforest Simic Signet -> Strip Mine Tormod's Crypt -> Wasteland Rampant Growth -> Peregrine Drake Nuturing Peatland -> Torment of Hailfire Path of Ancestry -> Cloudstone Curio Prismatic Vista -> Arcane Signet Forest -> Mana Crypt Forest -> Damnation Forest -> Toxic Deluge Island -> Disallow Island -> Force of Will Island -> Mystical Tutor Swamp -> Wordly Tutor Swamp -> Reliquary Tower Swamp -> Agent of Treachery


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