Jeremy Renner had an app?

Yes. The Jeremy Renner App was a mutually experienced fever dream from 2017. Although this app was intended for the most devoted Renner fans, the app quickly devolved into a pvp enabled area.

The purpose of this deck? Channel the depravity, and the absolute psychic damage of everyone's favorite MCU Archer's app into a group slug experience. The Cardboard Jeremy Renner app experience if you will.

Tor "Jeremy Renner" Wauki will utilize Deathtouch and Wither enabling effects to add some additional sting to damage dealt.

The End Goal for my opponents: endgoal

But in all actuality, the reaction I hope to illicit.

This deck runs fairly low to the ground on its average CMC, but wanted to make sure it can fire off multiple cheap spells each turn rotation.


Non-rock Ramp

A mix of rituals and Treasure creating effects.

I always try to balance out cantrip draw with effects that are repeatable, or can draw 2+ card bursts:

Since Tor Wauki can throw around 2 damage each time I sling spells, I figured it would be ideal to have a package of deathtouch enablers, and effects that synergize with and enable wither proliferation.


I like that most of these are fairly cheap at 1-2 mana, and are all essentially removal spells with Tor Wauki online. As a couple of people have pointed out, if I give Tor Wauki deathtouch using any of the instants listed here, his damage trigger resolves before he gets deathtouch. I think it should still be fine, since many of the other instants and sorceries in this deck are fairly cheap, and I could chain a few more casts to make use of his deathtouch.


A subtheme which helps deal with indestructible creatures, and can additional wrinkle of control.

  • Soul-Scar Mage - Cousin of Pestilient Spirit
  • Fists of the Demigod
  • Blowfly Infestation
  • Everlasting Torment - Turns off Tor Wauki's lifelink, but hopefully will help maintain a foot heavily on the pedal for the wither gas.
  • Necroskitter - One of my original nightmare cards from playing against my friend's wither deck when he first taught me to play MtG about 10 years ago.
  • Yawgmoth, Thran Physician - Not explicity wither, but helps proliferate and add additional counters around.
  • Kulrath Knight - I like that Kulrath Knight can shut off aggro board states that may be using +1/+1 counters, and is even more useful now with all sorts of keyword counters post-Ikoria.

All of the effects in deck that would aim to synergize with Tor Wauki's first ability. I wanted to keep these options fairly low to the ground or repeatable, and synergistic with other spell-slinger pay-offs.





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