Welcome, to the most unique Atraxa, Praetors' Voice deck out there!

I had a really fun casual deck I used to play that I called Spore Galore!. The idea was pretty simple. Play lots of spore generators, get lots of saprolings into play, and just win by going wide. I'd throw in a late game Verdeloth the Ancient just to make even more tokens. The deck also splashed to run several copies of Intruder Alarm, just for fun.

It was fun to play, so now, I want to make a decent Commander version of the deck. Atraxa, Praetors' Voice, being the sweetheart that she is, asked if she could pilot it, and I said sure! Her proliferate ability is perfect for the fungi accumulating spore counters in the deck. There are plenty of more aggressive, more efficient Atraxa builds out there, running Superfriends or infect. I don't know how many spore builds are out there, though, so maybe it will be something refreshing for other players to see and play against.

This deck will probably not be competitive at all, but I don't really care. Its going to be a blast to play. I did try to run as much value and synergy as I could so that I don't get completely wiped off the table. There will be some fun interactions in the deck, too. For example, Intruder Alarm + Life and Limb + Selesnya Evangel can go infinite.

Anyways, I hope that seeing this build will bring a smile to someone's face.

The Fungus Among Us

The heart of the deck runs off Fungi like the classic Thallid that get a spore counter placed on them during my upkeep. Stack on Spore Counters, then make Saprolings. That's where we start. And Atraxa thinks these are a bunch of fun-guys to be around...(ok, sorry, couldn't resist).

The Fungi are a slow way to generate Saprloings, so I've thrown in some other fun and flavorful Saproling token generators.

Saproling Sacrifice

Several of our Fungi also function as sac outlets for the Saprolings, providing utility for the deck. This ranges from being able to plink off other creatures, to drawing cards, gaining life, or producing mana. I've included some other sac outlets, as well.

Savor the Flavor: Draw, Ramp, & Removal

I'm trying to go all in on the Saproling flavor for this deck, so some of the draw, ramp, and removal spells aren't going to be as efficient as other spells would be, because they have a Saproling theme to them. The jank is real here, and I'm going all in on it.


Proliferation is an important aspect of this deck, as it speeds up the Saproling generation process. I've got several different proliferation and pseudo-proliferation sources. Paradox Haze is really cool, giving me another upkeep to put more spore counters on fungi. It's a cool way to "proliferate" more spore counters, and with Atraxa out, I can get any fungus out to the mandatory three spore counters in one turn. This deck may start slow, but after a few turns of getting set up, it can really start to build a board state that others take notice of.

The Life Cycle

Fungus and Saprolings really are the epitome of the cycle of life and death in Magic, and I seek to abuse that theme in this deck. There are some fun interactions in this deck for when Saprolings come into play, and when they leave play, and I have some combos to abuse such things.

The Life and Limb + Sporemound combo has several tracks it can take, based on which of the Fungi happen to be on the board at the time. I have more than enough sac outlets to stop the combo, too.


I didn't have room for any standard token win-cons, like Overrun or Triumph of the Hordes. I did squeeze in Coat of Arms to make the Saprolings really big, and it'll buff up the Fungi nicely, too. The combos will be the primary ways of winning, along with an overwhelming board state, and Atraxa, Praetors' Voice can win a game on her own, too.


This deck was built purely for fun. It is not meant to be competitive, but to be fun, and that it is. It's a bit of a paradox, really; I'm running some good cards that tend to show up in spikier builds, it has an expensive mana base, a powerful commander, and it's all for making Saprolings. And I don't care, because that's what Magic is about! I'd love to see this deck become one of the top-rated Saproling decks on TappedOut, so please, upvote if it brings a smile to your face!


Updates Add

I've decided to ditch Spontaneous Generation and the flavor it comes with in favor of Second Harvest. This deck isn't really ran in such a way that I'll ever have much more than 7 cards in hand, but it is designed to have a bunch of saproling tokens on the board. So, Second Harvest seems like the better card to run.

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