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Sidisi's Super Mega Mill-ions

Commander / EDH BUG (Sultai) Dredge Mill Tokens



Deck revolves around fun cards that interact well with tokens created by Sidisi (or other means) and uses those tokens to trigger or fuel other engines. This is essentially my 9 years of love for graveyard shenanigans and Zombie tokens. One of the most fun decks to goldfish and find new ways that cards interact with eachother. so many cogs that snowball into a mega milling machine. Since it isn't really CEDH I removed the tutors to make the deck more fun to play, you have to try much ahrrder to assemble the engines and think of what other ways you can get a possible engine going to mill. Deck is a lot of fun to pilot and navigate.

Deck wants to either get Sidisi out and pump out tokens OR it can focus solely on self-milling (or opponent milling) to go down the path of milling the whole library.

Token Interaction

The token interacting engines area a lot of fun since they snowball off of each other. create a token, trigger some things that mill you, which then triggers more tokens to be created, mill more cards, etc. Leads to some fun fast self-mill, or lets you amass a huge zombie army. Here are all of the fun cards that interact with the tokens or each other for the snowball mill:

  • Altar of Bhaal / Bone Offering: You can exile tokens made with sidis to reanimate any target.
  • Altar of Dementia: Lets you sacrifice tokens created with Sidis to mill 2 cards.
  • Death Tyrant: lets you generate more tokens off of opponent blocks and gives you more tokens when your tokens die in combat.
  • Dread Return: Satisfies my desire to play legacy :) sac the tokens to flashback for free and reanimate a good target or Thassa's Oracle after you mill your whole library.
  • Diregraf Rebirth: Similar to Dread Return with the flashback aspect relying on your dying tokens but requires another sac outlet or removal to reduce the cost, but works in a pinch otherwise (also back to back reanimating with Dread Return first reduces the flashback cost of this one, pretty fun neat wombo).
  • Eloise, Nephalia Sleuth: Very fun token interaction, gives you card draw that also interacts with dredge cards to keep mill engines going, and lets you mill/surveil when your tokens die.
  • Embalmer's Tools: Basically only here for the tap ability. Ignores token summoning sickness and lets you use the zombies to mill more, also combos with Mesmeric Orb.
  • Grist, the Hunger Tide: Use those tokens as removal fodder, or make Insect tokens and mill more.
  • Insidious Roots: Originally this was Jaheira, Friend of the Forest, but swapped it since this does a little more. Let's your lads tap for any color and gives more tokens when things leave your grave.
  • Junk Winder: Very good way to lock down your opponent's scary threats, cost gets reduced making it easy to cast (if you aren't reanimating it).
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  • Mesmeric Orb: Just works great with an army of tokens.
  • Rumbleweed: A fun little wincon for your army of tokens that synergizes with the self-mill.
  • Selhoff Occultist: When your tokens (or ANY creature) dies, it lets you mill.
  • Path of Discovery: A truly Bonkers card in this deck. Use this with Viscera Seer and/or Snarling Gorehound, or any of the other cards that mill using the tokens and the engine can keep going. gets an army of tokens and can mill your whole deck and fill your hand with lands (plus The Gitrog Monster and Noose Constrictor and you've got fuel for that engine too now).
  • Snarling Gorehound: can let you start a mill cycle, very similar to path of discovery, but doesn't fill your hand with lands. Still VERY good for one mana.
  • Tombstone Stairwell: on its own this card is VERY powerful in a self-mill deck. Use this with any of the sac outlets that mill, the ETB triggers that mill, or cards like Junk Winder, Eloise, Nephalia Sleuth, Path of Discovery, Wilhelt, the Rotcleaver, or basically anything in this list and it accelerates the milling like crazy. it can very easily let you mill out yourself or your opponents or give you a massive army of tokens to swing with.
  • Tormod, the Desecrator: Gives you MORE tokens as you reanimate or dredge cards.
  • Wilhelt, the Rotcleaver: VERY fun lad, gives you more zombies when your normal ones die, then can provide some extra card draw and death triggers at the end of your turn.

Combos and Synergies

Cephalid Illusionist + Lightning Greaves Dakmor Salvage + The Gitrog Monster + Noose Constrictor Likeness Looter is a good way to trigger dredge in a pinch or partially get an engine creature in play when you don't have reanimation. Living Death + any of the spell reanimation lads + any sac outlet lets you sac your whole board with it on the stack / holding priority, then reanimate your board back plus your grave, then return dread return to your hand using the creature that returns a card to your hand from grave.


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