Selhoff Occultist

Selhoff Occultist

Creature — Human Rogue

Whenever Selhoff Occultist or another creature dies (is put into the graveyard from the battlefield, tokens enter the graveyard before they cease to exist), target player mills a card. (They put the top card of their library into their graveyard.)

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Selhoff Occultist Discussion

Flooremoji on Boonweaver Blue

2 years ago

Why not play both Selhoff Occultist and Sage's Row Denizen?

Gattison on Jace's Groundhog Day

2 years ago

Kurush: Thanks for taking the time to comment, and to start: Yes, I agree with you, on both accounts. I didn't have the space left to give this deck the "Jank" label also. =P

Secondly: Yeah, I'd totally be interested in collaborating! Two heads are better than one, as they say. =)

I've done some playing with this deck and Selhoff Occultist was a tragic underperformer. It was a weird idea that I should have known better to try, but, eh. Weird ideas are what I do. I've been considering multiple options as a replacement, such as:

  • Switching over to Shriekgeist in that slot, like you did.
  • Trying Soaring Show-Off (which I mentioned to you on your deck because I think group-hug-draw alleviates the sting of getting milled a bit--people like drawing cards).
  • Something unique-ish, like adding Sage's Row Denizen and either the Show-Off or Merrow Witsniper and using Ghostly Flicker or Peel from Reality instead of normal Unsummon effects to re-trigger the Denizen... but that may be a whole new deck idea entirely.
  • Or, hell, I could just put Mind Sculpt in there and almost guarantee the Phantasm gets activated, but that's so boring.

As far as Vile Rebirth and Beckon Apparition, you're right again. And again, I'll use just "creativity" as an excuse, lol. They are cool cards, and I still think they could be built-around, but this probably isn't the place for supporting that experiment also. =(

Anyway, I've checked out your decks, and I'm definitely going to borrow some of your card choices. I still want to add Soaring Show-Off though. =P =D

Let me know what you think about my ideas for replacements. =) Meanwhile I'll pick something and give it a few plays soon. Let you know how it went.

Kurush on Jace's Groundhog Day

2 years ago

Hello, I like your idea, but in my opinion you are wrong about certain cards:

  • Selhoff Occultist is not as powerful as it might seems. For the first time it might work, simply because your opponent doesn't know that you have it, but when he does he will save his removal for that. Also for every creature that dies your opponent puts only 1 card into graveyard. If you exchange creatures it is two, if your opponent is playing affinity for example at least half of his deck is 4/4 or greater and you have nothing to kill it with (and remember, that phantasm is still not at this moment most likely 5/5). Also exchanging creature tokens isn't gonna work, since this creatures of yours are technicly cards, so you exchange cards for cards, not efficient. Also you play card that runs on killing and yet you have no removal spells in you deck, only bounces. All and all Selhoff Occultist is not going to be soo effective.
  • Vile Rebirth and Beckon Apparition are not so good to be main decked or at least not in this numbers. I think they might make great cards for sideboard against graveyard shenanigans.

If you are opened to cooperation to make better deck, here is my take on that concept infuenced by your discards mechanic Jace's discard.

landofMordor on

2 years ago

Yeah, I see what you mean. Breya can go in a lot of directions. My advice would be to proxy in some combos, such as Genesis Chamber/Grapeshot plus Tidespout Tyrant plus Sol Ring (or any rocks like that), to see if it matches your playstyle. Personally, I'm okay with using 2-3 combos if they're pretty dumb or if I can't tutor for them, but it starts to get boring to win like that all the time.

The good news is, a lot of your combos can be pretty good in a vacuum, so you can easily just put in good cards that happen to combo, and you can play token-style all the rest of the time.

Some good death-trigger cards include Blood Artist or Zulaport Cutthroat, Selhoff Occultist, etc. I'll keep thinking and get back to you. Best of luck!

Firegriff on Demon/Sacrifice deck help

2 years ago

Well, there is Butcher of Malakir to be considered. Great for a $0.37 cent card. What you really need for the deck are sac outlets (Bloodthrone Vampire) and cards that benefit from creatures dieing. Like Scavenger Drake. Pawn of Ulamog helps out, too. Basically, you want to benefit from death (the aforementioned Doomed Dissenter) and punish opponents for deaths with cards like Selhoff Occultist or Rage Thrower). Thin out cards that don't care about either their own death or the death of others... Or bring other cards back from the graveyard, such as Whisper, Blood Liturgist

Falconone on Mill

3 years ago

Whats your thoughts about Mind Funeral? I think it could be mill more as Selhoff Occultist and brings you faster to the win.

Force_of_Willb on Infinite summoning

3 years ago

just found a card Selhoff Occultist can be copies 5-8 of altar of the brood. Don't know where to add it to the list though just wanted to document it if we needed more copies of that effect.

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