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"Move to Declare Blockers?" Yuriko Doomsday

Commander / EDH Combo Competitive Midrange Multiplayer UB (Dimir)


This is my attempt at a cEDH deck starring Yuriko. I'm not sure if I would call this deck 'competitive' exactly, but it is able to put up wins against tried and true cEDH lists, and regularly pubstomps non-competitive decks. This list has evolved over time, slowly becoming less greedy and more consistent. I like to think of it as a deck that tries to do unfair things in a very fair way; that is, that it seeks to accrue ungodly amounts of value but has to deal combat damage to do so.
Originally, this deck was designed around spells that were technically expensive: big CMC but cast for a lot less. Delve cards like Treasure Cruise and Temporal Trespass , or split cards like Rags or Commit . This was quickly abandoned as once you hit the entire table for 11 on turn 3, people are quick to turn on you.

Nowadays, the list is much closer to the ground, settling for the fact that drawing a card at all is extremely valuable. The general gameplan is

  1. Play a cheap evasive creature
  2. Attack
  3. Activate ninjutsu before combat damage
  4. Draw cards with Yuriko triggers
  5. Pass, leaving up mana for your interaction

Repeat this process until you've assembled enough value/mana/pieces for your wincons.

This is a "fair" Ad Nauseam deck, in that we will be casting Ad Nauseam without any combos in mind. Most cards are cheap enough that you should be able to draw 10+ cards with it. As a more midrange deck, your gameplan is to disrupt the fast decks and outspeed the control decks.

The deck has one "hard" wincon and another, "softer" wincon.


Get enough mana and find Doomsday, and you're ready to start.

  1. Cast Doomsday for
  2. Make your pile Predict , Laboratory Maniac , Gitaxian Probe , Unearth , and Street Wraith in that order.
  3. Draw a card (either with a draw in hand or a Yuriko trigger)
  4. Cast Predict for , targeting yourself and naming Lab Man
  5. Mill Lab Man and draw Git Probe and Unearth
  6. Cast Unearth for , targeting the Lab Man in your grave
  7. Cast Git Probe, paying 2 life
  8. Cycle Street Wraith for 2 life

All in all, you need Doomsday, a way to draw a card, , and at least 10 life. Alternately, if you have the mana, you could replace Street Wraith with any other instant speed draw, which for this list is Brainstorm with costs an extra or Gush which requires two islands in play.

Also, if you have Lab Man on the battlefield in the middle of the game, you could always sneak a win with Demonic Consultation . Just cast it in your upkeep and name a card that isn't in the library, like Plains or Heartless Hidetsugu or Cheatyface . This exiles your entire library right before your draw step.

Torment of Hailfire

This isn't exactly a "win" per se, but another way to close the game is to use Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and Cabal Coffers to make an obscene amount of mana, cast an arbitrarily large Torment of Hailfire , and hope that your Yuriko triggers have put them low enough that they either die outright, or discard/sac to the point where you can take the easy win.

Never put Yuriko anywhere except the command zone, barring extreme circumstances. As she can dodge commander tax and can ninjutsu from anywhere, having her in your hand is almost always a downside.

Tolaria West can be transmuted for any land, Pact of Negation , Tormod's Crypt , Ornithopter , or 4 artifact ramp cards.

Say you ninjutsu Yuriko onto the field. Before damage, your opponent tries to Swords to Plowshares . If you have the mana for it, you could ninjutsu another ninja from your hand (like Mistblade Shinobi ), let Swords fizzle, then ninjutsu Yuriko again.

-1 Hypnotic Siren -1 Ancestral Knowledge +1 Pteramander +1 Mausoleum Secrets

I think Hypnotic Siren is a cute card, but the Bestow hardly ever comes up. Pteramander fulfills a similar role, as being an early game flier that doubles as late game pressure.

Ancestral Knowledge never did anything for me that I felt was winning me the game, so I'm trying another tutor over it. Mausoleum Secrets can find Doomsday at instant speed with 3 creatures in the yard, but can also find Vampiric Tutor with only 1, so you can instant-speed Doomsday to the top of your deck with only and a single creature in the grave.

Modern Horizons (AKA Commander Masters) has Ninjas as the UB archetype. That should mean there are some good tools for Yuriko, and there are! I'm trying four new cards: Smoke Shroud , Mist-Syndicate Naga , Ingenious Infiltrator and Changeling Outcast , all for obvious reasons.


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