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Mizzix puts the "X" in Excellence!

Commander / EDH Combo Control Spellslinger UR (Izzet)


Below is my Mizzix list, which is inspired by the one Josh Lee Kwai built years ago when Mizzix was first spoiled. Many great new pieces have gone out since then and the deck has evolved, but the idea is the same. In essence, the x-spell build is based around the fact that Mizzix gains experience counters based upon the cmc of spells on the stack. With x-spells, there is a natural way to build counters fast, because each spell can be cast for the number of counters plus the non-x cost, thus causing Mizzix to gain experience counters every time you cast an x-spell. The deck runs tons of counter-spells and draw spells, and once you've earned enough experience counters its easy to "seize control" (the name of Mizzix's original precon) of the game.

The deck wins with earthquake style x-spells to kill the table. We're running Glacial Chasm and Venser's Journal to keep ourselves from dying to the same effects, and are running Expedition Map and Whir of Invention respectively to fetch them. We're also running a ton of tutors to fetch whatever we need to suit the occasion. If we don't have one of our protection pieces out, in a four-player or less game we can just finish them off with Jaya's Immolating Inferno with no harm done to ourselves. We also have a great combo with Turnabout or Dramatic Reversal and Reiterate which will allow us to create infinite mana, which will then allow us to close out the game with a giant x-spell.

The most stressful thing about playing this deck is simply protecting Mizzix after she is first cast until we can untap the first time. If we can do this, we'll often win. Once our opponents are on to us, they will probably try to kill Mizzix before we can get set up. I've recently added Fierce Guardianship to the deck to help with this, and also added Deflecting Swat and Misdirection soon. For those rich enough to have Force of Will, Force of Negation, or Pact of Negation those can be a great help as well.

I generally don't play this a lot with a very casual crowd as it can be pretty oppressive, but in a meta with other strong decks or when you are playing above your head it is a good choice.


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