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Commander / EDH Starter Deck (The Essentials)

Commander / EDH*



Building a new deck and need a starting off point? Look no further! Here is our ever-evolving Starter Deck for Commander/EDH. We built this to help players who are on a BUDGET start their first decks, so you won't be seeing any overly expensive staples in this list.

Make sure to read the notes below before copy/pasting the entire thing into your own list so you know what to take out/leave in when you start.

As always, this is just a starting off point for players looking to build their first deck. Each Commander deck is different, so you will inevitably be making numerous changes to this deck list. We encourage you to experiment and find cards/substitutions that are better for your specific deck. For example - some decks will be more mana hungry and need more ramp, whereas some will need more card draw. We recommend that you have 6-10 sources of Ramp and 6-10 sources of Card Draw in each deck. These can overlap with other cards in your deck! Happy Building!

Suggestions? Leave a comment below and let us know if you think we missed anything!

NOTES:- TappedOut requires a commander on decklists, so we included Progenitus as the default commander.- The Maybe Board includes lots of cards that are color-specific. Don't add any that aren't on color with your commander or if you don't need them. The Maybe Board includes:- Our favorite budget card draw sources per color- Signets- Dual/Tri-Lands that ETB tapped- Our favorite single target removal per color


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