Building a deck that focuses on assassinations. I want to stay away from the obvious deathtouch mechanic and do something a bit more unusual (no surprise there). I'm looking for off color counterspell options, way to disrupt combos, the ability to stand up against a variety of decks. I wanted to make a deck that is more dangerous than my ninja themed deck Agents of Darkness, which is a deck that requires a lot of patience and maneuvering, but has a similar feel. It shouldn't be oppressive, and let people play the game, but if someone comes after you then I want to be able to answer immediately. And if someone starts building a board state, I have a way to get through it and keep them in line.

Here are the basic assassination targets:

Any of the ETB effects can be reused with Feldon of the Third Path as a instant speed effect, even just to block.

I'm aiming for an noble assassin build that keeps people from gaining too much power, and while this deck may not win every game, I'm hoping that it can have a similar effect that keeps the flow of the game going, leaving people the chance to try to rise again when their attempts to win fail.


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