As you can see from the deck we are going for maximum trickery with this one. Sorceries are much to slow to be bothered with, so the main focus is you want to be able to cast spells at any moment to draw, deflect, avoid, or assassinate. The true way of the ninja. If I could shroud this deck in smoke I would just for effect. So far this deck murders in multiplayer games, and not always in ways that you'd think. There have been many times where using Tainted Strike on another player's creature can immediately take someone out of the game. The best way to play this deck is to keep things tight and take advantage whenever the situation presents itself.

Hatred + Tainted Strike - Instantly kill any opponent with an unblockable creature

Swamp Mosquito+any ninja - poison counter and ninjutsu ability activation

Sudden Death or any split second spell - disrupt combos

Dauthi Embrace on opponent vs opponent attacks - political advantage or unblockable ninjas

Inkmoth Nexus + Hatred - death by land

Quickling - save any ninja

Wu Scout+ninjutsu - check on players at time

Polymorphist's Jest, Sudden Spoiling - shut down combos or cripple massive attacks

Thalakos Seer+ninjutsu - unblockable card draw

Barrin, Tolarian Archmage - ninjutsu value draw

Barrin, Tolarian Archmage + Equilibrium - play a creature draw a card for

Ninjutsu plays a big roll here for keeping players guessing, as well as making sure to get card draw and protect your unblockable creatures. Most bounce effects and deflections are for protecting your ninjas or dealing with a horde of creatures.

Always interesting in ideas that can make this even more fun to play, so here's to hoping they make more cards like Hatred. Embrace the darkness.


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