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Ok so I'm gonna use Final Fortune followed by Last Chance followed by Warrior's Oath followed by Yawgmoth's Will then I'm gonna...

I've wanted to build an Obeka since she was spoiled so I finally did.

The deck was built to function as a Reanimator shell that mechanically and to an extent thematically fit with Obeka's activated ability. For this reason specific "goodstuff" reanimator cards like Reanimate or Persist aren't included in favor of cards that have the 'sac/exile at end of turn' clause.

I'm also not a fan of easy-to-assemble infinite combos so I don't include them in my decks, which means no Pestermite for Kiki or Isochron Scepter for Final Fortune and stuff like that. I also don't run Sol Ring in any decks.

You can pull off a lot of horseshit with Obeka's ability. Use her to exile triggers that would otherwise be quite detrimental, or even something as simple as making a bounce-land not have a drawback. This totally breaks certain cards (I mean how many decks get to run three functional copies of Time Walk?) and makes others rake in the value.

The reanimation targets in this deck were chosen knowing that they'd almost always have haste so ETB as well as attack triggers are important here.


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