I've always been a huge fan of spiders in and out of MtG so I decided it was time to make a deck dedicated to them. I tried Ishkanah, Grafwidow for a bit but wasn't happy with how linear it was (especially since this deck is always going to remain a budget build). So I opted to run Thantis, the Warweaver for a new interesting take on spiders. Thantis also allows me to run the few red spider cards (Dragonlair Spider is an all-time favorite card of mine) and of course give me access to Jund and Gruul goodstuff.

The deck is essentially spider-tribal with a forced combat subtheme. Go shield's up with spiders until you establish some incentives to not have opponent's swing at you, then drop Thantis, the Warweaver. Once it's out you can no longer rely on your spiderbros to block for you so there's a few ace-in-the-hole Fog effects to get you out of hot-water if your incentives aren't alluring enough. After enough board-presence has been established and an opening presents itself, cards like Plague Wind and Overwhelming Stampede / Overrun can sneak you a win.

As mentioned this is a budget build so there are some cards that would be great to have but unfortunately are too pricey to include, so just a head's-up in case you want to suggest an awesome card with a hefty price tag.

There is also a hard rule that creatures can only be spiders except for Giant Solifuge! Since it's an arachnid, and solifugae fall within a more "spiderlike" anatomy than scorpions for example, it's allowed in (solifugids are also colloquially known as camel spiders or sun spiders in some parts of the world).


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